9 September 2006


Posted in food at 10:12 pm by Tricia

Today I got an 11th hour call asking me to bring snack to the soccer game. Jonski Papa and Z-boy didn’t get home until minutes before we had to leave, so I had to drop them off then go buy something. Trader Joe’s was the closest grocery store (since I won’t patronize the store with their no-sale-prices unless-you-use our-spyware-card). I joked to the check-out clerk that I was buying for sophisticated first-grade palates: cheese sticks, fruit-walked-into-a-bar bars, and mixed peppercorns. Actually, the peppercorns were for home. But even more interesting, while cruising the aisles just to savor a few more minutes of relative quiet, I came across a bag of freeze-dried mangosteens.

It was the culmination of a confluence of media events, drawing my attention to this elusive fruit. Within about a week’s span, I read about them Brendon’s blog, and heard about them on a Good Food podcast (an interview with the author of this article), so naturally I had to try them.

Since they were freeze-dried, the texture was light and airy and surely not true to the original. The taste did have an element of strawberries, as mentioned. But there was something else, elusive, that I couldn’t pin down.

MangosteenI mentioned them to Jonski Papa tonight, and he said “oh yeah, we ate those in Thailand. They were purple and came apart in sections like an orange and were really sweet.” I gave him one, and he said something along the lines of “this really does capture the taste.”

So it’s not the real thing, but apparently a reasonable facsimile. Hopefully it will tide me over until I can travel to Thailand!


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  1. jonskifarms said,

    My mother-in-law came to visit a week or two after this purchase, while a few freeze-dried nuggets were still in the package. I let her try them and asked her opinion. She pronounced them better than the real thing. Apparently she wasn’t too keen on mangosteens – she thought they were too sweet and didn’t like the flowery element in the flavor.

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