15 June 2006

Astute Observation

Posted in C-boy at 9:52 pm by Tricia

On the way home from school the other day, we saw a truck from Ductz outside a house. We also saw a Ductz employee outside the house, smoking a cigarette.

“Well that’s strange” C-boy commented. “The truck says that they make your air cleaner, but that man’s polluting the air by smoking cigarettes! And they’re polluting it by leaving the truck running.”

Maybe he needs to get a job in the Attorney General’s office, in the “false advertising claims” division.



  1. Sometimes I really do think the world might be better if our kids were setting the policy priorities.

  2. Cy said,

    That is what some workers are like. If you try to tell them, you are a boss’s man. I found this when I dropped out of Grammar School and took up humble jobs. Serve me right for believing that equality stuff.

    Yes, if YOUR kids were setting the priorities, it would be good. But what about the kids of the engine-running truck driver? Perhaps not.

    Of course, the engine might be neglected by a sloppy engineer, and need to be kept on. Or, the engineer might be hamstrung by a corner-cutting boss. Or… …we could go on all day…


  3. newestmirror said,

    Funny isn’t it! I once saw a group of students at a Virginia University holding a sign that said “Clean Air is for Lovers.” Ironically, one was smoking and they were all getting into a giant SUV.

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