16 July 2007

Random Snippets

Posted in fun, oddities at 9:59 pm by Tricia

Here are three snippets I’ve been saving because their oddness appealed to me…

A Dewey Decimal subject heading seen in the online card catalog of the local library:

Shopping — Religious aspects — Christianity.

bookcover(in case you’re interested, it’s a subject descriptor for Dinner’s in the freezer! : more Mary and less Martha, by Jill Bond, with illustrations by Reed Bond)

This is the only book in this subject heading (at least at our library!). Seems to me like the subject should be Cooking — Religious aspects — Christianity, but I’m not interested enough to read it and figure out why the emphasis on shopping.

Oh wait, further research at worldcat.org reveals five (count ’em, 5!) books with this subject heading. Wacky.

Baby monitor keeps an eye on astronauts
Even wackier, a story in June about a baby monitor that was apparently getting a video feed from NASA. No wonder that baby looks unhappy, aliens are trying to invade his house! He knows this is just the advance team, testing out the technology

Kitten puppyDog has kitten
Wackier still, a dog has become a local celebrity in a Chinese village after she reportedly gave birth to a kitten. Alien puppies! (or is it alien kittens??)


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  1. susan e said,

    My dog never had kittens, but she did nurse them once. After the mom cat starting not allowing the kittens to nurse, they somehow discovered that my dog had milk (she’d had puppies but they’d been given away at 8 weeks or so). That dog allowed those kittens to nurse, kneading them with their little needle-sharp claws, and she’d bathe them with her tongue too. It was a funny sight.

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