10 February 2006

Caramels, Redux

Posted in candy making, food at 4:02 am by Tricia

I needed to use up the whipping cream I’d bought to make the truffles, so I made another batch of caramels. I made two of the changes I’d considered: toasted the pecans, and used dark brown sugar. No welsh sea salt, though! And my thermometer wasn’t as precise, so I might have cooked them to a higher temperature. And it was a different stove, and different cookware (the wrong pot – too deep – but I digress!). Since it wasn’t a controlled experiment, changing only one variable, I wouldn’t know what to attribute the success to. And since we didn’t save any of the other batch I can’t say for sure, but I did like these without question, so I think they might be better. More caramelly. Darker – more like brown sugar than butter. We’ll definitely add them to the holiday gifts repertoire.

Unfortunately, I noticed another chipped tooth (an inner corner) the other day – I suspect the caramels are at fault….

Chocolate used this time: a mixture of the remaining Callebaut, a “single origin” chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s (Sao Tome – I didn’t like it very much as a candy bar, but figured it would do fine in this context), and Ghirardelli bittersweet chips. The Ghirardelli chips really are great – very silky, nice taste, a very nice finish. The Callebaut has both an oily and chalky mouth feel – how can that be?? The bar from Trader Joe’s has a bitter finish, that’s why I didn’t like it.



  1. Those caramels sound pretty spectacular. Salt and caramel is just a powerhouse combo, though it’s a pity the Welsh sea salt was not on hand. If you’re interested in throwing down for someone else’s caramels, I highly recommend the fleur de sel caramels from Kingsbury Chocolates. They are pictured and can be ordered at the following link:

  2. jonskifarms said,

    Those Kingsbury chocolates look great – thanks for the link. I don’t think any of the chocolate shops in our town (we have 3 within 2 blocks of each other) do the fleur de sel caramel combo.

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