23 April 2008

Earth Day Spectrum

Posted in creative outlets, nature tagged at 2:43 pm by Tricia

Earth Day Spectrum - Yellow / Green / White
Earth Day Spectrum - Red / Purple / Pink / White

Yesterday (Earth Day), my friend Kathy told me to go outside, so I did. After all, she’s a teacher, and we have to respect teachers. :^) I took the office camera, ostensibly to take pictures for a project, but mostly to see if the daffodil line was blooming. Along the way, I decided to capture a “spectrum” of colors. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a blue picture (the scilla are abundant this time of year, so I could have!). I also meant to capture a forsythia bush (more yellow!) if the battery held out, but I forgot. But even so, it was a nice break from the stuffy office…

(see more photos on Flickr – start at this magnolia and work back through the photostream until you get to the mosaics shown above)