19 February 2006

Cheese Sandwich, redeemed

Posted in food, fun at 3:12 am by Tricia

On Friday, Z-boy requested a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. My chance for cheese-sandwich-blog redemption appeared! I could try again, after the previous night’s flavor failure! We even still had some Zingerman’s sour dough on hand. Of course, Z-boy does not in any sense qualify as a foodie (except, perhaps, when it comes to his passion for radishes), so his sandwich was made with ‘Not Butter’ and ‘spotted cheese’ (aka colby-jack).

A quick search of the freezer did not turn up any pesto or grilled sweet red peppers (frozen during the bounty of late summer and early fall), but I did find some chiles from our garden. I sliced off the top, split it open, removed the seeds (easy to do with a frozen chile), and warmed it up on the griddle. I added that to my sandwich, along with ordinary grocery store muenster, and the result was quite zingy and tasty. Jonski Papa’s sandwich had pastrami, muenster, and Plochman’s honey dijon mustard. He was quite envious when I mentioned my chile – not sure why i didn’t add the second one to his sandwich, except that I was feeling pressed for time and grilled theirs while I prepped the chile (5 hungry children – Z-boy, T-boy, and 3 guests – were awaiting their lunch).

About two years ago, we started planning a kitchen remodel, and – since it turned into a DIY project – we’re still in the midst of it. One of our more controversial decisions (to the common kitchen design mindset) was to move the sink so it was no longer under the window. Instead, we have a lovely long run of countertop along that wall. I spend more time doing prep than washing dishes, and I really love how the light comes in on my work – even on a cloudy day as this was.

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