26 June 2008

Roswell in Indy?

Posted in fun, oddities tagged , at 12:43 pm by Tricia

Roswell, New Mexico 1947

I was watching movie trailers with T-boy this morning, including trailer #1 for the latest Indiana Jones. A flash of “Roswell, New Mexico 1947” caught my eye, so I rewound the movie and grabbed this screen shot. What is the evil (?) Russian (??) woman doing looking at this box with Roswell on it? Are they in Hangar 18 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (Dayton, Ohio), where all the UFOs are allegedly stored? I haven’t seen the movie (and probably won’t) so I have no idea how this fits into the plot, or if it’s just a fleeting reference that doesn’t fit in at all. Help me out here – anybody?

And just to show how out of touch I am, I heard this story (‘The Mystery behind the Crystal Skulls’) from NPR back in May. It was a “story of the day” podcast. Interesting that archaeology would be story of the day, I thought at the time. It was days later before I made the connection that the “crystal skulls” were a plot element in a summer blockbuster movie! (Even though it’s mentioned at the beginning of the story, duh. Maybe a bus was driving by when they said that. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!). I think I was reading a Lego comic to T-boy when I had my aha moment!



  1. susan said,

    They were at an Air Force Base, though I’m not sure it was in Ohio. It was where they took the artifact from the first Indy movie to store it. They apparently were storing an alien from Roswell there.

  2. Tricia said,

    Aha! Thanks Susan. I’m guessing the alien artifacts were just a brief mention – sort of like “we’ve got that Ark, we’ve got that alien, we’ve got blah blah blah”. That kind of thing?

  3. susan said,

    They didn’t even actually mention the Ark — it was just shown in passing. The alien was actually what they wanted to steal from the AFB, though now it’s been so long since I saw the movie that I can’t remember why they wanted it. The movie was definitely NOT as memorable as Raiders of the Lost Ark!

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