19 August 2009

Ancient Squid and Modern Zombies

Posted in oddities at 2:51 pm by Tricia

Astonishing news from the world of science:

From the BBC: Ink found in Jurassic-era squid. Scientists found a squid ink sac in a Jurassic-era fossil, and were able to write with it! Inquiring minds want to know: will they be able to use the DNA to clone a squid? Jurassic Sea World, anyone?

And also from the BBC (because as long-time readers may have figured out, it’s my primary online news source): If zombies actually existed, an attack by them would lead to the collapse of civilisation unless dealt with quickly and aggressively! That is the conclusion of a mathematical exercise carried out by researchers in Canada.” Good to know it was research done in Canada, because otherwise you’d have some (R) senator spouting off about it next time NSF funding comes under scrutiny.

cc-licensed Zombie Squid illustration by Flickr user UNBORNE

cc-licensed Zombie Squid illustration by Flickr user UNBORNE

I would suggest you go buy a zombie squid hat in honor of these two important findings, but it’s no longer available, so this illustration will have to suffice.



  1. Ruth said,

    Someone had fun with that research study!

  2. libby said,

    you have made me laugh out loud on this one~!!~

    i always knew zombies were nothing to mess around with~!~just something about their body language . . .

    oh~!~and being a mixed media artist, i am quite interested in getting my hands on some of that jurassic squid ink . . . how many colors does it come in?


    btw: THANK YOU so very much for your recent visit and comments on my blog. your contributions delighted me and certainly enhanced the post~!!~
    i must say that i’m actuallly quite okay with my mayfly numbers not reaching into the millions (!!) but seeing what little bit of mayfly activity that i have leads me believe that my pond’s biological cycles are healthy ones. at least i hope so. my new favorite pastime is to sit by the pond and watch for mayfly activity~!!~ i wish i could invite you to sit and watch and share even more of your mayfly thoughts~!!~oh wait a minute, i could invite you~!~consider yourself invited~!!!~


  3. Kathy said,

    Love the hat. Too bad it’s sold out.

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