25 February 2006

Is this my child?

Posted in C-boy, food, parenting at 3:12 am by Tricia

Here’s a conversation C-boy and I had in the fall:
Me: You have snack day this week. What should we send?
C: How about banana chocolate chip muffins?
Me: Muffins? I don’t think we’re supposed to send muffins. I think your teacher prefers things like fresh fruit, or cheese and crackers.
C: But A-girl brought in muffins!
Me: Maybe it was her birthday, and that was a birthday snack.
C: No, it wasn’t. It was a regular snack.

So I agreed to email his teacher and ask for the low-down. She approved muffins, and that’s what we sent (after all, our recipe has considerable whole wheat flour and wheat germ, plus bananas, to counteract those chocolate chips!).

Fast forward to this month. Z-boy and C-boy had snack duty for their respective classes, on consecutive days. We had some bananas going beyond the pale (and into the brown spotty), so I was cutting them up for the freezer.

Me: Hey guys, how would you like to take banana chocolate chip muffins for snack this week?
Z-boy: Yeah, that’s a great idea!
C-boy: I’m not sure… We’ve had an awful lot of birthdays and half birthdays this month.
Me: But it’s not like we’d be sending cupcakes, these are healthy muffins.
C: But they’ve got chocolate chips in them!

I acquiesced, but goodness – is this my child? He’s never had as much of a sweet tooth as his brothers – in fact, he used to turn down candy as being “too sweet”. The first time at the neighborhood egg hunt (~18m), he opened his plastic eggs and fed us the candy. But there was one time, around age 2.5, when he surprised me. He fell down on a sidewalk, and cried as the goose egg started rising. I hugged and rocked and soothed him, and asked what would help him feel better. “Chocolate!” he responded. Once I got over my initial shock, I laughed and told him “that would make me feel better, too.”


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