25 June 2007

Time is running out!

Posted in events, food, fun at 12:09 pm by Tricia

Moai at Rano Raraku, Easter IslandTime is running out to vote for the “New Seven Wonders of the World.” Looking at the list makes me wonder what is the definition of a “wonder of the world.” For example, Easter Island and Stonehenge seem to be categorically different from the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. But is that just because they’re shrouded by mystery and the mists of time? We don’t know how those big heads were carved, but perhaps to the people who created them, it was a big “ho hum, yet another feat of modern engineering” moment. I recently heard a radio piece about this, and some detractors fear it might serve to ‘ruin’ any natural wonders that might win, if they attract big onslaughts of tourists. And now that I’ve gone through the process of voting, and have seen all the options for “get news about New 7 Wonders toys / t-shirts / products / tours!” I can see their point. But at the same time, I figure I can’t complain too loud or long about the final result if I don’t at least submit my choices…

keep chocolate realIn other news, today is the last day to provide input into the so-called “citizen’s” petition that would change, among many other things, the formulation of chocolate. The thing that most annoys me is that it was proposed by a bunch of grocery manufacturers and interest groups. Why was it submitted as a “citizen’s” petition? Perhaps because the FDA can act much more quickly, and with less oversight, on such items. See more at this NYTimes Op-Ed piece, or earlier coverage at Candy Blog. Guittard has provided a template that you can use to submit comments to the FDA, but June 25th [the date of this posting] is the last day.



  1. Ruth said,

    So what did you think about the wonders that were chosen?

  2. jonskifarms said,

    I haven’t had a chance to look until today! Some of my choices made the list (like Petra and Machu Picchu) but other winners were not. If I’m remembering correctly, I voted for 4 of the final 7.

    I really have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I’m glad the results weren’t just a bunch of European/”Western”/”modern” sites. But like I said, what makes something a “wonder”? I’m sure it was discussed/debated endlessly somewhere, but I didn’t happen upon it…

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