30 December 2007

The neighbors obviously don’t read my blog…

Posted in food at 11:41 pm by Tricia

The neighbors obviously don’t read my blog, or check my blog stats. (No big surprise, since they don’t even know my blog exists, but I digress!) So they don’t know that the most widely read thing I’ve ever published (probably even more so than award-winning academic papers! definitely more than my dissertation) is the post about my avocado allergy.Why do I believe this? I found avocados on our front porch table yesterday morning. We got home from travel just after our neighbors left for theirs, so I suspect the unholy guacamole-makings on the front porch are from them (we often hand off uneaten produce or milk before leaving, to keep it from going to waste). Oh well, Jonski Papa can eat them, if they aren’t frozen that is…


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  1. susan e said,

    I always find it amusing to see what search led someone to my blog. Some of them so obviously didn’t find what they were looking for!

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