14 June 2006

Kindergarten Poetry

Posted in parenting, Z-boy at 10:02 pm by Tricia

The boys brought home a lot of their school work today. As I was looking through Z-boy’s work, I came across something that seemed to be a poem. Here’s a transcription (minus the backwards letters, since I don’t know the unicode – or appropriate font – to convey those :^)



And the translation, for those not used to “kid spelling”:

Bright skies
dark clouds
lightning flashes
all around.

That’s pretty cool in and of itself, if you ask me (and my purely unbiased opinion). But what was even more amazing to me was his explanation, which went along these lines:

“Mom, it’s about the flag, do you see?”

At first I thought he was remembering our Star-Spangled Banner book by Peter Spier, with all the smoke from the battle drifting around the flag. But that wasn’t what he had in mind:

“Bright skies, that’s the blue part. Or are the stars blue? Yeah yeah, the blue part. And the lightning, that’s the stripes. Do you see?”

And then here’s the kicker:

“It’s about the flag. Because a poem is when you want to show people something in a different way.”

(I do see now that he originally titled this “FLAG” but erased that and changed it to “SORM”). I realize he’s probably just quoting back what his teacher said, but even so, I was blown away by that last sentence, and by how he was able to actually write a poem that shows the flag in a different way! I don’t think I’ve ever had that particular insight into poetry, and yet I somehow managed to place out of freshman comp…



  1. brooke said,

    I am a kinder teacher and I think that your son’s ability to think so abstractly is wonderful. Hats off to his teacher, too for providing such a fabulous lesson. So many teachers at the early level concentrate soley on Nursery Rhymes (important in their own right, for sure) when providing petry experiences. I love that yours trusts the kids’ abilities to take poetry in the early years so much farther.

  2. jonskifarms said,

    Thanks, brooke! His grandmother (a former early elementary teacher) was quite impressed, but she’s not always the most unbiased of observers herself, so it’s nice to have some confirmation from another teacher.

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