17 January 2006

Truffles (the chocolate kind)

Posted in candy making, food at 5:01 am by Tricia

I love the “hot chocolateâ€? candy bar from Choxie – it’s deeply infused with a cinnamon flavor, and quite different from typical candy bar fare. Sadly, they never seem to be in stock at my Target. So when I came across a spiced truffle recipe from the Dec 2005 Food & Wine (recipe only available to subscribers) over at Something in Season, I knew I had to try it. They have four different spiced coatings to roll the truffles in, but I was primarily interested in the cinnamon one. While their other exotic spice pairings are intriguing, and may be all the rage in the high-end confectionaries, they didn’t appeal to me at this time.

I bought chunks of Callebaut chocolate from a local bulk store. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember all the details on that shopping trip and was making my truffles at midnight, so I couldn’t recreate the spice mixtures exactly. For example, the spiced cinnamon sugar calls for chipotle powder and ancho powder, but I only had chipotle. And since I didn’t have any five spice powder to mix with the cocoa, I used dried orange peel + a touch of fresh orange zest. (I think I discarded an old enormous bottle of five spice powder during the May kitchen-remodel purge, and haven’t replaced it. Next trip!)

Unfortunately, the results didn’t live up to my ideal. Although the Choxie bar has some chile powder in the ingredients, I can’t really taste it. With the F&W directions, I can taste the chile, and I don’t like how it overwhelms the cinnamon. The orange version was too subtle – I can’t taste orange at all. I was just winging it on how much to include, but I guess I didn’t add enough.

For my next attempt, I think I’m going to put some cinnamon into the ganache (instead of just adding some as a coating). Maybe I’ll also roll it in plain cinnamon, instead of cinnamon sugar. And re-reading Brendon’s description, maybe I need to get some five spice powder and try that version…


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