30 March 2010

in which I reveal deep misunderstandings

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photo of missing tooth

look ma, I lost a tooth!

Maybe this is just a sign that I don’t understand acupuncture, but my first thought on reading this article (headline: Acupuncture May Ease Anxiety Over Dental Work) was “really? people who are anxious about going to the dentist are going to be willing to let someone stick them with needles first? And that helps??”

And my second thought was “how come I didn’t read about this at the BBC yet?” Never fear, they covered it too! I didn’t find their version the first time I searched – maybe they were busy hunting down the researchers to get more comments, such as this one: “it may not be suitable for those who also have a fear of needles.”


11 February 2010

News you can use

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I’m not sure why I saw this in late January when it was first published in 2005, but here is some news you can use from the BBC:

untidy beds may keep you healthy

Watch out mites! We're leaving our beds unkempt...

Granted, this claim is based on a computer model, and there is a suggestion that the average humidity in a house might mitigate the effects of unkempt bed covers, but I’m sure plenty of people are willing to sign up for the treatment condition in any real-world experiments!

On a related note, the middle child had a friend over a few weeks ago. Friend walked into the boys’ room, looked around, and said: “You’re lucky. My mom makes me clean up my room!” Sigh.

18 January 2010

So much for solidarity!

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caption from BBC

Someone ought to send these folks a dictionary (or at least a dictionary entry):


–noun, plural -ties.

1. union or fellowship arising from common responsibilities and interests, as between members of a group or between classes, peoples, etc.: to promote solidarity among union members.
2. community of feelings, purposes, etc.
3. community of responsibilities and interests.
1840–50; < F solidarité, equiv. to solidaire solidary + -ité -ity

Synonyms: 1. unity, cooperation, community. 2. unanimity.

30 November 2009

Persistence Pays Off

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Update on a story I mentioned back in February: after taking her driving test almost 200 more times, Cha Sa-Soon finally passed in early November. That is, she passed the written test – I haven’t yet seen a news story about attempts at the road test!

Woman passes 950th driving testSouth Korean woman passes 950th driving test

30 October 2009

Skater Chick

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Afghani Skater Chick

Afghani Skater Chick


So that I’ll have a post for October (!!), I’m going to link to this picture of a girl skateboarding in Kabul! My 9yo is very much into skateboarding right now. Our town has hundreds of parks, but no skate park. So many Saturdays, we drive north about half an hour so he can skate indoors at a park set up by a church. They divide the day by age groups, so he’s with kids his age – but it’s mostly boys. Nevertheless, he thinks this photo is awesome.

26 February 2009

Always be alert!

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pinktangles and a red

Doodling is good for your brain. I read it at the BBC! Or, more precisely, “Doodling may look messy, but it could in fact be a sign of an alert mind, a study suggests.” Always be on the alert, that’s what I say.


29 April 2008

Strangely appropriate…

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I’m pretty sure this is an example of situational irony – and even if it isn’t, it’s certainly perversely appropriate!

ironic free tibet flags

(Click through to read the entire story at the BBC web site.)

19 March 2008

Then who…

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BBC Headline:

BBC Headline

So if the maternity units are closed to mothers, who are they open to? Can’t see that there would be much demand from any other audience!

4 December 2007

Responsible? Irresponsible?

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Chocolate lorry headline

What do you think, is this a responsible use of chocolate, or irresponsible? They extracted cocoa butter from “waste” chocolate, specifically “4,000 kg (8,818 lb) of chocolate misshapes, the equivalent of 80,000 chocolate bars.” I guess I’m surprised the company doesn’t just melt it down and try again, but then again, I don’t know how industrial chocolate is made! (Apparently it’s nothing like cider syrup…)

And hmm, if it’s misshapes, then I guess it’s not great chocolate, so perhaps Larry Boy’s rejoinder to great responsibility is null and void in such a context!