15 January 2008

2007 in review

Posted in reviews at 11:37 am by Tricia

Over at DebV’s blog, I learned that some bloggers are posting their first blog-words of each month from 2007. Here are mine (links go to the full entry, the first entry of the month):

I didn’t post at all in January 2007, but my last words of December 2006 were:
Our niephlings aren’t going to recognize our gifts next year!

Febuary 2007 [only post that month, and it was about a school project]:
Z-boy is in a 1/2 class with the same teacher that C-boy had.

March 2007
[again, only post that month]:
When responding to those password security questions, in particular, “what is the name of your pet?,” don’t use the name of a pet fish.

April 2007
Got this message in my inbox today:
[picture of subject line reading “fraudulent spam”]

May 2007:
March and April are hard months for those in northern climes who try to eat local and seasonal.

June 2007 [writing about fireflies]:
I grew up in New Mexico, in the desert on a high plateau in the southeastern corner.

July 2007:
We’re home from our trip to Costa Rica.

Aug 2007 [only 2 entries this month]:
Personally, I have difficulties with the whole “tasting” process, where connoisseurs identify notes and elements in a flavor, but even so, this comic made me laugh and go hmmmm…

Sept 2007:
Here’s a recent headline from BBC News site, with the startling summary that “the more hours you work, the less sleep you get.”

Oct 2007 [October is also the month I documented ladybug life cycle, including larvae color changes]:
Here’s what we had for dinner tonight, based on a recipe in 365 Great Soups & Stews.

Nov 2007:
I had no idea we were due to crash into an asteroid next week!

Dec 2007:
What do you think: is this a responsible use of chocolate, or irresponsible?

This exercise was probably supposed to provide an opportunity for reflection, and improve one’s writing or some such, so here are my thoughts upon reviewing my own blog:

  • My blogging rate has increased during the year (my first post in April is only the third post for the year).
  • I’m not impressed with my writing style based on first words – except maybe November. That one is kind of funny and grabs one’s attention. Maybe my New Year’s resolution should be: come up with better starting sentences!
  • September, November, and December all start with a snippet from BBC News web site (and August was a comic strip). Maybe I should change my blog to “silly thoughts upon reading BBC News”!

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