16 December 2009

Removing Staples from Feet

Posted in fun at 11:33 am by Tricia

If you ever need to remove a staple from your foot – say, maybe you got up to answer the phone and your sock-clad foot found one on the floor – don’t turn to google to find answers. You can find out how to remove carpet tackstrips and staples (a flat screwdriver or pair of pliers are handy – and don’t forget the thick leather gloves!) and how frozen staples can heal sore feet (highly advanced titanium alloy, bunions, radical new treatment!) and even how surgical staples are removed from feet (with a surgical staple remover, of course!) But if the staple is non-surgical, and it’s in your foot, and you just lent out your surgical staple remover, you’re on your own. (Should I soak my foot? But I’m wearing a sock. Maybe I should just yank on the sock? Maybe it started folding up, maybe that’s why it hurts so much to tug…)

So I’m here to remedy that shocking absence. Tip #1: have someone else do it. For some reason, they can just pull it straight out and it doesn’t hurt – when you try to do it yourself, it hurts like the dickens and you’ll probably end up sitting in the chair wondering why you (a) can’t get the stupid thing out, and (b) can’t find any tips online.

Do your part to help remedy this knowledge deficiency! If you link to me from your blog, that will increase the google ranking of this post, and the next person to suffer this fate might find speedy relief.

P.S. Dad, even though you don’t even know my blog exists, I wanted to say that you’re right, I should have been wearing slippers…



  1. teacherpatti said,


  2. teacherpatti said,

    Oops, sorry about the Tricia…just testing to see if I could post from home. Look I showed up 🙂
    Hope the foot is better!

  3. Tricia said,

    Looks like it worked, Patti! And my foot is fine today; in fact, I no longer noticed the painful spot after spending a couple of hours making corn tortillas with 1st through 4th graders yesterday!

  4. Leila said,

    Ouch, ouch, ouch.

    And ouch.

  5. Pat B said,

    I never had a staple in my foot, but I once stepped on a needle. I was a child, and not about to go to a doctor, so I did not tell anyone. We had a spelling bee in school the next day, and I was a good speller. Boy, it hurt to stand that long! Eventually, the thing worked itself out. Whew! I did get a staple in my finger once. I removed it–then I passed out.

    • Tricia said,

      You had a needle in your foot an entire day? (or even longer?) Yeow! That sounds painful!!

  6. Tricia said,

    Hey, it worked! Type “remove staples from foot” in the Big-G search engine, and I’m the top hit. That and my avocado allergy are bound to bring me unrelenting fame, any day now…

  7. Tasha said,

    i had a staple in my foot just a minute ago…my mum took it out it didnt hurt at all which amazed me!The staple went into my foot when i was jumping on my trampoline!

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