28 July 2008

The inner workings of a 5yo mind

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(Background: last year our family went to Costa Rica to volunteer on a Habitat for Humanity project through their Global Village project. Some photos available in this Flickr set.)

This weekend, T-boy (5) and C-boy (10) and a neighbor boy (6) were wrapping spider webs around sticks. I said something to T-boy along the lines of “the web is where the spider lives. So when you do that, you are destroying their habitat.” He asked me to define habitat, so I did. Then he exclaimed “I need to go tell C and H!” and ran off to where they were. Then I heard C-boy from over the fence, “Mom, he got it confused with Habitat for Humanity!” Apparently T-boy had told them to stop destroying spider webs because they help people in Costa Rica. Good thing C-boy was there to help interpret!