21 June 2007

They’re coming!

Posted in fun at 2:36 pm by Tricia

Alien MarkWe’ve been seeing this mark on the side of our neighbor’s house in the mornings. We think they’re marked for an alien invasion and/or abduction. And I should know, I grew up in Roswell! (and watched most of Season 1 on DVD…)

Okay, if you must know, it’s a reflection off the latch of our bathroom window. But this window was installed two years ago, and this is the first year we’ve seen the mark. It must mean something!!

P.S. Don’t you just love that “visitors welcome” logo at the official Roswell page? When I was growing up, their most innovative campaign was “Retire in Roswell” with nary a UFO in sight. And they wondered why so many kids were itching to leave? Obviously, the “cool cities” concept had not yet been dreamed up!


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