About Me

I’ve never gotten into the rhythm of writing in a paper journal. For one thing, it’s faster for me to type (and then there’s editing, and linking, and …) I used to use my email programs to store tidbits and anecdotes, but then after multiple system upgrades and email client swaps, I realized I was losing easy access to my archive. So now I’m trying blogs. I hope that in 3 years, I don’t face the same quandary of no-longer-easy-to-access archives…

Oh, and that slug? (“Remember kids, with great chocolate comes great responsibility.”) It’s in the trailer for a Larry-Boy video (looks to be a take-off on Spiderman 2). I just wish I could exercise more responsibility towards the chocolate that enters my sphere of influence…

Where I’ve been

I couldn’t decide whether to make this a post or just put it here in “About Me”. Obviously, I decided to put it here!

visited 39 states (78%)

In August 2008, I added Iowa to my visited states list and my mom tells me I’ve been to Nevada (visiting Hoover Dam – I do remember the sight of that!). So now I can legitimately claim 39!  Interestingly, I’ve visited all the “New” states except New Hampshire, but none of the North or South states. Perhaps I shouldn’t claim Mississippi and Alabama – I was sleeping on a bus driving from Houston to Florida, and don’t remember much of them… Similarly for Oregon – I know I’ve been there, but sadly, I don’t remember much. I guess I’ll have to go back!

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