2 April 2008

Project Spectrum 3.0

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Project Spectrum

A few months ago, I learned about Project Spectrum from Kathy. It’s a no- pressure, creative outlet, celebration of color. I was especially intrigued by a comment to incorporate the element into the work beyond the color, e.g. the fire of a kiln to produce ceramics. After following the Flickr group for a week or so, I took a deep breath and decided to dive in. The first two months (Frebruary and March) were “Fire” – red, yellow, and pink. As it turns out, I don’t do much with these colors in general. However, I was taking a ceramics class, and even though the red glazes in the studio don’t appeal to me much I could get to “fire” that way. I did manage to contribute a few items, including some “ice into fire” photos accomplished through color manipulation. (My full set on Flickr is here – currently my 5 “fire” items, but I’ll be adding to it over the year).

Next up: earth – greens, browns, metallics. I’m much more of a green person, and clay naturally fits into an earth theme, so I’m likely to be much more productive for this segment!



  1. Leila said,

    Very cool. I really liked the ice-to-fire convesions.

    Looking forward to the next set!

  2. Ruth said,

    Oh, I like the boots!

    This is really neat – looking forward to seeing the next ones you do.

  3. Michele said,

    Beautiful photos! I especially love the fire/ice ones and the birch trees.

  4. Tricia said,

    Thanks, everyone. I had to restrain myself from doing the color conversions on all the window frost photos I had :^) Ruth, it was funny how the boots photo came about. Z’s teacher asked people to send extra boots for a field trip they were going on, and I commented to a mom that we had probably a dozen pair of boots. So then once I got them out, I had to document it! And only the smallest pair of rain boots is black, the rest are red or yellow. We have much more color variation in our snow boots!

  5. Johnna said,

    Wow, those are awesome! How cool! Johnna

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