30 July 2006

T-boy stories

Posted in parenting, T-boy at 8:53 pm by Tricia

Here are two stories that T-boy (3) told to Jonski Papa the other day, while I was at work and the big brothers were at camp.

There was a big old river and it goes “Kersplash!” and it was very large. There was exactly a dry place where they would roll over. There’s no crocodiles in there.

Once upon a time there was a baby dragon. And it was crying for its mama. The daddy was very large. The daddy dragon liked the baby dragon. And the baby was going toward his daddy. And the daddy dragon said “Where is my baby?” Oh he’s upstairs, and he was walking upstairs, and this lead to his room, but the baby wasn’t there.

He also has a tendency to get words all mixed up, which makes me think of spreading activation theories of memory and try to figure out how things are connected. For example, the other night he said “pickle” for “nipple” and today he said “it will cheerful me up.” In the not-quite-so-cute-at-the-time category, he was on the verge of a tantrum yesterday because he wanted his “david” swimsuit. I had no idea what a david swimsuit might be. (We have no hand-me-downs from Davids, so it can’t be that. I couldn’t figure out how the too-big-in-the-waist-with-no-drawstring shark swimsuit might be David. David the sculpture? That David doesn’t even wear a swimsuit and such behavior wouldn’t be allowed at the city pool! :^). Luckily, Jonski Papa eventually figured out that he meant the Harley Davidson swimsuit (which was a hand-me-down, and which Z-boy (the first recipient in the family) used to call “Harleyson David”). Another disaster averted, and another insight into the toddler brain.


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  1. susan said,

    Miss C gets very frustrated with me when I don’t understand what she means. She just says it louder and louder as though I’ll understand then what she’s talking about. She is getting more and more difficult — I think I need to check out all of the books on spirited kids and figure out how to parent this kiddo.

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