28 August 2007

NOT fresh from the market!

Posted in food, fun at 1:32 pm by Tricia

Snack Food Connoisseurs (click through to see original)

Personally, I have difficulties with the whole “tasting” process, where connoisseurs identify notes and elements in a flavor, but even so, this comic made me laugh and go hmmmm… The sad thing is, for many packaged snack foods, what else could you detect but tartrazine or potassium citrate?



  1. Cindy D. said,


    I bought some Whole Grain GoldFish for the boys for school snacks, but they don’t like them… they say they aren’t salty enough. I think I’ll mix them in with regular and hopefully they won’t know.

  2. Cindy D. said,

    P.S. Can you send me that recipe you mentioned on my blog? thanks!

  3. susan e said,

    Yeah, you’ve gotta wonder what exactly IS in fat free bologna?

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