2 October 2008

Political Cartoons

Posted in C-boy, fun at 12:42 pm by Tricia

Last week, 5th graders class re-assembled to listen to the presidential debates. Even though they started at 9 PM (unlike the 8 PM initially publicized to the parents), this was possible since it was a Friday night. C-boy and Jonski Papa went, while I stayed home with the sleeping siblings. Neither one was particularly impressed by the debates themselves (“they didn’t really say anything”), but one comment by Obama had C-boy cheering: “so parents will have more money to buy computers for their kids.” Appeal to their hearts and purse strings, that’s the ticket.

Anyway, apparently C-boy drew cartoon while listening to the debates. He left them in his notebook at school, so I haven’t seen them yet, but here is the dialog as it was described to me.

First cartoon:

Moderator: …”the order of which will be determined by the flip of a coin.”
McCain: “I like to save money, can we flip a penny?”

Second cartoon:

Obama: …”so that the parents will have a few extra million dollars to buy their kids computers.”
Audience kid: “Computers – yay!”
Moderator: “The audience has promised to remain silent”
Audience kid: “Sorry.”

They aren’t scheduled to listen to tonight’s vice-presidential debates (presumably since it’s a school night – plus a parent-teacher conference night!), but I would just love to see what cartoons he would come up with, given the cast of characters!



  1. NWHiker said,

    Did you ever get to see the actual art?

  2. Tricia said,

    Not yet! We were there Thursday for parent-teacher conference, but needed to scoot out of the room afterwards so I didn’t ask him to pull it out. I plan to go in one morning this coming week to take a peek. I think if he’d been listening to the VP debates, he would have used “gosh darn it!” in a cartoon. :^)

  3. NWHiker said,

    Hee! I heard she winked too!

    Post ’em if you can, ok?

  4. Ruth said,

    Those cartoons sound awesome!

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