6 September 2011


Posted in creative outlets at 10:06 pm by Tricia

I finally learned to knit!

look ma, i can knit!

At the Maker Faire at the end of July, a volunteer taught me how to cast on and do the knit stitch. The garter stitch swatch on bottom left is the outcome of that.

A week or so later, having forgotten how to cast on, I started a new piece with the help of youtube – and didn’t quite get the cast on right, but it was good enough for practice purposes. Then I learned how to purl from youtube – except I ended up doing some weird wacky thing that was not purl at all, and which my neighbor the knitter cannot figure out. (She teaches high school students how to knit, she has experience with these things!) The yellow one in the center is an example of my wacko purl stitch (the top two-thirds). The little piece below it is what I did after the neighbor taught me how to purl properly (she also taught me how to cast on properly!)

In the interest of full disclosure, I actually managed to start doing purl properly after a 10 minute break from knitting, but since it wasn’t what I HAD been doing I thought I was wrong so asked for help. My knitting neighbor helped me see the error of my ways, and now I can knit and purl properly. The piece on the lower right is a stockinette swatch, done after her counseling and knitting rehab :^) The blue piece at the top is a swatch scarf to use up my ball of blue yarn obtained at the Maker Faire, following suggestions in Kids Knitting. It includes a 2×2 rib, 1×1 rib, basketweave, seed stitch in the center, then basketweave, 1×1, and 2×2 on the other side of the center.

Now what?? The T-boy wants a blanket, which seems way too big. A friend suggested a dishcloth. I have an itch to do socks, but I’m sure they’re WAY too hard! Maybe I’ll make a pillow instead of a blanket…



  1. Tracy said,

    Good for you! A pillow might be a good place to start if you’re not excited about a dishcloth. Garments, or anything structured, require attention to gauge, but a pillow would not. Are you familiar with Ravelry? Yet another social networking site, but for knitters and crocheters. I use it mainly to find patterns.

  2. All I can do is scarves….

  3. Leila said,

    Woohoo! Nice work. And a scarf would be fun too. Or start making squares for an eventual blanket… they can always become pillows if need be.

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