11 October 2007

Monster Milk Shake

Posted in food, fun, Z-boy at 2:38 pm by Tricia

monster milk shake recipe

Z-boy copied this recipe out of a book at school and brought it home. He made one the other night (using vanilla ice cream instead of fruit flavored frozen yogurt), and then shared it with me. We both thought it was pretty good, but he said the honey added a “weird taste.” You definitely could taste the honey, but that’s only “weird” if you don’t like the taste of honey. I guess he doesn’t! When he thought we were out of honey he suggested using maple syrup instead, but insisted on honey when we found it in the pantry. I think I would have preferred maple syrup (since I love maple flavor), but deferred to my little drink master. Next time, he’s going to make it without honey or maple syrup. After all, when you’re starting with ice cream and chocolate syrup, why add sweeteners?

This drawing was also on the sheet of paper. I forgot to ask whether or not this was also in the book, or if it’s his own interpretation of a milk shake.

monster milk shake picture



  1. Susan E said,

    Aww…I love the drawing!

  2. Cris said,

    Can you tell me what the name of the book was? I read it it when I was in elementary school and I would like to find it again but I cannot remember the title. Thanks.

    • Tricia said,

      Oh gosh, I have no idea! And since it was over 5 years ago, I’m not sure my son would remember either, but I will ask him. If he remembers, I’ll post another reply.

  3. Ava K. said,

    Bat bones and spider stew

  4. weggieboy said,

    Delightful! I had a moment of “warm-and-fuzzy” reading this little story! Thanks for sharing!

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