13 May 2006

Future Goth?

Posted in food, fun, T-boy, Z-boy at 3:02 am by Tricia

T-boy’s favorite shirt is black, with a killer bee on it. His next round of favorite shirts are all dark navy – one with lizards, another with a zoo train, another plain navy. When given a choice, he chooses dark. Ask him his favorite color, he’ll reply “dark” or “black”. Do I have a future goth on my hands?

Either that or a skater dude. Big brother Z-boy is seriously focused on skateboarding right now (impressive for a not-quite-6 year old). So when I came across this cake at the Family Fun web site, I planned to remember it for his birthday. Then T-boy saw it, and insisted on having it for his own birthday party this past weekend.

Skateboard Cake

When I asked him what color to make it, he said “black” (and red for the swirls). Although it’s not truly black, I figured chocolate icing would satisfy him, and it did. The red turned out a bit pink (just how much food coloring do you have to add to really get red??), and the swirl looks a bit too much like a 6 when viewed from above, but overall the cake was a big success – easy to make, and everyone was wildly enthusiastic in their praise. Believe me, wildly enthusiastic praise from 2 and 3 year olds warms the cockles of your heart, even more so than praise from 4s through 8s and adults! Seems like it should be otherwise, since the latter are more likely to understand the effort behind it, but there’s just something about seeming magical and invincible in the eyes of a child that really boosts your ego.


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