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Inspired Pie


I recently bought some cinnamon apple goat cheese from Trader Joe’s, but Jonski Papa and I decided it was a bit too sweet to eat on it’s own (even with crackers). I also recently got a few puny misshapen pears from my CSA. And I had dough for a pie crust, left over from making chard pie last week. Somewhere in the back of my mind was lurking an idea: pear goat cheese tart. Maybe I had been seeing pears and goat cheese when looking for directions on how to crisp pancetta? Anyway, combine all this, start it simmering on low, and I ended up looking for recipes. I got inspired by this one and came up with my own creation.

the pie, before cinnamon sugar or baking

Apple Pear Goat Cheese Tart/Pie

single pie crust
6 to 8 ounces apple cinnamon goat cheese
pears (mine might have been the equivalent of 2 ‘medium’ pears?)
an apple (unless, I suppose, you have lots of pears!) (I used honeycrisp; it’s what I have in the house right now)
cinnamon sugar (Trader Joe’s cinnamon sugar grinder ftw)

0. Preheat oven to 375° F.
1. Roll out pie crust and put in pie dish. If you actually own a tart dish, use that instead. Or ditch pans altogether and go galette style, as in the inspiring recipe.
2. Slice the goat cheese log into thin slices. Layer them on the crust. I managed to cover the crust with an almost complete log (we’d eaten a few slices before determining we didn’t like it on its own).
3. Slice up the pears and layer them over the goat cheese. I barely had enough for one layer – I’m sure more would be even better!
4. Using your nifty apple coring/peeling/slicing tool, turn the apple into a slinky. Cut the apple slinky in half from top to bottom so you have two neat stacks of apple slices. (Don’t have the nifty tool? I guess you can just core your apple and somehow generate nice even slices.)
5. Artistically (see above :^) place the apple slices atop the pear layer. I had leftover slices, which were eaten as appetizer by the child who set the table.
6. Grind (or sprinkle) cinnamon sugar over the apples.
7. Bake for 35-45 minutes, until nicely browned.
8. Cool for 20 minutes or so and then eat.

I cooked for 40 minutes, but the naked crust edges got a bit overly done. You could probably avoid this problem if your pie was more full. Or if you actually used a tart pan, since apparently they are more shallow. Even with the slightly overdone edges, this was really really good – the sum is way better than the individual parts, especially that too-sweet goat cheese part. I would probably even buy the goat cheese another time, in order to make this again!

finished pie – yum!!