23 December 2006


Posted in T-boy at 4:53 pm by Tricia

T-boy said to me this morning, “I need some chocolate to cheer me down.” I’m trying to figure out where that particular construction comes from – a combination of “cheer me up” and “calm me down” perhaps? Odd.

But anyway, one thing that has been cheering me (up and down) this week is that I can take my coat off the normal way without any help! It might seem like a small thing, but long-time readers (what is that, 3 people now? :^) will remember that I broke my arm back at the end of September. For the 6+ weeks I was in a cast, I relied on a thrift store poncho. Despite the jaunty fashion statement it made, I gladly switched to a coat once the sling came off on November 13th – but I quickly realized that getting it on and off would be tough. To put it on, I just had to make sure to put the left arm in first (instead of my ‘normal’ right arm lead). Taking it off was more difficult, and I often relied on an assistant, or my teeth, or some other trick.

So it was with much rejoicing this past Wednesday when I realized I could remove it “the normal way,” by shrugging my shoulders and slipping it off both arms at once! It took 5 weeks of physical therapy and home exercises to get to this point, and there are still many things I can’t do (especially using my arm behind my back). But I’d been particularly down the previous week, despairing at how long it might take to fully recover functionality, that this small thing was a welcome sign of progress! Quite enough to cheer me down, indeed.



  1. Ashe said,

    Well… I’m one… lol don’t know how many others of us there are…;)

  2. jonskifarms said,

    Four, maybe? :^)

  3. Ruth said,


    I followed you here from your comment on Deb’s blog. So does that make five?

    I’m glad you can take your coat off! Hooray!

  4. Michele T. said,

    Me too! Glad to hear that you’re getting more mobility. The little things in life can mean so much!

  5. jonskifarms said,

    Ooh Ruth, you even add an international element to the audience – cool. :^)

  6. susan said,

    woo hoo — you’ll be back to “normal” eventually!

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