30 September 2006

Sloth, swathe, whatever!

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:20 pm by Tricia

swathe I present a “sling and swathe” (manufactured by Zimmer or other medical device companies)

stuffed slothand a stuffed three-toed sloth (manufactured by Hansa). Which would you rather wear wrapped around your middle? I’d pick the Hansa, but I’m stuck with the Zimmer for now (albeit in an attractive dark blue – gray really isn’t my color!).

slothHere’s a company bragging about the ultimate (in comfort) arm sling, and this “deluxe” model at an Irish medical supply web site mentions a terry cloth lining. Terry cloth or a soft fleece would be nice (even more so if the weather warms up again!). But a truly deluxe sling would come with integrated clothing! And a stuffed sloth to keep you company…



  1. susan said,

    Yikes — I must have been in Ireland when you had your bike accident — I’m so, so, so glad you weren’t hurt badly. Hearing about anyone’s bike accidents now makes me cringe.

  2. jonskifarms said,

    hey susan, if i’d thought to coordinate with your ireland trip, i could have had you pick up that deluxe sling and swathe for me! :^) hope you enjoyed your trip.

    i did think of you when i crashed, and when one of my helpers told me about her dad’s mountain bike crash. half the strangers i’ve spoken to this week have had a mountain bike crash story to tell me! (i also think of your long convalescence every time i get mopey about my current minor limitations!)

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