3 June 2014


Posted in food tagged , at 8:07 pm by Tricia

Today I read this article at NPR that mentions the nutritional benefits of lamb’s quarters (amongst other plants), including this line:

one serving of steamed lamb’s-quarters contained more than 60 percent of the thiamin, 40 percent of the vitamin B6, 60 percent of the calcium and 70 percent of the magnesium of the daily recommended intake.

Impressive! As it turns out, I had lambs quarters in the fridge (from my CSA, of course) and was feeling vaguely sheepish (lamb? sheep? get it?) that I hadn’t tried it yet. So I spent a few minutes looking online for recipes and ended up trying this simple idea: basically, saute the greens with onion, put in a ramekin, top with an egg and cheese, cook at 350F for 20 minutes. That’s what I made for lunch. I don’t really like the taste of eggs, so I just topped mine with goat cheese. Jonski Papa likes a dish called Turkish eggs, so I put feta on his. We both liked it. It was pretty easy, so I’ll make it again! I might leave out the vinegar, though, and it probably doesn’t need to sautè as long as she recommends.