24 July 2007

The latest in social networking…

Posted in oddities at 11:32 am by Tricia

Do you belong to Friendster? Nah, me neither, but I do know the name, and thought of it when I read this quote in a BBC news story (Web networkers ‘at risk of fraud’):

Neil Munroe, external affairs director for Equifax, said: “Fraudsters are taking advantage of the new craze for social networking.”

Fraudster, the latest social networking site! But would it work to expose frauds so other people don’t get drawn in, or would it serve as a training ground for hucksters??? The latter I guess, from what Munroe says. But there’s another one – Huckster! I’m just full of ideas today :^] Oh wait, that domain name is taken, by a plastic bag company. And here I was going to set up a social networking site for fans of Mark Twain



  1. Ruth said,

    Full of ideas, for sure! 🙂

  2. jonskifarms said,

    Or full of something!!

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