5 November 2008

Yes, he did.

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Obama '08 Buttons

This is the first time since 1988 that I’ve voted for the winning presidential candidate. I don’t think I’ve ever voted for a winner in primaries – my choice usually withdraws a few weeks after my state votes. (Then again, this year I had to vote for “uncommitted,” a candidate [edited to add: by this I mean an option, not a person, if that makes any sense] who stayed front and center for many voters until they walked into the polling booth! So maybe my luck is changing in that arena as well :^).

Much has changed in the world since 1988, and much has changed in my own approach to politics. But for most elections, I’ve had a paper ballot and scantron-style bubbles. I think I may have voted with an old-fashioned lever-operated voting machine once (maybe twice) in my 25 years of eligibility living in 4 counties in 3 states. So I found this photo essay rather intriguing. I’d love to hear a sound recording of the marbles falling into boxes in Gambia. Make sure you actually click on a photo and go through the slide show – in addition to describing the voting process in each country it tells the election turnout in the most recent presidential campaign. For what it’s worth, my precinct had 73% turnout this year, and the one that shares our polling place was just over 68%, both close to the county-wide total of 69.33%. The range in my city was high of 90% to low of 40%. What was the turnout in your precinct? In your household?



  1. NWHiker said,

    We both voted, though only David voted for Obama/Biden, I chose to abstain.

    What upsets me to no end is that King County, the bluest county in the state, only had about 33% turnout. 😦 Compared to some of the “red” counties where it was 80+. We dodged a bullet on the gov’s elections, and it looks like the low turnout may mean that a really good woman who could have been elected to congress won’t be. It’s very close. Sigh… (Not my district).

    I don’t know what my precinct turnout was. It was our last time at the polls too. I’m very sad and angry about that, since I don’t beleive that a mail-in ballot is a secret ballot.

  2. Tricia said,

    I’m surprised King County only has 33% turnout! Our precinct almost had that much at our local primary in August! I was also kind of surprised to see that the other parts of our county (more conservative and Republican than the city) had lower turnouts. I would have expected them to be similar to AA.

    I saw that on your blog about all ballots being mail in. That’s really odd, in my opinion! I do wish Michigan had “on demand” absentee voting or early voting, but I wouldn’t want it to all be by mail.

  3. NWHiker said,

    I’m sad and shocked as well… I mean… 33%! It’s to laugh.

    I don’t like the idea of all by mail voting… Oregon does it, and they’re very smug about how wonderful it is to vote at your breakfast table… but then I remember a woman I used to know, from OR, whose husband dictated her ballot to her. A ballot cast at home is no longer secret, and it’s open to coersion, and I don’t like that. So from a philosophical standpoint, I’ve very much against this.

  4. NWHiker said,

    Phew. King County is looking better. It seems, despite what it actually says on the secretary of state’s website, :), that the % voter turnout number can move up. I guess because we have easy access to absentee ballots, and they just have to be postmarked by the day. King County is at 45% now. Phew! A wee bit better.

    It used to be that absentee ballots were hard to come by here too, but as they opened that up more and more people went to permanent absentee, which led to the “hey, let’s do it all by mail” movement.

  5. Kathy said,

    Turnout in our county was just over 82%, which was short of the record 87% in 1992. In our household it was 100% as usual. Although Florida finally turned blue, my county is still quite red. I’m leaving my bumper sticker on just to gloat, since I rarely vote for the winner too.

  6. Kathy said,

    Oh, and the same thing always happens to me in the primaries. I don’t think I’ve ever voted for the winner in the primary.

  7. susan said,

    Our precinct had 80-something percent turnout. Our household was 100%, although we pretty much cancelled out each other’s votes.

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