26 November 2008

Make Something Day

Posted in events at 4:14 pm by Tricia

Not being much of one for crowds or forced hoopla (read as: waiting in the cold and dark to line up for 6 AM Door Buster deals, or similar nonsense), I can see the appeal of Buy Nothing Day. But let’s face it, the name is kind of negative and a tiny bit self-important. It’s not like I’ve signed up for that “buy nothing new for a year” compact by staying away from stores this Friday.

I mused on that this morning, as I was walking to work. Soon, I combined the idea of Buy Nothing Day with a nod to The Handmade Pledge (not realizing it was buy handmade), and came up with “Make Something Day.” That’s what I should do: dedicate some time on Friday to making gifts!

But before I could make any grand claims about my great idea, I thought I should sit down with my friendly neighborhood search engine. What was the first thing I found? This web site. With this underlying rationale. Great minds think alike!

So I challenge you to spend some time on Friday making something. Or at least spend some time poking around at the official Make Something web site looking for ideas.



  1. Deb said,

    I think I will def go for the “buy nothing maize and blue” day. BTW – had a great time in Columbus on Nov. 22nd. 🙂


  2. Tricia said,

    How could you have a great time when your team was playing such a lousy opponent? Isn’t challenge more interesting? :^)

    [btw, i think i predicted this outcome, back in September! Not like it took much prescience to do that, though…]

  3. Pattie said,

    Thankyou for commenting on my Blog ! had great fun browsing yours,mmmmm lovely
    Hugs Pattie

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