31 July 2008

Raspberry Bliss Sorbet

Posted in food at 11:09 pm by Tricia

This month’s Sugar High Friday event (the international sweet tooth blogging extravaganza!) is hosted by Susan at Food Blogga with a theme of berries.  I’ve never participated in SHF before, but since berries are so plentiful, I figured I should give it a go! If I’d noticed this before I wrote up my gooseberry pie post, I would have submitted that; but since I didn’t, I’ll just link it here as a bonus. Instead, I’ll go with black raspberry bliss sorbet.

I recently encountered the Hershey’s “Bliss” line on sale, and vaguely remembered reading a review at Candy Blog (although, as usual, I didn’t remember what she had rated them!). I decided to give the raspberry ones a try. But sadly, they weren’t great. Definitely not blissful! I suppose at $5 a pound (or whatever I paid), I shouldn’t expect the quality of a dipped raspberry cream from one of the half dozen chocolate shops that have sprung up in my town. But all was not lost, I decided to chop some up and mix them into a raspberry sorbet! [are you singing that song yet? the kind you find in a second hand store?] So the next time I was at the Farmer’s Market, I bought some black raspberries. 

In my cookbooks, I couldn’t find a straight raspberry sorbet recipe, so I just riffed on other recipes. Every recipe that included raspberries had a “puree and strain” step, so i started with that, but good grief! They don’t tell you what a pain it is to strain this puree! Maybe I needed a slightly larger strainer? Or maybe I needed to puree longer? I used a metal sieve, because the others (plastic colanders) seemed too big. Tiresome, but the result was worth the effort!

Raspberry Bliss Sorbet

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup corn syrup
1 quart raspberries
dash of lime juice
6 (or more) Raspberry Bliss candies, chopped into small bits

Make a simple syrup by bringing water, sugar, and corn syrup to a boil. Remove from heat and cool (best if you chill it in a fridge).

Puree raspberries and strain out the seeds. (Chill if you have time.)

Stir the strained puree and a dash of lime juice into the chilled syrup.

Using whatever ice cream freezing technology you own (I have a Cuisinart countertop model), make the sorbet. I added the chocolate bits once the mixture was already churning around, since my freezer has an opening at the top for such operations.

you won't find this at a second hand store!

you won't find this at a second hand store!

As it turns out, the berries weren’t all that great for eating out of hand, but made a gorgeously colored and great tasting sorbet! And let’s face it, fresh berry sorbet is pretty blissful on it’s own, but the addition of a small bit of chocolate makes it even more so. Although to be honest, the chocolate froze a little too hard. I’m just not sure what chocolate would be best for avoiding that problem – these little Bliss nubbins from Hershey’s are pretty soft chocolate to begin with.

I’ve learned a sorbet lesson earlier this summer. I need to chill the sugar syrup in the fridge, instead of just using it at room temperature, and make sure my fruit is chilled too. The sorbet freezes much more quickly this way, and has a good consistency even before ‘hardening’ in the freezer.

I also made peach sorbet not too long ago, using rain-bloated split-pit peaches (that is, ones that needed to be used up right away, perfect for sorbet!). A scoop of peach and a scoop of raspberry bliss: blissful peach melba sorbet!



  1. I agree, adding chocolate makes everything better. I don’t have any suggestions about types/brands though for the sorbet, since I don’t make sorbet. Of course, after reading this post, that may change. 🙂 And blissful peach melba sorbet? Bring it on!

  2. Ruth said,

    That looks absolutely yummy. (That is a professional foodie term.)

  3. TeacherPatti said,

    Hi Tricia! I found your blog via the Gastronomical 3.

    A few months ago, a bunch of us “Ann Arbor lady food bloggers” got together and had a splendid time. So much so that we are getting together again and have a Google group to keep us all in touch. I’m so sorry that we missed your blog! However, if you are at all interested in joining the Google group or getting together with us, we’d love to meet you 🙂

    Yours truly, Patti 🙂 (beer/teacher/food blogger)

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