2 April 2009

Faux Food

Posted in food, fun at 9:29 pm by Tricia

For this year’s April Fool’s Faux Food, we had fish sticks. I riffed on this recipe, using crusty homemade sourdough bread instead of cookies (because (a) I didn’t have any wafer cookies, and (b) so it would be more like a main dish) and Special K instead of cornflakes. I think cornflakes might have been more true to fish stick color, but Special K was the only flake we had on hand.

Faux Fish Fingers Fundamentals

Faux Fish Fingers Fundamentals

You would have thought I was trying to poison my kids when I said I expected them to take a bit of a fish stick with not one word of complaint! You should have seen the looks on their faces, especially the eldest. But he finally realized that they smelled like peanut butter instead of fish, so he took a bite, followed by the middle boy, then only very reluctantly by the youngest. The youngest – who eats the most peanut butter sandwiches by far – liked them the least. Oh well!

Faux Fish Fingers

Faux Fish Fingers

On to dessert: chicken drumsticks, spaghetti and meatballs, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum! Almost like the plot of Little Pea. My favorite was the meatballs. My friend Kim alerted me to these seasonal confections – thanks, Kim! (She also has better photos, so you might want to visit her blog just for that.)

Dessert? Surely you're foolin' me...

Dessert? Surely you're foolin' me...


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  1. Jedda said,

    These are great! Thanks for all the great tips and ideas you’ve shared-I love the weaving you did!

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