18 May 2009

caption contest!

Posted in oddities at 9:25 pm by Tricia

personal discount

personal discount, for you my friend, today only!

This filtered view of my spambox needs a snappy caption, but my snappy caption writer is plumb tuckered out. Suggestions anyone?

(One thing is clear: Dr Aubrey is the one to go with! Well, there’s that anonymous 85% discount, but if the person won’t even identify the doctor what use is that??)



  1. You know, I’ve been trying to come up with a caption now and then over the past few weeks, and have failed. I’m glad you tried the rhubarb galette. I love tart foods. We ate it plain, but I keep thinking warm with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream would be nice. I wonder how tart your rhubarb was compared to mine.

  2. L said,

    Heh. Me too. I keep on hoping someone will come up with something clever…

    Rhubarb galette… mmmm…

  3. Tricia said,

    How funny, I was just about to delete this completely when Kitchen Chick commented, and now L has followed suit. I guess I’ll keep it.

    KC, I had my first piece of galette warm with some cinnamon ice cream. I had the other 2 pieces plain (for breakfast – home made pop-tart, don’t you know :^).

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