9 September 2007

From the “duh” files

Posted in oddities at 8:26 pm by Tricia

Here’s a recent headline from BBC News site, with the startling summary that “the more hours you work, the less sleep you get.”

Sleep or work?

Wow. Who knew? Commuting time ranked second, above socializing. And here I thought reading news online was the activity cutting deepest into my sleep time…

The article ends with this statement:

“In the meantime, The Sleep Council will continue to spread the word and advise people how to improve their sleep quality, if not quantity, through simple lifestyle and environmental changes.”

That’s right folks, change your lifestyle and STOP WORKING so much! You need to sleep! And if you just can’t cut back at work, try sleeping while you commute (mass transit, I’m talking mass transit here, not solo car commuters!).


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  1. susan e said,

    Duh..no kidding. My commute is 7 minutes long, so not too torturous.

    I wonder if they also found that the more kids you have, the less you sleep?

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