7 July 2008

Not too late for rhubarb cake!

Posted in food at 1:17 pm by Tricia

I was a bit startled last week to see rhubarb in the Farmer’s Market. For some reason I thought it was a May into mid-June crop, but I guess that’s more like the asparagus season. According to the rhubarbinfo site, the rhubarb growing season is April to September.

Of course, this detail wasn’t really all that crucial, because I had a bunch of rhubarb in my fridge, purchased many weeks ago! I’d seen a recipe for rhubarb chocolate chip cake in my local newspaper, and wanted to make it. But then, when we had buttermilk in the house, I couldn’t find the recipe. The search feature for our newspaper’s online presence is rather lame, and didn’t locate it. I searched for awhile in my pile of newspapers yesterday, and then I searched online, and despite a handful of newspaper hits, none of those articles were online either. I guess it must be syndicated content and not allowed to remain on newspaper sites.

what was left after the block party...

what was left after the block party...

Anyway, the search was not in vain, because I found this recipe (and found it cited elsewhere), and made it Sunday for a neighborhood block party. We thought it was really tasty, and most people who ate it raved about it. I don’t know if it’s the same one that was in the paper, but it’s a keeper! If you eschew nuts in your desserts, I’d skip the topping step completely, and maybe dust with powdered sugar (or cocoa?) instead.



  1. NWHiker said,

    Huh. Rhubarb and chocolate… nothing I’d have come up with, but it does sound like something I might like to try.

    I’d probably skip the streusal topping entirely, myself, and go with a dusting of powdered sugar and cocoa.

  2. Tricia said,

    Well, given how Perry throws around the word “rhubarb” (or was it “kale”?), I’m not surprised you don’t associate it with chocolate! :^) But yeah, me neither. For what it’s worth, I think it would be fine with less chocolate than this recipe calls for, and I suppose one way to accomplish that is leave off the topping.

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