3 April 2007

Today’s quagmire.

Posted in fun at 9:52 am by Tricia

Got this message in my inbox today:

Honest Spam

Hey, at least he’s honest! But it makes you wonder, is there spam that’s not fraudulent? (the authentic, genuine, real canned meat item from Hormel (spelled with all caps) excepted, of course!) Fair and honest spam? Aboveboard, forthright, open, public spam? Oh goodness, there’s a conundrum: if he’s being aboveboard about it being fraudulent spam, does that seeming contradiction make this a paradox? What a quagmire! I think I’m at a an impasse.


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  1. Ruth said,

    I’m with you – I think it’s all fraudulent. Kind of nice of Adrian to make it so obvious, though, don’t you think? And he has such a normal name, for a spammer.

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