9 August 2009

Hang up and pedal!

Posted in oddities at 2:33 pm by Tricia

cyclist on cell phone

cyclist on cell phone

Lately I’ve been seeing people talking on cell phones while riding a bicycle.

This makes me crazy. Not only does it seem idiotic from the distraction perspective (I also don’t wear headphones when I bike, although I will wear them when I walk or run on city sidewalks), but they’re usually holding the phone in their right hand. This means the only hand on the brakes is their left. (Of course, this photo I found on the web doesn’t really illustrate what I’ve been seeing, because that person is in Amsterdam and doesn’t have hand brakes. The people I see around here have hand brakes.)

What happens if they need to brake suddenly? They’ll slam on the left brake, which will stop the front wheel but not the back, and they’ll fly over the front of their bike and break their shoulder. Okay, maybe not, but I broke my shoulder because of left-hand-only braking (I was signaling with my right, not holding a phone!), so that’s the first thing I think of. But really, just WHAT are they thinking?



  1. nwhiker said,

    I don’t know but… We were biking on the trail the other day and as I watched a rabbit ran in front of a cyclist and just managed to get out of the way in time… she never noticed. She was texting.

    I really hate it too. And yes on the left hand braking.

    I’m not too fond of runners/walkers with earphones on both ears either, especially on a mixed use trail. I just put one in, myself….

  2. wife2abadge said,

    The very thought makes me shudder.

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