21 February 2006

Hold the presses!

Posted in food, fun at 5:25 am by Tricia

I recently learned from the enjoyable Chocolate & Zucchini blog that they sell Dark Chocolate Special K in France. And this weekend I heard on the radio numerous stories about Kellogg’s 100th anniversary celebration. So I have a plan: we make a bunch of placards and march on Battle Creek, picket all gala celebrations, and demand our Dark Chocolate Special K! A petition drive can be set up outside Cereal City USA. Especially with all the emphasis on the health benefits of dark chocolate these days, this seems like a no-brainer. They did a low-carb version in 2003, why not jump on this gravy train?

Oh look! The 100th anniversary site has Chocolate Scotcheroos in their 25 favorite recipes. That’s my favorite, too – in fact, I’d rather have a pan of Scotcheroos over birthday cake any year. (Basic idea: peanut-butter enhanced rice krispie treats, with a frosting that mixes semi-sweet and butterscotch chips.)


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