4 March 2010

Watch out for that colored snow

Posted in oddities at 9:09 pm by Tricia

Walking home the other day, we noticed “Miss Dig” markings. In the snow. Make that on the snow.

orange miss dig markings on snow

Watch out for that orange snow...

Hello? Don’t they realize that snow melts?? And can be moved? In fact, within a day or two, the markings were oddly pixelated, and are fading as the snow melts. At first I thought our neighborhood was an isolated case of cluelessness, but then I saw the same thing on campus and around downtown.

orange spray paint on snow

Watch out for that hot pink snow...

It wouldn’t matter so much if they came out to do the work the next day, but if course they never do…

snow with yellow strip

Yellow snow - that's where all the gas lines go!


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  1. Tracy said,

    Oh my gosh, that is hilarious. Hopefully the flags will help.

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