28 January 2008

Happy birthday, LEGO!

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LEGO bricks turned 50 today. What a cause for celebration!

Party Exo-Toa

This Gizmodo post features a neat timeline, although I must disagree with their dismissal of Bionicles. C-boy especially is a giant fan of Bionicles. His 5th and 6th birthdays featured a Bionicle theme – he even dressed up as a Bionicle character for Halloween. Twice!

Tahu Halloween

Although I should acknowledge that his interest did eventually wane on the 3rd or 4th revision of the main characters. (“Collect all 6!” Jonski Papa used to intone, maniacally. “And again! 6 more!”) On the other hand, he bought 2 of the new models with his own money just last week. T-boy has a burgeoning interest in Bionicles, although his interest is more about playing out scenarios with the characters (it’s all about the building for C-boy – and he combines the pieces in amazingly creative ways, although recently he remade all the original sets [from memory, of course!]).

random Bionicle MOC built when C was 5

This particular piece of LEGO trivia struck me:

There are about 62 LEGO bricks for every one of the world’s 6 billion inhabitants.

because I think our house contains the LEGO allotment for at least 1000 earthlings! 2000? 10,000? And that’s if you don’t count all the little gears and locking collars and pins and such for the Bionicle models!