7 April 2006

Happy Dance

Posted in parenting, T-boy at 1:01 am by Tricia

T-boy went on a long weekend trip with Jonski Dad. When we went to pick them up at the airport, he was standing near the curb, quite expectantly. I stepped out of the car, and when he saw me, his face lit up with pure joy and he started doing a happy dance. It was a nice feeling, to be greeted with such joy and hugged with pure abandon. Then he climbed into the car, saw his oldest brother, and said: “There’s C-Boy. I love him.”

Of course the lovefest ended about 5 minutes later, when he started yelling that Z-boy could not have that granola bar that dad found in the front seat, it was his and his alone. Oh well, the mood was warm and fuzzy while it lasted!


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