8 April 2006

Avocado Allergy

Posted in food at 1:58 am by Tricia

When I was growing up, I disliked guacamole. There was just something about that green combined with that texture – chunky and slimy at the same time – that turned me off. So I never ate it. Starting about 20 years ago, I experienced a few incidents of gastrointestinal distress after having meals with guacamole residue on the food I ate. (Given my dislike, I usually requested the guac be left off, or spooned it off for a dining companion.) So then I started claiming that I was allergic to avocados. It seemed almost silly at the time – who is allergic to avocados? And I think deep inside I felt like it was a flimsy excuse to hide my dislike. But those symptoms – believe me, you don’t want those symptoms.

A few years later, I began to notice that I had the symptoms after eating shrimp as well. This was somewhat devastating – shrimp had been one of my favorite luxury foods growing up! It definitely was a luxury in our house, so fried shrimp was the first thing I’d look for on restaurant menus when we were dining out. And once the “seafood trucks” started making deliveries to town, and we could have some at home – oh, I was in heaven.

Although I’ve never been formally tested, I did a few experiments on different occasions and determined that the symptoms showed up after eating shrimp. Once when dining in Boston’s Chinatown with my husband’s grad school friend, I tried a shrimp puff. “How much shrimp could be in that? It’s probably mostly flour!” I thought. Well, it was enough shrimp for an evening of misery – heightened because I was supposed to be finalizing a conference presentation for the next day. Since then, I just tell people I’m allergic to shrimp and avoid it at all costs. And without any formal food diaries, I decided that the incidents I’d previously ascribed to avocados, were probably shrimp incidents as well.

Flash forward to last month. Avocados were being served. I decided that since I wasn’t allergic, I should try it to see if I like it. After all, tastes change (as well frequently remind the boys). It wasn’t bad! Somewhat bland, but not bad. A few weeks later, I had a few more bites of avocado in a dish made by a friend.

Given all the known health benefits, I decided to dive in and buy avocados at the grocery store. They sat on the counter for a few days, then in the fridge, while I mused over what I should do with them. I still wasn’t up for guacamole, so eventually decided to just have a few slices available to go with tonight’s salad (which became tonight’s meal, when our pork roast took much longer than I’d anticipated!). As I was eating dinner, I noticed that my throat was itchy. When I mentioned this to Jonski Dad, he said I might have the same thing C-boy had earlier this week (just over a day of sore throat and fatigue). I responded that this was definitely not the beginnings of a sore throat, but an itchy throat.

Astute readers can probably see where this is going… I do have an avocado allergy. The itchy throat should have been my first clue – the gastrointestinal symptoms followed about an hour later (similar to what I experience with shrimp, but not as intense).

Apparently avocados are a fairly common allergen. Who knew? I suppose the 1% of the population so afflicted knew! And while 1% may not seem like much, avocado appears on the lists of ‘common’ food allergens (not the Big Ones, but the next tier down).

Once again I join the elite, the 1%.

There’s an awful lot of detailed medical information about avocado allergy (compared to shrimp, for example, but yet shrimp is commonly thought of as a ‘highly allergenic’ food, probably because it is commonly implicated in anaphylaxis). Apparently an avocado allergy frequently co-occurs with a latex allergy: people allergic to latex often have allergies to avocado (53%), potatoes (40%), bananas (38%), assorted other tropical fruits, and chestnuts.

But you know what? I’ve lived without avocados for most of my life, it’s not going to be a big hardship to continue to avoid them. But I see peaches in many of the lists of things cross-reactive with a latex allergy. If I develop an allergy to peaches, I don’t know what I’d do!

Update (2/22/07): links I had made to the immunocap [allergy testing] site were broken, so I fixed them.

Clarification (2/22/07): From what I’ve read, there’s no reason for avocado and shrimp allergies to co-occur, it’s just that my avocado reactions were the same as how I used to react to shrimp.


  1. Chris said,

    You know, avoccados are one of my favorite foods. Every day off I walk to the cafe and have an onion bagel with cream cheese and avocados. And about 10 minutes later my throat itches, my nose begins to drain like crazy AND I have to visit the bathroom. I too am allergic to bananas and latex, two common co-allergies. However, as long as there are no long term effects I’m going to live with the attacks. Avocados are that good. I can live without bananas though.

    • Cara said,

      I just recently discovered my allergy to avacado. About a half hour to an hour after eating it I get an excruciating stomach ache and sometimes vomit. I have no known allergy to latex or bananas. However, I get the same excruciating abdominal pains after eating mushrooms. After doing some research I have come to believe I may be suffering from some kind of trelahose intolerance or trelahase deficiency. I don’t even really know what that means because I have been having a hard time finding more information… Does anyone else experience similar symptoms with mushrooms, or know whether the two instances have anything to do with eachother?

      • Carol said,

        I am, as far as I know, allergic only to avocado, and I wasn’t always — that is, it began about 20 or 25 years ago. Even small amounts make me vomit — no pain, or at least that’s how I remember it. Just terrible upchucking. So I avoid anything with avocados and that takes care of that. I liked them, but oh well.

      • Elaine said,

        Where did you find information about this deficiency? My teenage daughter reacts to muchrooms and recently started having violent reactions to guacamole

      • Tricia said,

        This is mostly directed at Elaine: I was not familiar with what Cara was talking about, but a little time with google revealed that the term is trehalose intolerance, not trelahose (switch the h and l) (and trehalase for the deficiency).

      • Serena said,

        Hi there, I have the same intolerances/extreme stomach pain with avocados and mushrooms. I am also trying to do some research and find out the link between the two.

      • Serena said,

        I have the same intolerances/extreme stomach pain with avocados and mushrooms, especially raw mushrooms. I am also trying to do some research and find out the link between the two. I used to get the same pain from bananas, but not since the last few years, since I started taking ‘Beano’ for the pain, which worked well.

      • Laura Saylor said,

        I am the same, Cara! Avocados and mushrooms! For me it is mostly portabellos and I usually don’t throw up with mushrooms, but with a teensy piece of avocado (ex. in sushi) I’ll be sick for 5 hours. It’s awful!

      • natalie said,

        I experience the same symptoms as you do after eating avocodos. I get severe stomach pains to the point of throwing up,lasting about 4-5 hours. I experienced this about a month ago and now a few days ago the same thing happened. im not sure why id have an intolerance to this food, cause i can stomach just about anything!

      • Oscar said,

        Hello, Cara. my wife suffers the same symptoms as what you have described. She also get that excruciating stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhea. May I ask if what medicine did you take? I will appreciate your reply.

      • Tricia said,

        Hi Oscar. If she is suffering an allergic reaction, something like Benedryl might help to counteract the symptoms. I never took medicine to combat my avocado symptoms, because I didn’t realize it was possible at the time. However, I have since developed another allergy (to a medication, not a food) and Benedryl worked in that situation! The liquid form is quick acting, but the children’s dissolvable tablets work pretty fast as well.

      • Martie said,

        I have SEVERE pain from Avocados and Mushrooms. I recently had it from scallops. But I have mostly narrowed down to avocados and mushrooms. Have you found anything to treat it and what is the cause? I’ve had endoscopy’s, HIDA scans, and blood work to figure out what is causing my pain. I keep telling doctors it is avocados and mushrooms or whatever is in them that is making me sick. But it seems to get dismissed.

      • Tricia said,

        Hey Martie, you say you’ve had bloodwork, but did it include allergy testing? I’m surprised your doctors would dismiss your claims about avocados and mushrooms – seems like that would be a clue to test for allergies. As I mentioned in my blog post, avocado allergy is often co-incident with latex allergy, so it’s fairly well known.

        As far as treatment and causes: in my case, the cause is definitely an allergy, so I treat the allergy. The main thing I do is avoid the allergens. I’ve also been prescribed an epipen (which I’ve never had to use, thank goodness!) and I take benedryl if I think a reaction is developing. For example, I once started getting sick after eating a tropical fruit salad on a buffet and benedryl stopped it. Benedryl also worked to stop a severe and rapid reaction I had to an OTC medication.

        Good luck getting answers!

      • Kristen said,

        You are not the only one.

      • nicole said,

        I vomit with avacado my mouth gets itcy also. mushroom I get severe stomach pain lasting a good 24 hours.

      • Terri said,

        I get very sick when I eat avacado and certain types of mushrooms. Within a few min. of eating either, I start to vomit and extreme stomach pain that last for several hour. I also have had almost the same reaction to broccoli… But, I have never had a itchy throat.

      • Catherine said,

        I have excruciating pain with mushrooms and avocado! And quite bad with bananas. 😦

    • Mary said,

      I decided to see if there was a relation in allergies. What you described is exactly how I feel. Ever since I was a kid, avocados have given me a huge pain in the pit of my stomach. No diarrhea or the likes, just intense pain. Yes, I still eat it and suffer about 70% of the time.

      I am “allergic” to latex as well. If the dentist uses latex gloves, boy I suffer with runny nose and my eyes usually swell shut.

      About three years ago, I found out that I was all of a sudden allergic to “shrimp.” Now that was a real bummer. I’ve tested myself on it and about 95% of the time, I break out in hives have the huge pain in my stomach but experience vomiting and diarrhea. Almost as if my body couldn’t work hard enough to get rid of it.

      Funny though, I went to an allergist and was tested for all three foods and they all came up negative!

      I guess you just don’t need a doctor to prove to you what your body is ready to tell you.

    • Lorelei said,

      No offense Chris, but that’s really stupid. Avacado allergies are known to increase in severity every time you eat an avacado, and you may not notice it if it’s gradually increasing every day. If you’re allergic to avacado and eat some every day, then you could have a very bad reaction one day. What if you go into anaphylatic shock and there’s nobody around who can help? Seems to me like you may not be able to live with the attacks, especially if you also have a latex allergy and your symptoms present in itchiness in your throat and mouth, suggesting you have the more severe type of avacado allergy, which can easily be life threatening.

      Your body is telling you that it cannot properly deal with avacado. Listen to it.

      • laura bachner said,

        Holy crap does it ever increase with each exposure. Last summer after never eating avocado’s before, my sister introduced me to avocado salad. It was delish so I started making it at home. After a few times I got a mild case of heartburn and stomach upset but didn’t think much about it (I also can’t eat bananas anymore because of the unbelieveable case of heartburn. Kiwi’s and bananas and eggs aren’t friends of my stomach either). Anyway, the second to last time I had the avocado salad, I the heartburn got much worse and took about 30 mins to clear up no matter how much Tumms I took, it didn’t seem to help. The very last time (I forgot about the heartburn which is why I was a doorknob and ate it again), this time it started out as bad heartburn, but of just instead of just heartburn the pain went into my back and I was pressing against the wall to try to counteract it, I could barely swallow, I was having trouble breathing and the pain lasted 40 minutes and was just abouty close enough to call 911. I will never touch anything with avocados again for as long as I live!

    • amelia said,

      Okay. I’ve read quite of few of the comments posted here. I’m glad to hear that others are having similar experiences. I thought that I was having an issue with sushi, which I truly enjoy eating. Every time I had a good helping, I would have stomach cramps, the glass kind- as previously mentioned, and nothing productive after that. I always wished that something would move, up or down, but everything just sat in my stomach like a big rock. I was always done for the rest of the day. By the next day, I was fine. I figured I was just eating too much raw fish, with which my body was not happy about digesting. Nope. I narrowed it down to avocado, which is usually present in sushi. I even thought of MSG before thinking of avocado. So, I have avoided it. I’m not sure if I should get tested for an allergy or assume an intolerance, or just avoid the culprit. My daughter, who is now almost six, had confirmed allergies to peanuts, milk and eggs when she was one yr old. She has since outgrown them all. ( Amazingly! The peanut ordeal was scary!) However, I’m in my late 20’s and just now developing this issue with avocado? I hear that allergies get worse with exposure…so testing would be good. I have never had hives, rash or itchy mouth/throat though…or the correlation with bananas, kiwi, latex or really anything else for that matter. So, I ask myself: Self, spend a bunch of money to discover a potential allergy, or don’t and just avoid avocado just the same. I am very curious and would like to know. I only have ab pain…stomach pain really. It never makes it into the ab region for digestion. It just seems to sit at the top of my stomach like a rock and churn and hurt. So, now what??

      • Tricia said,

        Amelia, the main reason I got tested for an avocado allergy was because of the itchy throat situation – that was concerning to me. Previously, with my suspected shrimp allergy, I just avoided the trigger. And for what it’s worth, my insurance paid for all my testing (except the visit co-pay), but I know that’s not going to be true for everyone.

      • Defne said,

        Amelia, I am happy I read this forum, especially your comment! I recently moved to Mexico and had 3 incidents where I had extreme stomach ache, but no vomiting or diarrhea. I also wished that something would move up or down! But the pain just sat in the middle of my stomach, giving me the chills and burning ache for 4-5 hours! I had the most recent one last night after eating guacamole. Today I thought about those 3 incidents in the past week and realized that they all had one thing in common: avocado in great amounts.. I have never had this experience with avocados before, for example after eating avocado rolls, but now at the age of 27 it seems like I am allergic to them!

        Good to know! I will avoid them in the future..

        I get a similar pain when I eat eggs or mix milk with whey protein. Not sure if I am allergic to them, too. I just avoid them.

      • Amanda said,

        Same with me! I thought I was allergic to sushi. Thank God I wasn’t, just the slimy green stuff!

    • julie said,

      Mushrooms only give me alot of gas, but the avocados give me the extreme lower abdominal pains. My mother, my only sister and my daughter are all the same. We all noticed it when each of us were around 18 to 20 years old. The pain is an intense sharp pain, like a knife cutting inside the gut. It hurts so bad it makes me break out in a sweat and feel faint. I really miss guacamole!

    • Ferron said,

      I grew up in the Caribbean eating delicious avocado. However three years ago I started getting nauseous after eating avocado. I did not believe it at first. One day I vomited moments after swallowing a bite. I love avocado but have given it up!

      • Jasmin Walters said,

        I grew up in Puerto Rico shaking avocados from my grandmother’s tree. Three years ago, the slightest bite of an avocado would make me extremely nauseous. Recently it’s been happening with bananas. I notice however that Haas Avocados (dark ones used for Guacamole) don’t give me this reaction. I am scheduling an appointment with an allergist. This is heartbreaking.

  2. jonskifarms said,

    I guess that’s where we disagree – I didn’t have enough intentional experience with avocados to decide they were “good” – I was still in the “not as bad as I anticipated” phase when I started having the reactions again! I’m concerned about it getting worse and having an anaphylatic reaction.

  3. Gail said,

    Many years ago I tried some guacamole. Within a half hour I had the most excruciating stomach pains. I ran for the gas-ex which really didn’t help too much at all. So after an evening of stomach pain, I was ok in the morning. I decided it must have been the guacamole, and hated avocados, ever since. Today after years of not eating avocados I decided to be bold and sample some guacamole at my favorite market. Only one corn tortilla chip with probably 1/2 teaspoon of guacamole. What could it hurt? Tasted really good! Bought some to bring home! By the time I got home those wonderful stomach pains were there. I am telling you I will never eat anything with an avocado in it again! I on the other hand can eat shrimp and bananas with no reaction. I can’t figure it out. Could I be allergic to just avocados? Strange.

    • Anna said,

      Sorry just wait, avacado was the first for me, then bananas, pineapple,
      melons and others. hope it doe not happen to you. I was neg for allergy testing but I don’t think it works unless you have real food tested. I just discovered I can’t eat raw baby spinach but I am fine with spinach lasagne!! The mystery and pain is agonizing. Good luck.
      Anna, age 38 pain started age 22?

      • I also have the same symptoms (itchy mouth, throat) with bananas, avacados, kiwi, and carrots. But I can eat carrots cooked with no problems. And sometimes avacados don’t do it, sometimes I’m fine. Then there are days when strawberries, melons also cause the itching. Who knows.

  4. jonskifarms said,

    Hey Gail, I’ve been meaning to post an update. You could definitely be allergic to just avocados! I had some testing done in July and more yesterday, and the only thing that’s been positive is avocado. She says avocado *by itself* is not very common, but definitely possible. She says that people with latex allergy often develop allergy to avocado and those other things, but the other way (avocado allergic developing latex allergy) is not really documented. (This is what I’d read, as well.)

    Shrimp isn’t typically connected to avocado – it’s just that I have had almost the same reaction to both, and it took me a while to tease it out. I did “challenges” back in the 90s – e.g. shrimp fried rice, with nothing else suspect in the meal – and had the gastro symptoms, but my tests were negative for shrimp. I wonder if my shrimp antibodies are low because it’s been 10 years since I ate any – my doctor says it’s possible. Or it’s possible that my shrimp symptoms aren’t resulting from an allergy (I don’t remember any itchy throat stuff with shrimp, just the gastro symptoms – it’s the itchy throat that seems to worry the allergist more than the gastro stuff!).

    Good luck figuring it out (and avoiding avocados – although that seems pretty easy, it’s not like eggs or milk or corn or something else common).

  5. Amie said,

    I was fascinated to find this web page after googling avacado allergy. I used to like avacado on salads & veggie sandwiches, starting when I was in college. I ate it a few times and liked it. But then once I had a big salad with avacado slices while eating out, and the whole thing came right back up in the restaurant’s bathroom about 15 minutes later. Of course I just thought it was a virus or something. Then at another restaurant not long after I had a vegetarian sandwich with avacado slices. I got the most EXCRUCIATING stomach cramps. Then I started to wonder if it was the avacado. Long story short, even eating the smallest amount of avacado gives me the most miserable stomach cramps…the kind where you want to lie on the floor and wonder, when could I have accidentally consumed ground glass?? Finding this web page (and a few others) has been really helpful…discovering I am not alone in having issues with avacado. I don’t know if I’m also allergic to latex…anyway. Thanks.

  6. Amy said,

    Okay, I am stunned. I just finished my second avocado in about two weeks. I have always liked guacamole, but just recently started craving it a lot! So I bought my first one about a week ago and smashed it up and ate it with tortilla chips. When I was almost finished, I felt a bit of an itchiness in my mouth and throat. My 4 year old son has food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts and eggs. So of course the thought crossed my mind, but I took a claratin and quickly dismissed it. Well, a few minutes ago I indulged again, and forgetting about the other incident, ate all of it. Almost immediately I felt the itching in my throat and mouth and most importantly down in my chest! I of course took a claratin, probably should have been liquid. What I find astonishing is that when I was a kid I experienced anaphalaxis while eating apples. At the time my mother had never heard of food allergies and sat me in the bathroom with a steamy shower to help fix my breathing. Yes, I am lucky to be alive! I can however, eat apples now with no problem. But I just learned that, same as apples, their is a correlation between pollen and birch trees for avocados. I am indeed allergic to pollen!! Who Knew???

  7. jjorey1 said,

    I just found out tonight that I am allergic to avocados as well. About a year or so ago, I started noticing that guacamole made me kind of queasy, but thought nothing of it. I have always been very sensitive to food textures, and figured that I was thinking too much about the nature of the guac. Then, I started having a bad reaction after going out for sushi, toward the end of each meal. I would have to run off the restroom and try not to liberate what I had just eaten. The sushi rolls I like always have avocado in them. Tonight, I made fajitas and my wife made guacamole. I tried a spoonful of the guac by itself, and immediately felt queasy. Never mind though. I put some in my fajita and sat down to enjoy it. After just a few bites, I had to run off the bathroom, and that was the end of my appetite for tonight! After putting two and two together, I feel pretty good that I know what’s going on with that now. I had a very bad reaction to a plantain thing one time, but not to bananas. No shrimp allergies, or latex, but soy milk really does me in. Swelling throat and tongue and all that. Nearly died one time from it. Anyway, that’s my experience.

  8. Jenny said,

    I always used to hate bananas – they made me nauseous. I refused to eat them. I loved kiwi and would eat it. I bought some Philosophy lipbalm that had kiwi extract in it, and thought nothing of the daily rubbing of this stuff on my lips – fast-forward to 1996 – I was living in London and had free dental care – I had an anaphylatic(sp) shock to the latex gloves. I also had a kiwi soon after this and my lips would tingle and my thought would feel scratchy. Upon my return to the States I went to an allergist who informed me that I was allergic to bananas and kiwi – and to be careful with chestnuts and avocado. I had no problems with the avocado and would continue to eat it – until today that is. About a month ago I bought an avocado sandwich at Pret a Manger and my throat got all weird – like I had something caught in my throat. The same thing happened a week later, but I wasn’t sure if it was the avocados or not. Last night I was making dinner and mashed an avocado, and had a spoonful – my throat got all tight and felt like it had before, but this time, my lips tingled and my face as well. I guess no more avocado.

  9. Cherie Cadena said,

    I just found out that I’m allergic to avacadoes and latex….who knows what else. I get hives all over my face. It sucks.

  10. kim said,

    OMG! I am allergic to avacados too! I thought I was alone. Ive done some research and found that there is a whole list of things people with avacado allergies are intolerent to. Latex being a major one. My allergy is so bad I have to carry an Epipen because i go into anaphylactic shock and have about 15 minutes before I cant breath and will die…this allergy started out just like yours though. They say everytime you get some in your system, the next reaction will be way worse. Be really careful with this because I hate how terrified I am of avacado now. I wont buy anything that is next to it at the store, and I live in Califonia! AH!

  11. jonskifarms said,

    Amie, I get those stomach cramps, too! Ground glass – I’d never thought of it that way!

    Amy, I didn’t know about birch tree pollen and apples and avocado allergies correlating. How scary your apple reaction must have been to your mother. Did you eventually get tested for apples?

    jjorey, are you going to get tested for these allergies or just avoid the foods? Soy must be hard to avoid, with all the products that contain it these days! But I guess it’s one of those things that have to be listed on food label allergy warnings, so that must help.

    Kim, thanks for your input. I have an epipen now (after my allergy testing summer 2006) but hopefully will never have to use it – I haven’t had any reactions since the spring, because I’ve been avoiding avocado (and still shrimp, even though that tested negative). I know that peanuts can trigger reactions by contact or through the air – do you have to worry about that? It certainly must be hard to avoid in produce sections in California! :^)

  12. jonskifarms said,

    Jenny, my husband doesn’t like bananas – they make his throat kind of itchy, but he’s never been tested for an allergy. I wonder if he should, after what I read. My dentist is allergic to latex – I noticed that he wears liners under his gloves so I asked him about it. (Last time I was there, i overheard a comment that the entire clinic was going to start using latex-free gloves [this is at a dental school, not a private clinic], so maybe he’ll be able to ditch the liners).

    Cherie – hives, yuck! Are you in the medical field? My dentist told me that developing a latex allergy was kind of an occupational hazard, but I guess other people (outside medicine) have that allergy, too.

  13. Liner said,

    Oh I’m so relieved I’m not alone. After about 2 years of a constellation of ‘new allergies’ it all comes together with this one type of allergy. It’s funny because I used latex gloves for years (maybe 12) because of being in healthcare/research and never developed the allergy. Then after 3 years of using alternative latex gloves (now it’s all non-latex in the hospital) I distinctly developed new symptoms I never had before including: tingling of my lips when downing a ripe mango… and 3 separate incidents of eating avacado pieces (especially with eggs in a brunch setting) that induced GI disturbances most notably intense nausea within minutes. I now feel bad for the brunch place because they gave me my money back after I gave them a look like, “you cut your avacadoes on a dirty table did you?” It’s too bad because I love mangos and used to LOVE avacados. It will be difficult to cut these out forever. I haven’t developed a latex allergy yet (yet to be tested), bananas are okay for now, and shrimp is no problem. But somehow, subway sandwiches with all the fixings are producing some strange tender “reaction” at the edge of my mouth/lips it’s not itchy, more like irritated and swollen… has anybody noticed something like this before (possibly due to bell peppers, pepperocini, or onions)? The Subway sandwich reaction caused me to search out my potential allergic reactions.
    Thanks again for your post.
    Dr. Liner

    • Catherine Brizzi said,

      Avocados and mangoes cause severe stomach pain for me also. The mangoes also cause a facial rash similar to poison oak wherever the juice touched my skin and lips. It was horrible. I wore a mask to hide it. I also become ill if I am exposed to a lot of latex paint fumes, but it is more like the flu. Look up latex allergy.

    • Laura said,

      Subway serves avocados as an option for sandwiches. I too have an allergy to avocado and could not figure out why I kept getting a reaction at Subway. I have watched them cut a sandwich in half full of avocado, not clean the knife and then cut my sandwich with the same knife. That is how I found out why I was having a reaction eating there too. I have to make sure I go inside to order my meal, and then I either ask them not to cut it, or use a new clean knife.

  14. jonskifarms said,

    Dr. Liner, thanks for your input. I wonder if all those years of exposure to latex “primed the pump” for the “Latex-fruit syndrome” to develop? Too bad about the mangoes – I would miss mangoes!

    The “immunocapinvitrosight” discussion about avocado allergens [broken link in my text, i’ll go fix it] mentions tomatoes as another potential cross-allergen, I wonder if that’s what is going on with your Subway sandwiches? Or maybe it’s something entirely different (not an allergy). I have odd stuff happen in my mouth with fresh pineapple, but tested negative for pineapple allergy – I guess I’m just sensitive to some enzyme or some other element in fresh pineapple (but not canned).

  15. Amy said,

    As much as I am sorry to hear of so many people experiencing this kind of food reaction, I am at the same time comforted in knowing that I am not alone.

    Jonskifarms, you asked if I was ever tested for the apples. No I have not. My son, who is almost 4, had a severe anaphylactic reaction to peanut butter when he was one year old. At the time I didn’t know much about food allergies, and with the go ahead from our pediatrician, gave him a taste of the peanut butter. It was awful! This experience reminded me of when I was little and had the experience with the apples. I asked my son’s allergy doctor about it and it was she who explained the pollen, birch connection to apples. I have since looked up some of the info on the internet and have seen it mentioned quite a bit.

    I am having a blood draw this week by a friend who is a doctor. She is going to have it tested with a bunch of different kinds of foods. I will let you know how it goes.

  16. KimSu said,

    It all started with bad stomach aches – then I had sushi with a sliver of avocado – my eyes immediately turn heavy and bright-blood red, and then it goes to my chest and breathing. I always tell restaurant people, but last night the waitress wrote ‘avocadoes’ instead of NO avocadoes and I ended up being taken out in an ambulance! I now have epi pens at work and home, but haven’t developed any of the other allergies yet. I even had a reaction once when the kitchen merely cut an avocado and then made my salad with it. It’s getting more popular to put in salads, sandwiches and other dishes and we have to be much more careful!

  17. jonskifarms said,

    KimSu, that is very scary! When I ate at a Japanese restaurant last week, my bento lunch was supposed to come with a california roll. I told the waiter “I can’t eat avocado, can I substitute an asparagus roll instead?” (it was less $$ ala carte) – but then I got worried that I’d said avocado roll… Luckily, all was fine. I know I need to be more diligent about taking my epipen when I go out to dinner, in case of accidental exposure like your knife cross-contamination, this is a somber reminder to do it!

  18. Molly said,

    I am so happy to find this, I get horrible stomach cramps if I eat more than a bite of avocado and I get an itchy mouth, lips and throat when I eat kiwi. I had no idea that they may be related and that I should watch out for latex! I am going to go get tested for allergies so it doesn’t end up any worse.

  19. Cathy said,

    I thought that I was crazy. Over the last four year OI had avacado about three times and each time I was deathly ill about 30 mins later for about six hours. I was so happy to hear that I’m not alone. Thanks so much.

  20. jeroen said,


    Just had a salad today and only realised when almost finished that it had some avocado in it. I get the worst stomach aches when eating avocado however do not have any allergic reactions to bananas latex etc. I’m now 100% sure it is the avocado and will avoid it at all cost. It’s not that good either but it has become a trend in salads so be wary!

  21. Samantha said,

    Wow…I have been getting major stomach aches after eating avocados, and it is semi-comforting to know that it is not in my head and that I may be allergic to avocados, and it really is a food allergy.

  22. Amy said,

    I too am allergic to avocados. Have tested the theory three times in the last 15 years and am certain of the horrible outcome. I have disliked bananas since I was a child (not sure of an allergy), Pineapple causes my lips to swell and feel tingly and numb. I have gone to a dermatologist to test for latex allergy and was told it is rather difficult to be certain. But I am curious of all who have responded – no one mentions an allergy to any medications. I have an anaphylactic reaction to CIPRO.

  23. Doris said,

    Count me in the 1% category allergic to avacados. I discovered my allergy through trial and error by eating guacamole. I have anaphalactic reactions to pine nuts…immediate reaction and each accidental exposure the reaction is worse. I too carry Epi Pens everywhere but fortunately have never had to use them. I work in healthcare and do not appear to have a latex allergy but I use latex free gloves just to be safe.

  24. Barb said,

    This is an eye opener for me!! I had no idea there was such a thing as an avocado allergy. Recently, I’ve changed my eating habits for health reasons and added regular and sometimes large amounts of avocado to my meals. I too was having severe stomach pains and a gassy bloated feeling. When I first started eating them about six months ago, I thought that I had developed an ulcer, my doctor agreed because my symptoms fit and started treating me. While being treated, I stopped eating foods that might irritate my “ulcer”. I ate a lot of salads with avocado at the time and stopped during my treatment thinking the roughage was too much for my stomach. The pain went away, I thought I was healed and started my salads with avocado again. The pain came back and again I put off salads with avocado. Well, last night I had some guacamole dip and my stomach pains and gassy bloated feeling came back. Someone jokingly suggested that I might be allergic to avocados and after researching it, I think they might be right. I’m going to check into the allergy test for avocado and especially latex because this could be a life or death situation for me some day.

  25. juliefried said,

    s.o please answer quick-any information would be helpful-i am going for allergy testing on thursday. while taking levaquin(an antibiotic related to the cipro mentioned above)9this was also not the first time taking levaquin) i stated getting hives,rashes,bumps and itching which has lasted about two weeks on and off after my last pill. i thought it was a nut allergy but that did not explain all incidents-i have also been eating alot of apples,avocados and bananas. i am now going to ask to be tested for all of these things

  26. jonskifarms said,

    Juliefried, I’m not a health care provider so don’t really have any additional information that might be helpful. A good allergist should be able to listen to your symptoms and incidents and come up with a suite of things to test. Based on one of the web sites I looked at (immunocap, links above), I got the impression that there’s a sort of protocol where if you are potentially allergic to X, you should also be tested for Q, R, S, and T, because they commonly occur together. The allergist is likely to do that. Before I had my testing done, I had to fill out a lonnnnnnnnggggg questionnaire.

    As far as the specific things you mention: in my reading, i do not remember reading about a known relationship between avocados and any medications. *But everybody is different* The common links are not the only allergens that co-occur, and not everybody has all the common links.

    Barb, concerning latex – from what I’ve read, people with a latex allergy often go on to develop the related allergies (such as avocado), but the opposite situation isn’t discussed (people with avocado allergies then developing latex allergy). That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, just that I haven’t read it! However, I wonder if it’s possible that long-term exposure to latex causes the other related allergies to arise? Interesting possibility!

  27. juliefried said,

    unfortunately all of my skin testing was negative so now i am going for blood work(this is despite the fact that i know i am allegic to sesame seeds-my tongue swells) any ideas what to do next if the blood work is all negative?

  28. jonskifarms said,

    julie, you’re really better off asking your doctor for advice than asking me – I only know my own experience and what I’ve read online. My doctor did the blood testing first (because I didn’t take an avocado in with me, and they didn’t have any serum [or whatever it is they use] to test for avocado). I had been convinced that I was also allergic to shrimp, but tested negative for that in both the blood test and the scratch test. It had been more than 10 years since I’d eaten any, so the doctor said it was possible the allergy was latent. She said if I really wanted to know, I could do a controlled challenge with shrimp in one of their other locations (located in the hospital). So that might be an option for you.

    You might also want to check some of these web sites:
    list of support groups online & nationwide: http://www.foodallergyproject.org/support1.html

    food allergy and anaphylaxis network:

  29. Jonathan said,

    Thanks for this page. My wife Erika has stopped eating shrimp (which she was only mildly fond of anyway) a few months ago because we associated horrifying trips to the bathroom with the aftermath.

    Just today she had another lesser spate (no shrimp in months), and we associated it with half an avocado she ate earlier this morning, and another avocado-bathroom spate about a week ago.

    So we looked up avocado, started reading your blog and then oh my dawg, there was shrimp on it too.

    It will be much harder for Erika to give up avocado. And watch me eating it.

  30. Karen said,

    I started getting nauseous after eating avocado about a year ago and once threw up. I didn’t think I could possibly be allergic because I’ve always associated allergies with difficulty breathing, sneezing and hives. Now I guess it’s real. Damn! I love avocado and my guacamole used to be legendary, at least among my friends.

    I’ve sometimes felt kind of nauseous after eating banana too, but it’s not that bad, so I’ve never really thought about it. I guess I will from now on! I hope I don’t also develop allergies to mango (I love it; no negative reaction so far), potatoes (how do you live without potatoes?) or latex (are there condoms without latex out there?)

    How the heck do you suddenly develop an allergy to something anyway, when you’ve happily eaten it all your life?

  31. jonskifarms said,

    Karen, allergies can have lots of different symptoms – also, feeling nauseated is not necessarily a true allergy. If nausea is your main symptom, the only way to know for sure is to get tested. As far as how you suddenly develop an allergy: my understanding is that an allergy is a “memory” response – you can’t have an allergic reaction on your first exposure to something (although sometimes the initial exposure can be ‘covert’, like when a baby gets exposed to certain proteins through breastmilk). But for whatever reason, your body decides to produce antibodies when that substance is detected, and it typically produces more and more each time – so eventually you have symptoms. (And some food allergies can be outgrown, too, just to make things even more complicated!)

    This info at the coolnurse web site is fairly informative.

  32. Amber said,

    Wow amazing~ I now know im not crazy!

    Thank you for this site, I had wondered for several years now actually around 15 if the swollen lips, heart burn, itchy ears and throat were an allergy to bananas, then as the years went on (all the time working in the medical field wearing non stop latex gloves) the list grew to include most fruits especially kiwi, cantelope, watermelon, and my one true love avacados terribly painful! I have always had pollen allergies but around the same time 14-15 years ago also after the birth of my son, I developed allergy induced asthma, I have never had breathing problems just horrible heart burn or a sensation that something is lodged in my chest just above my stomach horribly painful, I know this sounds crazy but even though i know it will do it i still eat avacados and kiwi if i see them. However i was never sure how serious this is. I no longer work in the medical field and around 1996 or 97 latex gloves started being replaced with latex free due to the severity of the reaction. I suppose my question is should i be tested or could it be related to the pollen allergy? I have always since i was a child reacted to those flavored chapsticks lips swell like a blow fish.. thank you for any input.

  33. jonskifarms said,

    Karen, if nausea is your main symptom, you might be ‘intolerant’ rather than allergic. The only way to know for sure would be to get tested. (True allergies involve an histamine response in our body, but the visible signs can vary widely – gastro, respiratory, skin (hives), etc.)

    As far as “suddenly” developing an allergy: this page helps explain how allergies develop – http://www.coolnurse.com/allergies.htm . Basically, allergies are “memory” responses by your body, and it might take quite a lot of exposures before you get to the point of showing an allergic reaction.

    This page also has a lot of good detail: http://www.niaid.nih.gov/factsheets/food.htm

  34. Liz said,

    Hi, I am a doctor, and I hope you’ve made it to see a doctor about your food allergies, especially an allergist. Allergies in general get worse as time goes on, and can be life-threatening (not to mention often sudden and unexpected in the case of food). You should have an Epi-Pen on you at all times. Be careful with seafood allergies–people with seafood allergies have anaphylaxed just being physically near seafood (like a fish market) without even ingesting it.

    I’m allergic to trees and avocado.

  35. juliefried said,

    besides for all the food allergies i have not really beem aable to figure out(but i am still avoiding nuts,avocados,bananas and apples and now onions-but i still keep getting itchy and rashy) i have oral thrush i can’t get rid of despite taking nystatin,some homeopathic drops,adecipilos and going on one of those yeast diets. it has beed two and a half weeks so far.anyone have any ideas

  36. Irene said,

    In addition to avocado, does anyone have a reaction to okra, celery root or seaweed (i.e. in a traditional Japanese dish that a friend made…no avocado around) this last one caused a trip to the hospital.

  37. Karen said,

    Karen again. Thanks for your input, Jonskifarms. I’ve long had kind of a sensitive stomach but have never really known why. I’ve kind of been experimenting on myself a bit over the last few weeks and between my recent self-diagnosing and my other exposure, I can say I seem to have the following reactions:
    – Avocado, even in small quantities: intense stomach pain, cramping, severe nausea, occasional vomiting, general gastrointestinal distress lasting about 12 hours
    – Bananas: slight queasiness lasting a few hours
    – Mangos: lips tingle a little, slight queasiness lasting a few hours
    – Kiwi: lips tingle a little, tongue and throat feel like they swell a bit, but no nausea
    No discernable reaction to latex, tomatoes, pollen, potatoes or shrimp

    Does this make any sense to anybody?

  38. juliefried said,

    karen what about apples? avocados,apples and bananas are supposedly related

  39. Nicole said,

    I never tried guacamole or avocados until my adult years and soon realized how much I loved them. I started getting stomach cramps at college when I ate the salad from the cafeteria but couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Then I started getting cramps after I would eat guacamole. I still figured it was something else since I had eaten it before and never had a problem. But then it happened every single time after that and got even worse when I had just a plain avocado on a sandwich. The pain was horrible. The only way I could describe it is someone taking my stomach and intestines and wringing them like a towel. They start off small and then slowly build until it’s unbearable and then slowly go away. I’m not allergic to anything else (bananas, latex, peanuts) but I’m so glad I finally figured it out, except I really miss guacamole. 😦

  40. Sid said,

    Oh My God! What I have been suspecting is correct.
    I ate avocado two days ago, knowingly for the first time… in salad. Went to sleep after dinner, God!.. after 1hour I woke up and my throat was terriblly sour. No stomach pain or other symptoms. I did not understand what the hell could have gone wrong. Only thing I could think of was dryness, since climate here in Calgary is very dry, but wondered how could it happen within one hour. Since then I still have my through sour, it is better than yesterday when I had a feeling of something stuck in my throat. But I still feel the tightness.
    I am 29 and havn’t had noticed allergy to anything ever. Bananas, apples & mangoes never caused any problem. I do not like the look of shrimp and tried no more than couple times, do not think of anything gone wrong.

  41. Michele said,

    Sadly my doctors (primary, allergists and my naturopath) don’t really seem to know very much about this! I had to find out about my raw tomato, avocado, banana, nuts, and actually sometime egg unbearable stomach cramp woes via my own research. I am soooooo glad to read about others who have similar food issues… you know what I mean! I also am gluten intolerant and allergic to shellfish & quite a few antibiotics; such a joy to hear me order my meal when dining out! I have had many allergy tests and the only positve reactions are to: Birch, dust mites and cats! I don’t react adversly to cats! Also, I got the “green light” to eat shellfish!! NO WAY! Even though my testing for shellfish gave me the all clear, I will never overtly consume shellfish with my HORRIBLE hive reactions (last a week even while taking Benedryl!) Oh it feels so good to get that out!

    Best to all!

  42. Diane said,

    I developed my avocado allergy in Calgary too! First I discovered I was allergic to bananas, and after eating one was in such agony I had to go to hospital where I was put on an IV and given antihistamines. The doctor said I had the equivalent of hives in my stomach and gut. Next it was chestnuts. Same procedure, even more agony, ambulance this time. Then later I had the same experience with kiwis, celery, and papaya. Apparently all these things are connected by a chemical called chitinase which is a natural pesticide occuring in certain plants. It is cross-linked to latex, to which I also have a serious allergy. I would advise anyone who has noticed an itchy mouth after eating bananas or any of these things to stop eating them immediately. You can’t cure this by constant exposure, and you might have a very serious attack, as I did, and almost die. I have always been grateful to the sensible doctors in Calgary who identified my problem, as when the same thing happened in the UK they hadn’t got a clue what was going on. The most recent episode for me was being caught out by a muesli loaf which had hidden bananas in it. I passed out cold after very severe stomach cramps and had to be hospitalised again. The reactions get more and more severe each time. So please don’t eat it if you suspect you are allergic. I recently identified a new problem with potatoes and am suspecting onions and some melons. As the doctor above said, this gets gradually worse and it’s sensible to see an allergist. Take care.

  43. Carla said,

    I am so thankful I found your page!! So good to know I haven’t been making it up!! I developed an allergy to avocados about 7 years ago, and at first it wasn’t too bad cramps and vomiting after eating a few slices (ground glass cramps, perfect description!). But now if I eat something that has been made on the same board that avocado was cut on, it all starts within minutes! I also get itchy mouth and lips with tomatos, it feels as if my whole mouth has been cut inside. The other night went out to dinner and a pasta dish with tomatos and had the lot cramps, gas, itchy mouth. But even though I know I’m allergic to avocados, I never thought about being allergic to tomatoes just that I avoid them as much as possible cause didn’t like how they made me feel!! Will be more careful in the future.
    Interestingly I have always been allergic to pollen and have had asthma and hayfever since I was a child.

  44. Jennie said,

    I just found out for sure that I am allergic to avocados yesterday. My allergist had done the scratch test and a blood test which were both negative, but it wasn’t until he did the scratch test with fresh avocado that it was positive. He prescribed me an epi-pen right then even though I have not had breathing issues associated with eating avocado, just intestinal issues. I, too, discovered this allergy myself by doing self-experiments and connecting reactions to sushi and guacamole. I do not have any of the other allergies noted above, except that I am also allergic to some tree pollens such as birch. I have an allergy to hazelnuts which is related to the birch pollen allergy. My allergist basically said not to worry about the other related allergies, but just to be aware of them, since I have not had any adverse reactions to any of them so far. I am hoping I don’t develop any other allergies, but I’m not going to get stressed out about it before something even happens.

  45. Sid said,

    Hello Diane,
    Would you mind giving me contact info of the doctor/s in Calgary that you mentioned are well aware of this allergy.
    Actually, I had another attack couple of hours ago, exactly same as earlier. Sour & tight throat about an hour after dinner. This time I did not eat Avocado but the usual food that I eat regularly. Don’t know what has caused the problem.
    This is 2nd time and I would like to consult a doctor before it gets too bad.

  46. Roz said,

    Hi Folks,

    I am allergic to Avocados, Clams, Squid, Scungilli, Scallops, and Oysters.

    I am not allergic to latex, bananas, nuts, shrimp, crabs or lobster or any other seafood.

    Many years ago, I caught the tail-end of a news program which talked about groupings. In other words, individual such as my self may be allergic to the above, but not necssearily be allergic to other foods one might expect a reaction to. This was over 20 years ago.

    My quest is to find the common denominator in each of the foods that causes me to get sick…vomiting, horrible stomach cramps and many visits to the bathroom.

    I have found the best remedy for me. At the first sign of distress, say I ate something and did not know clams was in the mix, I drink a cold bottle of “Syfo”, (can be found in most supermartkets,) I stay close to the bathroom, walk around in the room and have someone message the lower part of my back while I message my tummy. Make sure your “second” is a loved one as the gas will surely come! Of course this works best in the privacy of your home.

    Within an hour, I am good to go.


  47. D said,

    So my 6 month old daughter just had what I believe a minor allergic reaction to avocados, she got a minor rash around her mouth on her 2nd day trying it, so now we threw the rest out. I am now terrified about trying bananas after reading this. I am going to mention this to her DR. Who knew. I love love love avocados but I guess I’ll have to be really careful about keeping them away from her

  48. Hoover said,

    Just last night we had guacamole and salsa and my nose started pouring. The my shrimp skewers came and I ate them but my eyes felt itchy and my scalp felt itchy and then my chest felt itchy. When we got home my right eyes was all swollen and left starting a bit. My nose still is stuffy and a bit swollen near the bridge. My eyes are much better but a little fluid remains. Anyone else ever have this reaction?

  49. Sarah said,

    Ah! I’m so devo-ed!! I love avocado and the previous two times I’ve eaten it, my throat has been on fire and my nose hurts too! I love nachos and avocado toasted sandwiches, not to mention avocado and chicken sushi! I’ve had reflux since I was a kid, so eating acidic foods and the results afterwards I have learnt to deal with, like you know what your getting yourself into. But I’ve never felt like this and it sucks damn! AT LEAST I’m not allergic to chocolate- that would be horrible! but slimming.

  50. Amy said,

    Thank you so much for having this site. It has been the most information I have found yet. My husband called this morning because he had taken Aleve and his lips swelled up and mouth was itchy. This comes months after he took Ibuprofen and it did the same thing, and also after eating Avocado and the same reaction there too. So I typed in allergies to avocado, aleve, and ibuprofen this morning on google and found out they were all related. But it was nice to find this site with real answers from others like him. Allergies are so crazy!

  51. marly said,

    I’m so grateful for your information about avocados. I never liked them but I’m starting a low-carb diet and they seemed like the perfect food. So, I bought them and ate one last night and one today. Mistake. I feel rotten and, this is a first for me, I have sharp stomach pains.

    A visit to the smallest room in the house eased the stomach pains but now I have to give away 7 expensive avocados. They seem so neutral and innocent. Previously, when I had a bad reaction to them, I rejected the idea as being ridiculous.

    Thank you, again.

  52. TJ said,

    I still don’t get it, after reading almost every comments in here and searching almost everything on ‘banana – stomache ache’ on the net…why do I have stomach ache after eating a banana???? I never had any problems with bananas before…I ate lots of it before so I don’t think I’m allergic to it and I’m not allergic to latex either because I have a lot of latex gloves at home to clean the house… Anyway, could anyone who has more understanding in this tell me why in these last few months I would have extreme stomach ache just after one banana? I had no other symptoms except for the stomach ache, so no sour throat, itchy mouth etc. Also, I have and had no problems with avocado (in fact I had them last week) so PLEASE ANYONE what is the matter with me and bananas?

  53. jonskifarms said,

    TJ, here are some points about food allergies that might be relevant in your situation:
    (a) they can crop up at any time (so just because you used to be fine with bananas doesn’t mean you aren’t allergic now). In fact, they are a “memory response” so you need to have prior exposure before an allergy develops.
    (b) they can occur in any combination – so just because statistically A frequently occurs with B (latex and bananas, latex and avocados) doesn’t mean that every single person will have both. I’ve been tested and I’m not allergic to anything else that co-occurs with avocados
    (c) the best way to know what you are dealing with is to be tested (although even the tests are not 100% accurate, like many medical tests)

    My suggestion is to talk to a doctor, preferably an allergist, and see if they can help you figure it out. (My extreme digestive problems occurred with 1 slice of avocado, so one banana could definitely cause problems if you are dealing with an allergy.)

  54. Joy said,

    Besides Roz’s Syfo drink, does anyone have a good traveling remedy for stomach pain caused by avacados? I love them!

  55. Michele said,

    Sadly Joy, I believe that the only remedy for the avacado stomach pain is simply not to eat them. I’m sure that isn’t what you want to hear, since you do love them.

    Also, I do agree with the above that allergies/sensitivites/intolerances can creep up at ANY time. Also, with the latex-fruit syndrome, you don’t have to have a reaction to everyting on that list in order to have the syndrome; I sure don’t (In fact, I don’t show an allergy to latex…yet), yet I believe that I have the latex-fruit syndrome. It is, thus far the only explanation, to me, that makes sense because of the relationship that the proteins of the offending foods have with one another.

    If you haven’t googled latex-fruit syndrome, I highly suggest a look.

    Re: Allergy testing. I have had this done so many times, and I have found it to be unreliable. I break out into hives when I eat consume shellfish, yet the allergy testing that I have had does not show me allegic to shellfish! Hmmm…

    People can often eat bananas once cooked because the composition changes; making it tolerable to digest. The same with tomatoes. For those who cannot eat raw tomatoes, often cooking them works! Now, I cook A LOT, and I have not run across cooking avocado; however, it would be an interesting experiment!

    Good luck to all,

  56. am said,

    Hi, Y’all. I also found that i have a sensitivity to avacados…..even the smallest amount of guacamole causes excruciating pains in my stomache that last for hours. But i noticed that even honey, sometimes pineapple, and occasionally mangoes cause the same pains. i just cant figure it out, at times imok with some foods, then boom, sometimes i get these pains. i have many tests done, and nothing has come up. I usually am prescribed some antacids and sent on my way. But these meds dont seem to help. i have read that it could be “leaky gut syndrome”. But i am nto sure!!! what to do????

  57. Diane said,

    Wow, tonight I drove my family crazy. I grew up in California and love avacados but lately they have been causing me so many problems. I tend to forget that I am allergic to them. Tonight i put some slices on my taco and immediately I started to not be able to breath, but for some reason it made me crave them even more. I ate more slices then my eyes itched, my nose ran and I started sneezing like crazy. I needed to blow My nose andiit even started to bleed. I never thought I was latex allergic, but kiwi.. maybe. Bananas seem ok. I see a chiropractor who is helping me find my allergies though muscle testing, but it is hard to give up wheat, milk green peppers avacado and most shellfish–and who knows what else. I am getting bored with my diet, but happy not to be up all night with stomach cramps. Why can’t I be allergic to green beans?

  58. Melanie said,

    Ok….I get it now. i am allergic to Avocado. I can’t believe I never realized it before. For the record i am recovery from an hour long stomach ache after eating a salad with avocado. i have always noticed that if i eat guac my stomach begins to cram within a few minutes. Next thing you know I am in really terrible pain. I thought maybe it was just heavy on me….but now when i read about someone else talking about sushi and it clicked for me. I get the same way when I eat rolls with avocado in it. I am so happy i know this now and can avoid eating the one eyed green monster! I guess its true that no pain is no gain….without my stomach feeling like I just ate rotten eggs..then I never would have made this connection.

  59. Jillian said,

    I am nineteen and just discovered I am allergic to avocados thanks to this site. Every time I went to Sheetz I would order guacamole in my quesadilla and then later on I just had plain guacamole at mexican restaurants and got terribly sick afterwards. At least now I know not to order guacamole or avocados…I think I can live with out them.

  60. Eloise said,

    At last! I’ve found some folks other than myself and my dad who are allergic to avocados!
    I can’t even eat something that was cut with a knife used to cut an avocado…I am sick for two days with vomiting and diarrhea.
    I can’t eat at restaurants that serve it (and nowadays, most of them do), and at potlucks I have to ask if stuff has avodaco in it.
    I’m sorry we have this problem, but I’m glad I’m not alone.

  61. Eloise said,

    I forgot to mention I have the same problem with bananas. I actually hate them, but thought I’d add one to a smoothie one day since they’re so good for you.
    Big mistake. Same symptoms as avocado (two days in the bathroom).

  62. Ricco said,

    Allergies Allergies Allergies…

    It started with dogs and then not cats… then cats and not dogs and now I’m allergic to both. I went the allergist due to the severity of the reactions and then I was advised I was allergic to dogs, cats, rabbits, cockroaches, avocado tree’s, iodine and on and on. I took a pill and it was over. So I thought…

    Now as an adult as long as I wash my hands after I pet a dog or cat I’m fine. Then one day I was eating shrimp and I got a funny burning on my lips and an iching in my ear… Thats odd but they were yummy so whatever. I was able to eat them with minimal distress.. it was kinda cool. I never really had an upper lip so the swelling was neat and the itching would go away after a while. Then I had crab legs. That little burn made it feel like my lips were going to split open and the itch my ears was horrid. Then came the hives. Then came the welts under the hives. Not good. But I thought it was crab and not shrimp. Uh, no after my exposure to crab; shrimp was out of the game. I pondered eating a lobster tail but just smelling it make me itchy. So I avoided it until one day I had something that stuffed with what I thought was chicken. It wasn’t until the second bite I realized what had happened. Within 30 min I had hives, welts, a severe asthma attack followed by the most horrible 12 hours of my life as the food past through my system creating what I think was colic. After that it was noooo problem avoiding shrimp crab or lobster.

    Then recently I was taking a form of pennicillin and back came the welts and hives. It wasnt until the 5th day I figured it out and stopped taking it. But it was like when I was exposed to crab and shrimp was no longer an option. After my reaction to pennicillin I kept breaking out in hives. It was odd. Then I had some strawberries and the hives intensified. So no more strawberries. The hives got mild but wouldn’t away. Then I realized I was eating avocados so I stopped and then the hives stopped. I couldn’t believe that avocados were the culprit because I love avocados and I’ve eaten them all my life. So I tried once more. Insta-hives within 15 minutes.

    So now I’m allergic to iodine, dogs, cats, rabbits, cockroaches, strawberries, kiwi’s, avocados, shrimp, lobster and crab. *sigh* Now I’m realizing that the burn in my mouth caused by pinneaples and banana’s isnt normal. *bigger sigh*

    Anyway to all those people who commented or didn’t but can relate I just wanted to say, “I understand”. I feel better knowing that others can relate to my allergy adversity. And to Jonski I loved your posting. It was a fun read and I appreciate all the links. They helped me out tremendously.


  63. jonskifarms said,

    Wow Eloise, it sounds like you’re dealing with a severe allergy if you can’t be in restaurants that serve them! I did some reading about airborne peanut allergies a few months ago, but didn’t realize avocado could be airborne.

    Ricco, thanks for sharing your story. I guess you won’t be attending the Bug Bowl at Purdue, huh? Although they just race cockroaches, not eat them. I wonder if any of the bug-eating cultures eat roaches? Eeuw. But I digress… Anyway, it sounds like your discovery process was similar to mine – connecting the dots over time (although I never have actual dots [hives] on my body to connect! :^). I can’t eat fresh pineapple in the US – my mouth does weird things and my taste buds are off for hours afterwards – but I was able to eat it in Costa Rica this past summer (’07) without that effect. Weird, huh? For what it’s worth, I tested negative for a pineapple allergy (summer ’06).

  64. Ricki said,

    Good to hear everyone’s stories. Another avocado allergy sufferer here! My mother and sister suffer too. I have another sister who can eat boxes of it with no problems. A lot of people who don’t suffer think we’re making it up or exaggerating…there isn’t a lot of sympathy out there! My allergy only developed in my teens….before then I could eat them with no problem. So far, no problems with the other foods mentioned (touch wood). I eat bananas every day and have not noticed any problems. I live in Australia and eat a lot of tropical fruits. The only ‘treatment’ I have found so far is avocado abstinence. Any accidental eating of avocado makes life (and my gut) a misery for 24 hours or so…not worth it.

  65. ray nwam said,

    Excellent article and site .your piece is a great resource to the online audience. Please when you have time check out my site with many articles like seasonal allergies http://allergieshelp.blogspot.com

  66. Eloise said,

    Actually, it’s not because the avocado allergens are airborne, it’s just because I’m terrified of avocado accidentally getting into my food. Even if you tell the server you’re allergic, you can never tell what happens back in the kitchen.
    My dad had the same problem.

  67. jonskifarms said,

    Eloise, thanks for the clarification. When I first had my symptoms, it was probably from “cross contamination” with guacamole that had been scraped off food (and given to a dining companion). But now I make sure they leave guacamole off. It’s definitely something to be concerned about, though! Especially if you get sick from a ‘contaminated’ knife. Good luck!

  68. Bridget said,

    Great to see so many similar stories. I discovered the avacado thing when I was 16 on a trip to mexico. Of course I thought it must be the water or something, but a pediatrician friend traveling with us said it could be the avacado. This proved to be true on subsequent attempts to eat it. I was then devastated when I was 27 and had been having similar bouts of excruciating stomach pain. I could never figure it out…. Finally, when trying a food diary, it hit me – bananas! They had been disguised in Jamba Juice at first and that’s why I didn’t immediately notice it. It was the sliced banana on my cheerios that gave it away. I have to tell you this is a bummer. I also feel like I’m missing out on some very healthy foods. What about broccoli? I can’t eat it either. But I’m fine with latex. Just curious of anyone’s experience with broccoli? Does anyone keep epipens with them? I’m a bit scared of anaphylactic shock. My son’s pediatrican says the first sign is severe stomach discomfort and things can escalate from there…

  69. jonskifarms said,

    hi Bridget – thanks for sharing your story. I’ve never heard of a broccoli allergy. It’s a totally different family botanically, and I’ve never seen it mentioned with avocado, but perhaps I’m just misremembering.

    I was prescribed an epipen. I used to carry it with me (to & from work) in my backpack. That was kind of silly, since I usually also take my own lunch! (known to be avocado free…) Then I got to the point where I would only take it along to restaurants and on trips. Now I’m even more lax than that, because I haven’t even had gastro reactions in so long. (I did take it to Costa Rica this past summer, figuring I was more likely to unexpectedly encounter avocado there. We got slices of it with breakfast a few times, and our local friend would spread it on toast like butter!)

    My allergist told me something similar to your son’s pedi – food allergies can change and get severe at any time, so the epipen is a useful safety net. But sometimes I wonder if it’s really necessary in my particular case…

  70. Ryan said,

    My wife actually seems to have an allergy or intolerance for avocado, broccoli, and (after eating some today it seems) pineapple. It usually manifests itself in the form of severve stomach cramps, but today she was vomiting as well. We’ve never noticed the pineapple before, but she is 6 months pregnant now so I wonder if that exacerbates the situation. Anybody else with similar issues?

  71. Shawna said,

    My husband developed a food allergy to avocados a couple of years ago. He would have sever stomach cramps and get really phlegmy immediately after eating guacamole. Over time he noticed the same reaction after consuming wine and peanut butter (but not peanuts). Now if my husband inadvertently digests any of those items he has trouble breathing, goes pale with red spots on his cheeks and cannot talk for almost a half an hour.
    His doctor diagnosed a sulfite allergy. Unfortunately, (per his doctor) there isn’t a good way to test for a sulfite allergy so he told my husband to just avoid triggers. He prescribed an Epipen in case we got out to eat, but that has sulfites in it too!
    Has anyone else ever heard of a avocado/sulfite link? I wany my husband to see an allergy specialist anyway…

  72. Eloise said,

    Anyone have problems with mangoes? I used to eat them, but lately they’ve been tasting like poison to me.

  73. jonskifarms said,

    Eloise, there are a couple previous commenters who mentioned problems with mangoes. I have a co-worker who is allergic to mangoes, but no other foods – however, she told me it’s associated with poison ivy allergies (where you have a more severe reaction to poison ivy than the average person).

    You might want to read this page at the immunocap site about mango allergies:

  74. Mandy said,

    About 4 years ago I disovered that I was allergic to avos. I have loved them all my life and every avo season I used to eat one a day on toast for breakfast. Anyway that year I developed agonizing burning sensation and pain in my tummy accompanied with diarrhea and vomiting. At first I never had the itching in the mouth and throat and never made the connection. My GP was eventually treating me for a stomach ulcer. This went on for a week. I would wake up fine in the morning and get to work, have the avo on toast for breakfast and within half an hour be in agony, leaving work early. Any way after about a week I experienced the severe itchiness in my mouth and throat going into my chest and made the connection. Stopped all avo and never looked back. Interesting though if I eat raw broccoli I have the same itchy response as the avo, but cooked is fine… I have been wondering though what are the chances I could eat Avo now, 4 years later? Do you ever ‘out grow’ avo allergy? – as an adult.

  75. Tricia said,

    Hi Mandy,

    I don’t know if an adult can outgrow an allergy. My co-worker recently saw an allergist who told him the current thinking is “no”. But I know that 10-12 years ago, I stopped eating shrimp because of those gastro symptoms – I decided I was allergic (I even “tested” by eating some shrimp to see if I’d get sick). But when I was tested for a shrimp allergy 2 years ago, it was negative. I asked my allergist if that could be because I hadn’t eaten any for so long. She didn’t say yes or no out right, but implied “maybe”. However, I suspect that what happens is it goes latent. My theory is that if i were to eat shrimp now, after a couple of exposures I would have the symptoms again and would test positive for the allergy. I’m not willing to test it out, though!

  76. courtney said,

    All of this is very interesting! I have developed an allergy to avocado over the last year and get the terrible stomach pains that all of you talk about! About 9 years ago, when I was pregnant, my tongue would swell after eating banana’s and have never liked the way mango’s make my mouth feel. I can eat banana’s just fine now without any problems but will definitely never intentionally eat avocado again! Thank you!

  77. barbara said,

    ricco- i became allergic to everything after taking leviquin(which i had taken before with no problem) the list grew so long that i realized i could notbe reaaly allergic to so many thinsa. the dr. figured out i am allergic to nuts and when i ate them it set off reactions to many other things-by the way i also tested negative for nuts in allergy testing. i still st get hives and rashes but can not figure out what else i am allergic to and was tested twice for everything. but if i stay away from nuts i definately get less reactions

  78. Diane said,

    I have a gastro allergy to avocado, shrimp, crab, and lobster. (and other seafood sometimes). I get that terrible stomach ache aprrox. 1 hour after eating them. Then the pain lasts for up to eight hours. I saw a gastro specialist. He said I definately had gastro allergies. Different from regular allergies. I have not seen a connection to bananas, kiwi, or mango yet. I don’t think I am allergic to latex, due to the fact I wear latex gloves to clean all the time.
    There have been times that I thought I was allergic to cleaning products though, maybe it is the latex! I am going to start logging all the times I get that distinct pain in my stomach and what I ate or exposed myself to prior to the pain. I never noticed my throat itching or breathing problems associated with those foods. I have noticed when I drink red wine, I get nasal congestion and feel bloated. That could be the sulfites everyone mentioned above. I also have acid reflux disease, which the doctor says is all food related. Anyone out there have similar symptoms?

  79. Tricia said,

    Diane, I had no idea that there was something called gastro allergies, distinct from ‘regular’ allergies. I’ll look into that more – maybe that explains my troubles with shrimp (although I’m also halfway tempted to eat shrimp again, to see if it still bothers me…)

  80. Kelly said,

    I have for the past three years have a reaction to avocado tingling mouth. However it was not until this year that I got tested for it. I had a reaction to Avelox anitbiotic in November and than at the same time latex gloves which prompted me to go to the allergist. I went to the allergist and found also several pollens and tree allergies. I still eat certain foods that bring on the tingling feeling and it scares me. I also use to eat bananas everday up until two months ago when all these symptoms started happening. Initially I tested positive for banana but went back again and the Doctor told me I could probably eat them again. I love bananas but I have tried to put them back into my diet but I feel the reaction again. Could this be psycological or real. I started to use anxiety medication occassionly because I was so scared of what has been happening. All of this has come on other than the avocados all of a sudden. Does any one know if allergies can be stress related??

  81. barbara said,

    when i was getting hives and rashes every day i was ok but when my lips started to swell i began to panic and once had an anxiety attack when the nurse at the docter’s office did not take my concerns seriously. My allergist has made me feel better and said that the chance of me having a fatel reaction is slim and i do feel less anxious now although i do still worry about it sometimes.

  82. barbara said,

    kelly what drug family is avelox in? i will never take leviquin or any drugs in that family again unless my life depends upon it because that is when all of my allergy prob. started. by the way not a single food allergy showed up on the testing i did(twice) even though my entire family saw me break out in hives from cashews and rahes and bumps for weeks on and off most likel;y from almonds. even the doctor told me to aviod all tree nuts.

  83. Melissa said,

    I’m glad to read this. I’ve thought I might be allergic to avocados for a while but then I thought I might be crazy…who’s allergic to avocados? I would constantly get stomach pain after eating them. Well, tonight I went and had Mexican food and there was a little bit of guac on top of the quesadilla and here I am, eight hours later still with stomach cramps. I definitely need to avoid this stuff. I don’t even like it that much!

  84. Rona said,

    Very helpful to read your post and the comments. Been researching about avocado allergies as I have it, too (itchy mouth). As well as an allergy to latex and bananas – sometimes carrots make my mouth itchy, too. So, I’ve been researching and reading how those are all linked; as well as linked to pollen allergies. Found these two useful sites and hope others will find them useful, too: http://www.allergyclinic.co.uk/oas.htm#latex-fruit%20syndrome; and http://www.allergyclinic.co.uk/latex.htm#latex-fruit%20allergy

  85. Tricia said,

    Thanks Rona, those are useful references!

  86. Nicole said,

    I have an intolerance to avocados as well. I’ve successfully avoided them for a long time, however last night I had a veggie wrap and there must’ve been avocados hiding in it. It was a horrible night of those wonderful stomach cramps. This is where it gets strange though. I’ve never had a problem with bananas and latex, and I eat a banana in the morning almost every day. But this morning, after going through the avocado issues last night, the stomach cramps came back after eating my daily banana. I guess I’ll be avoiding bananas now, too, just in case. 😦

  87. meghan said,

    I think I may have an allergy to avocado and pineapple? I get terrible stomach pains after eating both.

  88. Erin said,

    Talk to an allergist about a sulfa allergy. They appear in shellfish, garlic, onions, salad dressings, and AVOCADOS! I never knew I had a food allergy until I had a reaction to a sulfa based antibiotic and the allergist asked if I was particularly sensitive to certain foods. There isn’t a scratch test specifically for the sulfa allergy but your doctor can ask very detailed questions and figure out your allergy based on the answers. Your stomach feels much better after you figure out what not to eat. Things like dried onion and dried garlic are in lots of places you would never imagine.

  89. Joel said,

    It seems as though I could be developing an allergy to Avocados.
    I have been allergic to shrimp for many years (as long as I can remember ever having consciously tried it) I guess that would be about 17years. I have only intermittently tested my reactions (some were forced upon me unknowingly by my then-new wife about 4 years ago). I’m not sure if the stomach cramps descirbed in the early posts are what I experience. Very soon after I eat shrimp my chest feels like it’ shaving contractions (or cramps- whatever a cramp feels like) It “squeeeeeezes” then “releases” then about a minute later it repeats… for about 30 minutes to an hour. I can eat crab legs (I lov’em I love’em) & clams & oysters with no reaction whatsoever. More recently (1-2 years I’ve noticed a similar reaction- though not so intense when I eat avocados. I like them mostly when they are sliced on a sandwich or in salad, probably not enough to cause me to miss them though… I just wanted to google and see if there was a connection (chemically) between these two foods. The sulfa allergy is close & I’ve heard of Iodine allergy (or something like that), but again it’s not all shellfish- only shrimp!

  90. Carlo said,

    Wow, how amazing for a post to continue for more than 2 years!
    Add me to the Avocado allergy family – glad to meet all of you 🙂
    And thanks Jonksi for facilitating this. This is exactly what is so empowering and human about the Internet.

    I have always just thought I didn’t like avocados (the same way any slimy, green, pasty food could be unlikeable). But last night I accidentally ate some guacamole in a taco and the weird stomach feeling began an hour later. At first I just blamed it on drinking bad beer or heartburn from a spicy menu. But then it hit me, minus the throat itchiness and metallic taste (classic anaphylactic reactions), it felt a lot like my stomach’s reaction to seafood. So I Googled “avocado and seafood allergy” to see if there was a chemical connection between the two and here I am.

    I’m going to get tested, because after reading here maybe there are actually seafoods that I’m not allergic to. I’ve always stayed away from all seafood after reacting to a few different shellfish and non-shellfish. And also because I read that rather than growing out of it, the potential for danger with seafood allergy can increase as you get older. I’m also one of those people who believes there’s so much chemical crap in most of our foods now – so who knows what the real cause could be. Sulfa, iodine, pesticides, mercury, etc. But testing couldn’t hurt – so why not.

    Side-note: I grew up in a Caribbean family, and avocados along with seafood or cou-cou are a staple food. So I’m very intrigued if the combination of these foods has anything to do with my allergies or if there is some other correlation.

  91. Tricia said,

    Carlo, you wrote: Wow, how amazing for a post to continue for more than 2 years! What I am continually surprised at is that this one post probably has more comments than all the rest of my blog entries combined. :^) And I’ve been surprised to see how common avocado allergy is – I honestly thought I would find nothing when I started doing my research.

    Anyway, your situation sounds similar to mine (avocado and seafood causing same symptoms). I haven’t found anything to link those two chemically, but avocados are linked to lots of other tropical fruits via the latex connection. So I wonder: if you commonly eat two foods together that aren’t chemically related, and you have an allergic reaction to one of them, does that predispose you to develop an allergy to the other one? For example, shrimp and avocado.

    • Bless you Tricia is all I can say!!! Just coming off hopefully my last bout of extremely severe avocado allergy (and recently was also deathly ill from shrimp hours d’ouveres although Ididn’t realize what that one was till just now). I have literally not wanted to go on living, from four day bouts of screaming pelvic/ ab pain (past tense hopefully) which has referred to my mid back. Most other related symptoms folks have listed here, including the itching and bumps from avocado, which would pop up instantly in my mouth and once lasted from in my for 24 hrs. (You’d think I would’ve gotten smart sooner!) And one more bizarre and extremely painful sympyom which isn’t easy to bring up. Instense cramping which begins after eliminating. It has always started about 5 minutes after and lasts. One of my Drs kept repeating the question, “After?” in disbelief. I have been diagnosed with pellvic floor disinertia too which, doesn’t help, but neither has the biofeedback they treat that condition with.. I now wonder if the four day thing has been the length of time it takes for the offending food(s) definitely avocado as primary(!) to make its way out of my body. Makes sense. Huh? In a former comment which didn’t post due to an old password, I said if I could take eveyones comments here and hand them to you with all my love, it would only begin to scratch the surface of my gratitude towards you. Still sufering in Northern CA. but with hope for a new life!!! Lee

  92. Carlo said,

    Very interesting idea that food your body learns to associate with an allergen (from frequently being combined) could trigger an allergic reaction, or over-reaction, to that food. Depending on your body’s sensitivity, that makes a lot of sense actually.

  93. Cassie said,

    This thread is amazing. My mother, my younger sister, and I all have an assortment of random food allergies that produce excruciating stomach pain that last for 8-24 hours. The pain feels like someone has jabbed a screwdriver into your abdomen, just above the navel and all the way through to your spine, and is twisting the screwdriver around like a joystick.

    I discovered just a few years ago that if I take Benadryl immediately after I’ve accidentally eaten an allergy food, the symptoms are negligible. If I wait too long, however, I’m out of luck, because absolutely nothing helps once the pain has started.

    For all three of us, the allergies started precisely at age 19. For my sister and me, the first one was avocado; for Mom, I think it was pineapple (which my sister and I aren’t allergic to . . . yet), then avocado. The allergies continue to develop over time. The second one for me was squash – ALL squash (though pumpkin doesn’t seem to bother me); apparently Mom and sister can eat squash. Then raw broccoli and cauliflower got me (I can eat these well cooked, but my mom and sister can’t tolerate them at all). Then bananas, which I can sometimes eat and sometimes not (Mom can’t eat them, but sister has no problem), and then shellfish (none of us can tolerate lobster or crab; I seem to be the only one who has a problem with shrimp and scallops, but clams don’t seem to bother me, maybe because I’m too afraid of them to get too carried away!). In the 80s, Mom had a bad reaction after eating at a salad bar; turned out it was a sulfite preservative they put on the lettuce. After shellfish, for me it was raw or undercooked asparagus (I have no problem with it if it’s cooked to death; Mom and sister have no problem with it). I also can’t tolerate melon (except watermelon), but Mom and sister are okay with it. The most recent one for me was pistachio nuts. Mom can’t eat any nuts, whereas sister has no problem with nuts. Meanwhile, Mom has continued to develop more and more allergies over time — I believe the most recent one is egg whites (yolks are okay).

    I’m also VERY allergic to some cats and some dogs. If I’m around a Siamese cat longer than 15 minutes, my eyes itch insanely and swell up like golf balls, and I get really bad sinus congestion and asthma. My allergy scratch test for cats produced a welt 4″ in diameter! Supposedly I’m also allergic to horses, but I’m not sure I believe that one (I’ve never been tested for it, and I’m thinking it’s more likely the weeds and brush we rode the horses through, as confirmed by the positive scratch test). Sister and Dad are “a little” allergic to cats, and Mom apparently has no “pet” allergies.

    One interesting thing: about a year ago, Mom went on a juice diet for about a month. For a while afterwards, she was able to eat most of her allergy foods, though she wasn’t brave enough to try the really bad ones (avocado and pineapple).

    I might go for the theory that chemical preservatives and pesticides used on commercially-grown food are at fault for the food reactions, but for me the avocados and squash that produced my first allergies were home grown.

    Anyway, there must be some logic to the constellation of allergies. I hope this amazingly long-running thread will help shed some light!

    • Anna said,

      Cassie, I have been reading these posts for a while but yours is the
      first that has prompted me to respond. So much of what you have written is exactly the same for me. Your description for the pain is spot on.
      My severe stomach pain started when I was about 20 or so after eating avocado,then pineapple, paw paw, squash. When I was about 25 I finally worked out that egg was also to blame. Uncooked in mayo the worst, egg fried, and even scrambled, agony, cooked in cakes ok.
      Now I find my list of food I can not eat is growing, and I am wondering what good foods I will have left. I now know that cashews and melon are bad and I am starting to suspect seafood and maybe garlic.
      It seems my problem is very similar to your mothers. But my test only showed positive to dust mites!
      Sadly my 6 yr old daughter is severely allergic to nuts, pine nuts and sesame seeds.
      But my reactions did not occur properly for me until in my 20’s.

  94. Helen said,

    I am allergic to Apples, Pears, Nectarines, cherries, hazelnuts, and I get the typical itchy and constricted throat. It started when I was 35 years old. When I was 19 I became allergic to Avocado, banana, melon, and here I get the intense stomach cramps. But I have to tell you I found a cure to this one!!! It has saved me from hours of excruciating cramps. As soon as the cramps appear, go to McDonalds and eat a Big Mac, within 15 minutes they are gone (at least for me). Sometimes I get the same stomach cramps from other food. I occasionally get it from seafood, and one time pizza, I assume they had been prepared with latex materials or something.

    As you can imagine, the only fruits I can eat are the citrus, and berries. I just avoid all fruit. I hate fruit, I get scared every time I try to eat it because of all the pain its caused me.

  95. Megan said,

    What an amazing find this post is! I felt my husband and family thought I might be crazy saying I had an allergy to avocados. I had never eaten avocados or guac until last summer after my husband talked me into trying the slimy green fruit. Turns out I really liked it and began making fresh guac on a regular basis. I began having bouts of extreme stomach pain that would last hours and surges of adrenaline that felt as if I was having a panic attack. I never connected the two because I didn’t show symptoms until about an hour after I had eaten. I always thought food allergies were more instant.

    I was never allergic to anything growing up. After reading some of the previous postings, I am wondering if Leviquin has anything to with my recent development of allergies. I was taking rounds of Leviquin about every other month for two to three years straight for a condition that was misdiagnosed as an infection. One incredible specialist and one surgery later, I no longer took the medication, but I began developing allergies. First to broccoli, then to avocados–the worst, and now I seem to have an uncomfortable stomach when eating bananas and pineapple. I hope latex isn’t next. I even had a full body rash reaction to the tetanus shot. My most recent allergy is to some chemical found in shampoo–but I don’t know which chemical. I break out in the most excruciating itchy rash that only an ice pack can relieve. Now, I just use organic, all natural shampoos. I find it interesting that other people had developed allergies after taking Leviquin. I don’t know if they are related, but now it seems like I develop a new allergy about every six months.

  96. jonah said,

    I am allergic. Im a man, I believe this is some type of womans forum. From reading what I just read I too am allergic to avocados. A few years ago I gave up on sushi, which I liked, not loved, after getting what I thought was food poisoning after a dinner here in town. Never thought a thing of it, hey, they had mexican chefs and help at this place. Never liked alvocados, my mom slices them up and eats them plain, I don’t see what’s so special about them. Guacamole really doesn’t do me in, id have a dab here and there from time to time. Itd tickle my throat, but nothing else really. But I never liked it. Well its 4 o’clock in the morning right now , sitting around watching tv. About an hour ago, I sliced off a quarter of an alvocado I had sitting on the kitchen table, honestly don’t know how it got there. I wish I had not right now, buts its too late, my stomach got really upset 15 minutes ago, I thought it was just a soda craving, sodas do the trick for me, don’t ask me why. Sat there watching tv rubbing my stomach, and then I was like, oh shietz, felt explosive, I grabbed my sidekick(phone) and ran into the restroom. Sat down, and still sitting down, googled avocado upset stomach. And found this, I hate avocados, they taste like shiet and make u shiet. My face feels numb and my eyeballs are ready to explode. Email me at jsaechou@tmail to see if im still alive.

  97. Tricia said,

    Hey Jonah, this isn’t really a woman’s forum, it’s just a bunch of people (mostly women) posting on my blog entry! (although sometimes I think I should start a forum for avocado allergy sufferers…)

  98. Sonja said,

    I became allergic to eggs a few years ago, the result of doing quite a lot of research using chicken embryos. My skin was exposed to a little egg white on a regular basis and after a year and a half I noticed I got very bad stomach pains after eating eggs. I haven’t had it proved by having an allergy test, but avoid eating eggs now, and if I happen to get some splashing on my skin these days I develop a little temporary rash.
    Just recently, I’ve been getting stomach aches after avocados too! I’ll have to cross those off the list also – what a shame! I thought it might have been something about the avocado – but after reading this blog realized it might well be an allergy.
    I know a little about biology, and what I can offer is this. If you have an allergy to say, avocado, it doesn’t mean you will also be allergic to latex. The protein you may react to in avocado might be the one that is very similar to a protein in latex, in which case you may also react to latex, bananas etc, or it may be a different protein, perhaps unique to avocados, or also found in another related fruit. However if you have one allergy, you may be at a higher risk of developing more allergies.
    Some people are more predisposed to developing allergies. We lucky people have higher levels of eosinophils – a type of white blood cell. We would be very good at fighting off parasites and worms – but now that we don’t have many of these around any more – this well developed part of our immune system is finding other things to fight – such as avocados, shellfish etc – which isn’t quite so good for us! There is still a great deal that isn’t known about allergies and the different reactions that we have. For example I just get a slightly itchy mouth and gastro – but no burning on the lips or hives or asthma. Interestingly reading this blog it seems that most people allergic to avocados have a gastro reaction, but not as many people said they get hives from them.
    Allergies can become worse over time, but not everyone becomes anaphylactic. We also don’t know everything about how a person becomes allergic to something. Is it routine exposure? Exposure every now and then? Exposure on your skin or ocular cavity more than orally? (most likely how I became allergic to eggs).
    I guess the best thing to do is to be aware that you have a predisposition to developing allergies, and take a couple of steps to help with that. For example, use latex-free gloves if you need to use gloves for work, wash your hands after petting animals or gardening, don’t rub your eyes (a possible route for allergens), and be aware of any reactions you get after eating, or taking certain medications. And maybe avoid Leviquin (after reading Megan’s post)!
    Stress may make allergies worse Kelly – but if all you’ve ever had is a tingle – then just avoid the foods that do that to you and you will most likely not have a more serious problem. I was quite scared when I initially realized I was allergic to eggs – but have never had difficulty breathing after eating them – even though I do get a little asthma on occasions. I just take care to avoid eating them now and am confident I won’t suddenly have an anaphylactic reaction. But if it would help your anxiety – get an Epipen to carry around with you and do some relaxation!
    I think I have written far too much – but this is a great blog Tricia.

  99. No more avocados for me! said,

    Along with all the other who have commented, I would like to thank you for your webpage, and your links. And everyone’s comments. I have been dealing with various unhappy tummy symptoms for the past couple of years and figured I just had some food sensitivites. About a month ago I ate some sushi and got an intense pain in my stomach, a whole body flush (like a hot flash I guess! but I’m only in my 20s), itchy watery eyes, and I spend most of the afternoon in the bathroom. I wondered if it was an allergy or food poisoning and decided to get tested. I thought it would probably be the seafood (fake crab) and as I am going to Asia soon, and will likely be eating a lot of seafood, I thought it would be important to get tested. I did the scratch test and the only thing that came up was cats, dust and I think pollen – the only things I knew for sure I was allergic to. Then as an afterthought the doctor decided to do bloodwork for avocado, halibut and latex. I thought that was weird because I had never had an issue with avocado or latex (I have always tried to avoid fish and seafood though, because I don’t like it) Well yesterday I got the call saying I was allergic to avocado. I”m happy to have found out through the blood test because they were going to get me to do a food challenge and eat the sushi in their office – really not looking forward to that. Luckily now I don’t have to do that because he tested for avocado. I had never heard of an avocado allergy before, though there are other allergies in my family (brother-fish, nuts, milk, eggs, pollen, animals… everything!, mom-kiwis and maybe papaya, dad-animals, pollen) After reading this I will definatley be watching out how I react to the other things on the fruit-latex list. Thanks again. I didn’t think anyone else would have had the same intestinal problems, I didn’t know that was a typical symptom of allergies. I feel more justified now! Good luck to everyone staying away from it, it does seem to be getting more common.

  100. Samantha said,

    I must say I am happy and upset to have found this blog…I have always eaten avocados and guacamole, and recently within the past 9 months or so, have had the horrible stomach pains everyone keeps mentioning after eating avocados. It first started after eating a burritto at Chipotle in the new town I moved to. I assumed that that Chipotle was dirty or the food was not prepared correctly which made me sick. Then I started to notice that everytime I had anything with avocados or guac in it, the same reaction would come back. I am so sad, because I absolutely LOVE avocados. And after reading this forum, I am sooo scared that I will become allergic to shellfish or seafood too! Seafood is one thing I really don’t think I could live without! I hope that the avocados are the only thing…what a bummer. 😦

  101. Judith said,

    Add me to the chorus of “thanks” for this post. Like Samantha above, I’ve been eating avocados and guacamole for years. Last week I had a bit of a closed off throat, but I didn’t connect it to anything. Yesterday, I got some guacamole & chips again (at Chipotle, too!) and soon had a bathroom emergency, then an hour or so later, my throat swelled up quite a bit (not enough to interfere with my breathing, thank god). It’s still a bit swollen today. It’s scary to me how quick the allergy came on. I really hope I don’t develop any others. 😦

  102. Jemma said,

    Oh my goodness! What a relief to know that I am not the only one!
    People have always teased me about having reactions to banana and avocado and told me to harden up. My reactions get worse every time i eat them!
    I had no problems eating them when I was a kid, but as I’ve gotten older I find that my throat, tongue, lips and the roof of my mouth swell up and I have trouble breathing. I dont get stomach cramps though… Its sad because I love avocado!!

  103. Gem said,

    I am currently sat here with stomach cramps after eating about a teaspoon of guacamole on some chilli this afternoon! It’s happened several times, but I was feeling ridiculous for thinking I could be intolerant to avocados. I hated them as a child and only started eating them recently. My first few times I was fine, I ate loads and really enjoyed it. However over the past year every time I’ve had even a tiny amount the same stomach cramps come back, lasting for hours. It’s really good to know I’m not going to sound completely ridiculous saying I’m intolerant to avocado! Thankfully I’m not allergic to the point of anaphylaxis, but this whole thing was more convincing for me because I noticed a long time ago that I was sensitive to latex too.
    Thankyou and sorry for everyone else who have had symptoms to ruin their favourite foods, but at least we aren’t alone!

  104. Lisa said,

    Thank you for posting this! I have been having stomach cramps on and off for about 5 months. I have had every test in the book for stomach issues. I’ve done all the research in the world on allergies and something i find interesting is the fact that i could eat guac tonight and feel the symptoms the whole next day. It was amazing for me. I thought I was allergic to wheat or had hypothyroidism something else because my symptoms would pop up the next day on a food that wasn’t even related to an avocado (I too had chipotle and had a love/hate relationship with the food). I know that I have a peptic ulcer forming (always on meds), but the avocado definitely triggered my horrible stomach cramps! When I eat bananas Ive always had a little heart burn, but never connected the two, because i was like you….didn’t eat avocados til I was about 20 because I never liked them. Now, sadly I will have to stay away from one of my favorite dips, but believe me I can make do without the debilitating stomach cramps!

  105. vicki said,

    I came on this website to find out if I was just being sill because in the last three years I have experienced sharp tingling whilst eating kiwi, exteme pain whilst eating pineapple (I made myself eat an entire half of a fresh pineapple and regretted it because I burnt my mouth) and then a few weeks ago I went off bananas for no reason and just tried to eat one a minute ago and experienced the same reaction as to the pineapple. Interesting that other sufferers have said bananas make them nautious – I haven’t been able to look at one for weeks – isn’t the body amazingly clever at telling you what it doesand doesn’t want!

  106. Molly said,

    A few months ago, I ate avocado because my hubby keeps saying……”It’s so good for you!” OMG! about an hour later, I was vomiting worse than I ever had, and cramps, and diarreah, (sorry to be so graphic) , then today, Taco Bell accidentally got some guac in my taco, I was repulsed, cause I don’t like it, only ate half the taco, then a couple hours later, here comes the nausea! and well, you can guess the rest! I had no idea I’d be allergic, I do have dairy and wheat allergies. I can certainly live without those horrid green slimy things, can’t hardly even say the word without feeling sick!
    So glad you started this post!

  107. Tricia said,

    Hey Molly (and Judith, and Lisa, and Gem, and Jemma, and Judith…) – just tell your hubby it’s “unholy guacamole” if he persists in pushing it on you.

    Samantha, I haven’t run across any evidence that avocado and shellfish allergies are related, it’s just that I have the same kind of reaction to both and conflated them in my mind for quite awhile. So hopefully you can keep eating seafoods without worry or reaction!

  108. Samantha said,

    thanks tricia! i hope that seafood will remain my friend too:)

  109. Marsha said,

    About 10 years ago, I had a horrible experience after eating 1/4 of a peach. I had eaten peaches all my life with no problem. But, I did remember that the previous spring I had eaten a peach and my eyes got itchy. I dismissed it as a pollen allergy because of the time of year. Well, just a few minutes after I had a few bites of the peach, I began choking and swelling up. I ended up in the emergency room for 8 hours. I thought I was going to die. It was the worst experience ever. So, if you have had any allergic symptoms to a food, if you want to stay alive, do not eat that food again. It can have dire consequences, without any warning. I can’t begin to describe how awful it is not to be able to breath… Recently, I started having problems with avocados. At first my lips just swelled when I ate some for the first couple of times, then I got the itchy eyes. I didn’t want to believe it because I really love avocados. But, I am not going to try to eat one again because of my previous bad experience. I just hope I don’t begin to add more foods to the list of ones I can’t eat. I had no idea you could be allergic to so many things.

  110. Tricia said,

    Yikes, Marsha, that’s scary! Stay safe.

  111. Hollie said,

    I recently developed an avocado allergy a few years ago. I found out that I had acid reflux, so I starting taking medicine to lower the stomach acid produced in my stomach. It was around that time that I started getting allergic to avocado. I looked it up online and found out that sometimes adults can develop food allergies if they are taking medicine that limits the production of stomach acid. Which makes sense, I developed it about the time I started taking that medicine. It doesn’t mother me if I have just a little bit at a time, like in California Rolls, or a little in my sandwich. I used to have them all the time, my mom and I would eat them with just some salt & pepper. I just had a whole one, all by myself and felt so weird. I don’t get stomach pains. My throat, and ears get itchy, my lips got a little swollen and so did my cheeks. My face was also itchy and so were my arms. It felt like my throat was getting swollen too. I took some benadryl and feel fine now. It was a scary feeling, cause I never experienced that.

  112. Hollie said,

    Oh yeah, just wanted to add, I am not allergic to latex and don’t have any other food allergy that I am aware of. I do have seasonal allergies though.

  113. Stephanopoulos said,

    Oh Thank God! Finally a thread covering exactly what has been troubling me. As a teenager I would go to the grocery store and buy avocadoes instead of candy or chips and would go home and eat 5 in a row. They were so good. Then around 18 I ate a friends guacomole and got the horrible excruciating pains that everyone has been talking about. After several more occasions of this happening I realized it was the Avocadoes/Guacamole. Eight years later I had a breakfast of fried eggs w/bacon etc…and got horribly sick just like how I do with avocadoes. I LOVE eggs and avocadoes so I act like an idiot here and there and will order them occasionally with my meals. 90% of the time it’s stomach cramp city. Also, I developed one with brocolli. I couldn’t figure out why chinese food always made me sick as a dog until my grandma figured out it was the brocolli. I’ve done several tests to see what works. It doesn’t matter how the eggs, brocolli or avocadoes are prepared, I get sick 90% of the time. I just wonder why it’s not 100% of the time. I was going to experiment and just eat egg whites but now that someone posted earlier that it’s usually the whites not the yolk that make people sick, so the container of egg whites in the fridge will have to be thrown out. Some things that have helped during the cramps are: baking soda and water, alka seltzer and pepto bismol. I’ve gotten desperate to lose the horrible pains in my stomach and it’s resulted in taking a fast acting laxative. Yeah, you have a lot of bowel movements after that but at least it takes the food item and rushes it out of your system. Anything is better than those horrible stomach pains! Thanks so much to the person who started this thread. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. Many, many thanks!

    Good luck to all!

  114. Stephanopoulos said,

    Oh yeah! I get really sick off of eggs like I said but I can eat an Egg McMuffin from McDonalds with no problems. They use real eggs in those so I’m confused. LOL. Glad I can have them though. Isn’t it crazy? The saying “You want what you can’t have” really is true. Thanks.

  115. Allergy Queen said,

    For those of you asking if there is anything you can do about the stomach cramping associated with certain food allergies, my Mom used to swear by Belladona and Charcoal. She had very bad allergies to bananas, pineapple & avocado.

    • I just read a long reply, spurred by the above post and for some reason due to an old password, my entire life story and mountain of gratitude got deleted! So maybe someday, when I have fully recovered from living a life of 4 day episodes of excruiating pelvic/ abdominal and referred pain to the back with multiole symptoms like y’all but that have lasted for 4 days and wishing to die just to escape same.,I’ll have the time & energy to pour my heart out again here… Your Mom was correct about the Belladonna, the only thing that took the edge of enough so that I survived. They have recalled it and replaced it with a grape flavored liquid conataining alchohol and no Belladonna… I am sorry but still in the middle of an attack which began yesterday afternoon so not out of the woods yet… Ever so grateful to everyone here and the creator of this meeting place!!! I now have my life back! Hopefully I will never again have to wish death upon my self to escape the intracktable pain of the GI and spinal symptoms of an avocado allergy! I’ve said to so many Drs, “I can’t believe there are other people who actually walk around in this kind of pain!” And I am no wimp!!! Be well, dear new friends!!!

  116. julie in nebraska said,

    hello i also have an allergy to avocado and latex i also have the same stomach pains i dont wish this pain on any one the pain last from 8 to 10hrs im glad to know im not the only one with this problem. Does anyone know of a site that has foods other than gua that contain avocados thank you Julie

  117. Tricia said,

    Hey Julie, I’ve never come across a list like that. I have unexpectedly encountered avocado in salads and side dishes at pot lucks. However, at restaurants and in groceries, it seems like they want to brag about avocados (trendy ingredient, purported health benefits, etc).

    On the other hand, I once had an attack back when I thought my only allergy was shrimp. I’d eaten a veggie wrap at a local cafe (back before wraps were so trendy). In retrospect, I think the dressing for that had avocado in it. So a good rule of thumb might be, ask about (pale) green foods! :^)

  118. valerie said,

    I always thought the restaurants were trying to poison me! I kept going for a salad that had avocado’s in it…and at first was ok but then one evening I ended up feeling nauseous, throwing up for hours etc…blamed the poor restaurant of course. Then a friend made an avocado dip that was delicious…but same thing I felt very nauseous again! It still didn’t hit me till after I’d turned around and made this lovely dip for my co-workers & ended up having to go home early thinking I had the flu!! Not a quick learner I guess, but I’ve never had any other allergies in my life (although I’ve never eaten seafood or shrimp etc). I’m sure glad I don’t have any breathing problems also.

  119. JenMaz said,

    I am SO relieved to know that I’m not the only one with this “issue”. It all started for me back at Chili’s… as an employee… got some veggie tacos, mmm delicious! On the way home 20 minutes later I literally had to pull over and rest, the gastro PAIN was so intense I couldn’t keep my focus on the road. I ordered them with NO guac because I had an aversion to the fruit after my parents would have me climb our 2 giant trees and harvest the slimy green buggers for them, ewwww! They used to hack them open, squeeze some lemon and dig on in! Yucko. SO… I concluded that the ONLY other ingredient that I had never eaten before in those tacos was the cilantro used in the Pico de Gallo… sure enough it was used as a garnish at a holiday party on some dumplings and my night was ruined. I get excruciating pain and my lower abdomen bloats uo like I’m five months pregnant! Fun. I have avoided cilantro for years, however, I inadventently consumed it in a soup with no problem AT ALL. I figured that heating it may have broken down the compound present that I was allergic to. I can eat salsa with cilantro as long as it has lime and vinegar… acidity??? Back to the aguacate, as they say in espanol… I, literally, had 3 chips with SEVEN layer dip that a friend made… how MUCH avocado could there be in there??? Half an hour later I was laid out on a blanket under a tree for the rest of the picnic! Boo, hiss! Does anyone else have the cilantro thing? It drives me crazy. I have sworn off anything avocado related forever. I never get an itchy throat though… I love bananas, wear latex gloves at work four days a week… Any comments appreciated.

  120. Tricia said,

    Hey JenMaz, where did you grow up that you had avocado trees?? Just curious.

    Anyway, about cilantro: I have heard of people who think it tastes soapy, and supposedly this is linked to a gene, but I haven’t heard of cilantro allergies. But as a doctor friend of mine recently said: “anybody could be allergic to anything at any time.” So who knows? You could try a challenge – just eat that without the avocado and see what happens. And it is possible that cooking it breaks down the allergen.

    The last time I had avocado (the time that sent me on this quest), I had 1 or maybe 2 bites. And one of the last times I had shrimp (which gives me a similar reaction but isn’t related to avocado allergens), it was in the form of “shrimp puffs”, a cracker like thing at a Chinese restaurant in Boston. Like you, I thought “how much shrimp could be in these?” Well, I spent the night really close to the bathroom when I should have been finishing my presentation for the next day! So it doesn’t have to be much, if you have a true allergy.

  121. Kasey said,

    I am so relieved to have found this site. People think I’m crazy when I tell them I am allergic to avacado (the worst), bananas, pineapple and mangoes!
    All of these when eaten cause a slight itchiness in my mouth and throat which comes immediately after eating, followed about 30 minutes later by intense abdominal pain which lasts about 5-7 hours for me.
    I noticed it when eating tilapia with a mango salsa first, horrible stomach cramps for hours, then a repeat when I ate a mango salsa with shrimp.
    Banana splits – split me open and they are my favorite!! Bananas only seem to do it if I have more than a bite.
    Pineapples – more of the same…
    Avacados – If I even have a teeny tiny bite of avacado, I am out for the night. Today our office had pre-made sandwiches and I ate one and didn’t realize it had avacado on it until I was almost done with it. The itchy mouth thing, and now I’m sitting here all crunched up with my stomach pains. 😦 Everyone at my office was like, no one is allergic to avacado, maybe you have gallbladder problems, go to the doctor. Sure am glad I found y’all, my symptoms match up perfectly with the latex allergy! Strangely, latex gloves don’t seem to bother me…

  122. Tricia said,

    Welcome to the club, Kasey (one of those clubs no one wants to join!). When I did my first google search, I also thought “this is crazy, no one is allergic to avocado” – surprise! Unwelcome surprise. I’ve actually met some people in real life who are also allergic, but many people still think I’m kind of crazy (despite having a doctor diagnosis to back me up). Anyway, I hope you’re able to convince those skeptics and keep away from the offenders.

  123. Kc said,

    I have an avocado allergy as well – and now I read all bath and beauty products closely – they are putting avocado in everything, nothing like having that scary tingling sensation start after using a common everday item like conditioner. I use to just have to worry about what I ate – now I have to watch what is in my hand lotion, conditioner, facial moisturizers, and makeup.

    I hate having to take large doses of benedryl to ward off a full blown attack and visit to the hospital.

  124. natalie said,

    Kc im so with you there! i recently bought a can of deoderant and after days of itching under my arms thought about the possibility of being too sensitive to it..wasnt until i actually looked that it had avacado extract in it! WHY! lol. they are definelty putting it in more things and even my fave hair dye now has avacado oil in it.
    As you can tell i have a allergy to avacado.. each time i have eaten guac the symptoms have got dramatically worse. The last time i ate it it wasnt even a spoonful as i tried to scrape it off my nachos but it didnt work ..about an hour later i was being sick and had severe stomach cramps for about 5 hours after. so bad i thought i was going to have to go to hospital.
    I have also found as the symptoms have gotten worse to avacados it has brought symptons to others : i now cramp when i eat bananas…and had severe stomach ache also when i pinched a bit of my partners ham and pineapple pizza ( which i wont be doing again! ). so pineapple, avacado and bananas are off limits..no matter how much i crave them.
    I am now starting to get similar but not so harsh stomach pains when i eat cucumber! i cant find anywhere that this is linked to avacado allergy but im hoping that it wont get as bad cause i cant live without my cucumber sandwiches lol
    i have mentioned my self diagnosed allergies to my doctor and his advice was simply ‘ dont eat the foods’.! my concerns are that they are gettin worse each time i accidently eat it. oh well. will have to keep fingers crossed .
    Also wondered if anyone else had this: last summer i kept coming up in hives. never had this before and it freaked me out. doctor at first thought it was a kind of heat rash but then decided after a few coolish weeks with them not going that it wasnt that. but he didnt know what it was told me to give it a month and if they were still there would try test or an allergy reaction. luckily they started to fade so didnt want to go back and feel stupid.
    i am wondering if this is linked to the birch/latex part of the allergy. i am surrounded by birch trees which apparently pollenate more in those months it happened. anyone else had this???

  125. wisdomssister said,

    I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but within 1-2 days of giving my baby avacado he starts tugging on his ears. I waited 1.5 week, tried again (after I cleared up his ear infection) and the next day he was tugging his ears again 😦 Anyone ever have ear infections from avacado intolerance? All i’m reading here is stomach reactions.

  126. bonniebee said,

    Oh wow. It’s 3:10 AM and I am still drinking glasses of water, jumping up and down, and vomiting, trying to get any remnants of the avocado, mango, pineapple, and peach salsa I ate out of my gut. The scallops I had it with may not be helping either. I feel like an alien is clawing it’s way out of my stomach, very slowly! That may be the ambien I took earlier talking, and the beauty of this post is that I may not even remember writing it. I may just go cook up a nice meal and go to bed with food all over me, and wonder what happened during the night, who messed up the kitchen, and why they felt the need to dip me in the BBQ sauce. (that actually happened once, long story) I am allergic to bananas, avocado, melons, and zucchini, and also cucumber, mango, and peaches sometimes. Those are supposedly the “watch for latex allergy” foods, although latex just gives me a few hives. Avocado sometimes just makes my throat itch and my lips look freshly collagened, but not tonight. Not in that combo! If I hadn’t been totally immersed in watching the second season of 24, I would have recognized the tightening of the diaphragm and the aching mid back. I would not have waited too long, until the food actually got past my stomach. If I get any of these foods, the only solution to avoid all the hours of cramping and feeling like I can’t breathe is getting it completely out of my body, and that is where several glasses of water and the porcelain god come into the picture. Yuck.
    Oh and Wisdomssister, my ears and sinuses feel congested and itchy when my throat gets itchy, so it may well be that your baby is clogging up and that starts the process that ends with the ear infection. Babies get those things so easily, it seems. I have several siblings with the same allergies, so your baby may have come by this one honestly.

  127. Toni said,

    I was in the exact same place as you! Not liking Guacamole and then tried it as an adult and thought Hmmm, ok not so bad. My throat started to itch terribly and the head chef at the restaurant who was a friend of the person I was with thought it could have been cross contamination in the kitchen with Tree Nuts which I am allergic to.Then last night I had some Guac at another restaurant and after a few minutes my mouth started burning and tongue was swelling. After I left and was on my way home I had to pull over so I could regurgitate in a bag, stomache was cramping it was awful. Needless to say I have finally made the link back to the avocados. No wonder I didn’t like Guac growing up!

  128. Lauren said,

    So I’m happy to find this site, but deeply saddened that it exists at all. It confirms for me what I have suspected for the past year. Every time I eat something with avacado I am in horrible pain for the next few hours. This is thoroughly depressing to me because I love them so much. It had been several months since my last “guac” craving… we moved and are much farther away from the only organic and whole foods market. I made a specific stop out of my way to get perfectly ripe avacados. I made a perfect bowl of guac with 2 avacados and just a splash of lime juice. Simple and delicious. I downed the bowl with a handful of chips, relishing every moment. Within 15 minutes, the familiar pain was back. The last time this happened was last summer when we were going through a “semi”-raw food phase and were consuming a lot of avacados. My stomach was upset then too, but I wrote it off as de-toxifying from months of poor eating. I remember being in bed every evening by 3-4 after our late lunch of avacado, tomato and grilled chicken (“semi”-raw!) wraps. I actually thought it was the wraps themselves or the italian-ish dressing we used. But after last night’s episode, I did some google-ing and found that I am not alone in my pain. I am 17 weeks pregnant and finally coming around to eating normal food again. Avacados are my go to food for being packed full of healthful goodness, especially for a growing babe. I am thoroughly disappointed in this whole concept.

    My concern: do I need to start avoiding bananas and other high risk foods as well? Will my stomach issues stay there, or will they worsen to more life-threatening symptoms if I accidentally ingest avacados (anaphylaxis etc)?? I am a nurse and though most things have gone the non-latex route, I’m sure there are things out there that contain latex that I may be exposed to. Should I now be concerned about latex? Somewhere waaaay up at the beginning of this thread someone said that you are more likely to develop avacado allergies etc if you already have a latex allergy, but not the other way around. Can anyone confirm this??

    My next order or business is to contact my primary care physician and an allergist, but I’d like to be as informed as possible going in there. I’d always take allergies seriously, but being pregnant makes me even more concerned. Thank you for all your help!!

  129. James said,

    Yes, I have an avocado allergy as well. Mostly gastro problems. Took me ages to find out what it was because no one else had ever heard of it.

    I’m currently picking slices of avocado from a salad I got today, after I specifically and clearly said I couldnt eat avocado, the counter woman must have just ignored me because as we all know ‘who could have an allergy to avocados’.

  130. Bonnie said,

    I have been allergic to avocados for several years now and LOOOOVE them. They only tend to cause minor discomfort some times worse than others but never bad enough to stop eating them…Now my dad has scar tissue in his esophagus and they think it’s from eating food he has an allergy to. I am worried and waiting for their official word on what is causing it. As I wait I am eating an Avocado with an itchy tongue :p

    Does anyone know of a connection between avocado and melon allergies…because I have both. I have never seen a Dr. about it but I think I will now.

  131. kristina said,

    Now that I’m 62 and retired I can research every vexing mystery of my life. The avocado reaction is number 273 on my list and I was most rewarded by finding this huge thread devoted to it! I’ve googled it in the past but did not come up with any info that related to it. Alas.

    In my late 20’s I developed this intolerance to avocados, the reaction of which was unlike any other experience of mine. It took me about 3 episodes before I was able to conclusively nail down avocados as the cause of the most INTENSE hours of gastric pain I’d ever suffered. I think childbirth labor was less painful.

    Of course I then avoided them for years and when I finally dared to try guacomole again, I had NO reaction. Thank God, because I LOVE avocados and now probably eat a half of one per day.

    I’ve only met ONE person who mentioned a similar reaction….a man at a grocery store was picking through the avocados and was saying that he needed to be careful to avoid an over-ripe fruit because the rancid oils gave him disabling abdominal pain. So that was HIS theory (rancid oil). Don’t know if that could have been a cause, but like I said I now have no problem with ANY avos, from under-ripe to over-ripe.

    Thanks for posting the subject; I guess I STILL haven’t solved number 273, but at least I can now confirm that I really DID have those bizarre attacks and that I’m not alone. Here’s wishing that others will “outgrow” their allergies or intolerances also.

  132. Claire said,

    I tried a tiny bit of avocado on my salad tonight, even though I know I’ve had stomach pains after eating them many times in the past. I thought, ‘What harm could a tablespoon of avocado do?’. Well, about an hour after eating, I had the same stomach pain as in the past, just like so many people above described. It’s just starting to wane a bit. NEVER AGAIN! I also avoid raw mushrooms and raw broccoli, and sometimes iceberg lettuce does the same thing. Well, I’m very glad I’ve found this site and read all the comments of fellow sufferers. I am allergic to birch tree pollen, too (was tested for that when I was a teenager). Also, can’t digest melon: burp, burp, burp! My husband thinks I’m a nutcase with all these food issues.

  133. Sue said,

    Just received confirmation from my Dr today that I’m also one of the 1% with an allergy to avocado. And I want to say a big THANK YOU for this blog – I now know that it’s not that uncommon.

    I don’t (sorry, didn’t) eat avocado very often, but had never had a reaction until a few weeks ago when I had some guacamole at a friend’s house. Anyway, I had what I now know was an allergic reaction – mainly on my face (eye’s very puffy; red rash all over my face that lasted for days – looked grotesque!). Went to the Dr thinking it was an allergy but she thought it was probably Strep A & treated me with some heavy duty antibiotics. Coincidentally, I was just starting to take antihstamines at the same time because I thought my hayfever had kicked in (although I usually start with that about a month later in the season).

    It cleared up slowly over the following week. Two weeks after the first reaction, we were camping with friends & the salad I ate had contained some chopped avocado. I didn’t eat the avocado though. I duly had a similar reaction & went back to the Dr thinking the Strep A had recurred. This time I had streaming eyes, sore throat, wheezing, etc, but put that down to hayfever/asthma combined with the beginnings of a bad cold. Different Doc this time; she thought it may be an allergy. Racked brains to think what it might have been & suggested (although I felt a bit silly) avocado. She thought it unlikely but advised me to have an allergy blood test & prescribed some antihistamines that target skin rashes. I’m still not sure whether the ‘bad cold’ was viral or a prolonged reaction to the avocado. I felt ill for 10 days (longer than usual) & the asthma was worse than usual. I had to wait a 10 days before having the blood test because I had to be clear of the antihistamies for 3 days first.

    My Dr confirmed this morning that the allergy test revealed a pretty severe avocado allergy. She advised it coudl get worse with each exposure & not to eat avocados or use any cosmetics containing them. She also said that she’d research whether there were any known links with other foods (she’d not come across avocado allergy before so appeared a little bemused).

    I don’t think I have any other food allergies (I am allergic to grass pollen, cats, dogs, horses) but have recently noticed some tingling on my lips when eating apples, but I put that down to switching from organic to normal fruit. Having read this blog, I’ll pay more attention to possible food reactions in future. A few months ago I thought I might have been allergic to aubergine (eggplant) having had severe stomache cramps after eating an aubergine dish. Not sure though – doesn’t appear to be a cross-ref between aubergine & avocado as far as I can tell.

    • Anna said,

      Hi Sue, I get severe cramps within 30 mins or less of eating the smallest amount of avocado, and over the years (age 19-39) my terrible stomach pain which lasts for up to 8 hours has truly baffled me. Starting with avocados, bananas then cashews and almonds. I worked out the pineapple after a pina colada at Kokomo Beach, and 6 hours of torture. Sadly eggs for breakfast did the same, at about the same time I thought I was going to die after a fruit salad. Melons the culprit there.
      After eating eggplant for years, it got me a beauty when I ate some slightly roasted at a hospital cafeteria visiting my ill Grandmother. All I could do was sit next to her holding my stomach for 5 hours. Wasn’t certain until a Lebanese restaurant with friends. So sick of ending a night out pale, clammy and like the life is literally being sucked right out of me.

      Now I realise even watermelon is starting to hurt me and cucumber, zucchini and squash. A few months ago I had a Thai beef salad which ended in the terrible searing pain in my stomach and back. Now I think the pain was caused by baby spinach. I can eat cooked spinach just fine. Have now tested this with some sandwiches, and also realise that the wraps that I had that I thought must have been contaminated with avocado actually probably just had baby spinach in them!!! So if anyone out there gets the terrible agony and just can’t work out what it is take a look at the green in the salad, and not just the avocado!

      Oh, I would recommend carrying around some Claratyne or Zyrtec tablets (Australian antihistamines, equ to Tylenol I think) and take one immediately you suspect a bout starting. It works sometimes if you take as soon as you think you may have accidentally had something bad. Good luck!

      • Tricia said,

        Anna, Tylenol (acetaminophen) is a pain reliever – paracetemol or something like that down under, iirc. The big name antihistamine in the US is Benedryl. i carry chewable kids benedryl in my phone cozy, just in case, and i’ve had 2 occasions to use it as a rescue remedy (once when I reacted quite severely to an OTC med [and thus discovered I was allergic to it], once when I had a mild reaction after eating canned tropical fruit salad at a hotel breakfast buffet).

  134. Amanda said,

    Six years ago I broke out in a very bad rash all over my body. welts and hives everywhere including my mouth I noticed there were more hives around creases and scars. I went to several DR and everyone said it was eczema. A little after that I noticed I got a really bad stomach ache after eating avocados I stopped eating them for a year or so and slowly started again with no reactions. Then this week I ate a lot of guac and broke out again with severe welts and hives all over my body. Does anyone know how to make the rash go away I have been taking the max dose of benadryl for 2 days with little relief hydro cort cream seems to help a little.

  135. Andrea said,

    Im so glad you posted your experience. I thought I was crazy! After three attempts of eating avocados I was very ill. So I stay away from them at all cost. But then I started becoming sick after eating shrimp! My favorite! So I am confirmed of a similar experience. I was just wondering and researching a common ground between shrimp and avocados. Thank you so much for your story and I hope you have the best day ever!

  136. Vicki said,

    OMG! I thought I was crazy. I never ate avocado as a child – yech, green food and mushy. As an adult about 10 years ago I thought I would try it as my tastes have changed. I loved it, but it wasn’t a staple in my diet. About a year ago I went out to a nice restaurant with my husband for dinner and not even 20 minutes after leaving the I had to sit and thought I was going to loose dinner in the bushes. I thought I had food poisoning. The pain was excruciating! A month later experienced the same thing while camping. Still hadn’t figured out that I was ingesting avocado in any of my foods. In the fall I had a taco salad at work and it happened about 20 minutes later again. This time I started relating the foods to the other episodes. So I stayed away until Friday. I had a BLTA. I don’t have food allergies so I must have been imagining things. Holy cow, it happened at work again. I thought I was going to die. Back and forth to the bathroom. Sweats, chills, sweats, shakes, incredible stomach pain – the whole gambit. The bad part is I don’t drive to work, I ride in a vanpool. I was stuck!! For 2 hours until the van came and then the hour ride home. I slept it off the rest of the night and felt great on Saturday.

    I am so grateful for all of you and this wonderful website. I now know to stay away from avocado and everything that has touched avocado. Luckily no other allergies – so far!

    Thank you all and good luck.

  137. Annie said,

    I also have avocado allergy. I did a lot of vomiting and diarrhea. I had it 2 1/2 yrs. ago and decided to try it again. No more quacamole for me.. It was horrible. This is my only allergy on food.

  138. Debbie said,

    I’m so glad you wrote this. A couple of years ago I discovered that after 20 something years of eating and loving avocados I had developed an allergy. I’m also allergic to nuts, and my reaction to the avocados had common feelings, painful stomach aches (but not vomitting, which is something that happens with peanuts, but not almonds).
    In the last couple of months, the three times I’ve had shrimp I’ve felt the same stomach ache. I’m wondering now if I’m developing an allergy to that too. The first time I was at PF Changs and thought a peanut got into my dish or something, but last night I defrosted some shrimp and had a shrimp salad and last night I got a slight stomach after eating a little and right now I’m suffering from a big one after eating it for lunch.
    Eh, I can’t understand why this is happening?

  139. Judy said,

    I was out to dinner with friends recently and ordered a chicken wrap, forgetting to ask the waitress to hold the guacamole. I took one bite and saw the unmistakable mushy green layer. It was embarrassing, but I had to ask the waitress to make it again without the guacamole, and of course had to explain to everyone about my avocado food intolerance. I had a feeling that some there weren’t very convinced that it was true. Who ever heard of such a thing? Surely I must be exaggerating!

    I discovered it the first time I ate a Mexican layered dip at a dinner party 30 years ago. By the time dinner was served, I was laying on the couch with severe stomach pain listening to everyone rave about the delicious steaks. I had no idea why I was so sick. It happened 2 or 3 more times before I determined that it was avocado making me so ill. I avoided it like the plague, but a few years ago took a bite of someone else’s salad not realizing it contained a 1/2 inch cube of avocado. Within 15 minutes, before we left the restaurant, my stomach began to ache and by the time I got home, I had to go to bed, curled up in a ball, for at least 3 hours before it started to subside. Once it works its way through and out of the system the pain goes away. It doesn’t cause diarrhea, but just causes the entire intestine to empty within a few to several hours. Someone described it this way: “Horrible. [Like} someone taking my stomach and intestines and wringing them like a towel. They start off small and then slowly build until it’s unbearable and then slowly go away.” It feels like the intestines, for whatever reason, need to get whatever chemical it is in the avocado that it rejects, out of the body asap, and they harden and pump and squeeze until it is gone. It is miserable. I get the same reaction, although milder, from broccoli and zucchini, but no other vegetables, even asparagus (thank goodness), green beans, etc.

    My doctor had not heard of it and couldn’t explain it. She did order a gall bladder ultrasound which was normal. I finally googled “avocado stomach ache” tonight and found this site and am so relieved to know there are many others out there that describe very similar experiences which validates my own. Thanks, everyone, for sharing.

    Lucky that the cure is abstinence. Could be worse…could be chocolate!

    • Tricia said,

      You’re right, Judy, it could be worse! And a chocolate allergy would be much, much worse in my opinion. :^) The “Unholy Guacamole” club is far preferred over the “Abominable Chocolate” club.

      For what it’s worth, avocado is botanically a fruit, and the avocado allergy is associated with many other tropical fruit allergies (although that complex usually also includes a latex allergy). I have no idea how it would relate to broccoli or zucchini, though! I’m sure there are many kids out there (along with George Bush Sr :^) who would love to have a broccoli allergy.

      • Tricia, I cannot possibly ever thank you enough!!! When I found your site all the nightmares fell into place! I am now looking at the possibility of living again, instead of wishing to die! (btw I’ve been avoiding brocolli for years intuitively.) I suspected avocado, as you can read below in my post to Judy, but am most pleased to have an answer for the devastating episode that probably damn near did take me out a little less than two weeks ago (shrimp). Will cut out mangos too, and guess what? In all the years of ER visits all over the map and un or missed diagnosis, the smell of latex gloves drove me wild!!! Keep up the good work and stay well… Sincerely… Lee PS I have a new GP I like alot who has ordered me to go on a diet of only rice, fish (he said, “trout” but I am gonna call him and beg for another fish as I am concerned about GMOs and the local excellent health food store doesn’t carry trout due to that factor) and spring water for 5 days. He’s allowing me a little sea salt. I think he is on the right track! I had such a horrible episode, apparently from shrimp, that I lost more weight and put his diet off fo a week & a half in order to eat ice cream!!! Starting the diet today!!! Thanx again!!!

    • Barb Hegenes said,

      OMG Judy….I know your post was awhile back ,but you just described what I went through this afternoon. I had a fajita at work, just a small bit of avacodo on it. Within 15 minutes I started feeling nauseous and headachy…..went home and can relate to the curling up in a ball and all the “intestine” stuff. I had thought in the past that maybe avacodas were bothering me…honestly thought it was an ulcer. Even though I still feel lousy, to have found this blog and to know I’m not a quack….really helps. Thanks everyone for sharing ! No more for me …ever!!! BARB

    • Judy, I just found this amazingly helpful site last night (to put it mildly)!!! Two of my posts apparently went of into the ozone, one from an old password and the other I think from clicking the “receive email box just after hitting “comment”. Anyway, I’ve read about 2/3 of the entire website so far and your message resonates with me, you poor thing! My episodes normally last for four days, just as you describe yours, definitely, but just identified, avocado! I had the bumps popping up in my mouth many years ago, once lasting 24 hours, and stopped eating avo for many years but then found that I could apparently handle it in small amounts. I never connected the mouth thing to the “tummy” thing, as the two were noy concurrent. Now its looking like shrimp too… horrible episode 2 weeks ago! (Including this time the vomitting and a migraine!) My pattern is the first two days being unbearable, wish I were dead, pelvic/ abdominal pain with referred to the mid back pain as well. (Like someone beat me with a baseball bat) The third day running from the bed, to the bathroom alot, terrible bloating and finally eliminating gas (tmi) The fourth day I’m still kinda limping around, achy and barely functional. I have been diagnosed with pelvic floor issues and had an undiagnosed gall bladder for 6 years before a brilliant young woman Dr did an ultra sound and removed what she called, “the gall bladder that ate Cincinnati” Now if anyone knows which horror movie she might’ve been referring to please let me know… lol! Anyway the symptoms of gall bladder disease are very similar to what I have been living (more like dying with) now! btw it is a simple ultrasound test to confirm or rule that out.

      It was your comment about the offending food having to exit the body before you gain relief that makes perfect sense to me! I have “slow transit” which would explain the extended period of time of my episodes. And (tmi again but if it helps anyone else) every time I eliminate I have pelvic pain afterwards, beginning in about five minutes,,, One of my Drs kept repeating in disbelief, “After?” Yes after (!) and on a recent endoscopy my GI guy said he couldn’t find anything, which was great news as I’ve had scar tissue removed from that area before, but an “inflammation” of the entire upper GI tract for which he had no explanation!!!

      So I guess those damned avocados (and it looks like shrimp) got me coming and going! Yet you are so right. It coulbe worse! I love chocolate… Thanx for your post!!! Be well… Lee

  140. Bridget said,

    I’m 41, and only recently found out I’m allergic to dogs, dust mites, and a bit to cats. Those are my only allergist-confirmed allergies.
    Today I ignored knowing that avocado has been giving me intense GI pain. I ate a bunch of sushi with avocado. I spent the afternoon with stomach pain. When will I learn??
    I’ve experienced itching mouth/throat with bananna occasionally. Intense stomach pain with summer squash, melons, pineapple, brussel sprouts, acorn squash… Strange tingling with cherry lozenge, cucumber… I have a list arouund here somewhere as I’ve been trying so hard to figure this out.
    Earlier this year we found that I am molybdenum deficient… I’ve been reading as much as I could on that and have seen many places that without molybdenum for a co-factor, my body would have been unable to break down sulphur-based foods and amino acids, and unable to break down aldehydes (alcohols), and have issues producing pee. Okay, so that’s why I’ve been calling myself a ‘camel’ all these years. Those same articles offer that after a while of not breaking down sulfites/sulfur and aldehydes that my body could develop an actual allergy to sulfites/sulphur and aldehydes.
    Okay, that’s why one restaurant’s tartar sauce makes my mouth and throat itchy, and that’s why I got the stomach pain when I ate lobster meat (probably preserved with sulfites)… And there’s alcohol in my nose spray and in my toothpaste… So like a madwoman I’m trying to phase out unneccesary ingredients in meds. Over the past three years I’ve had an allergic reaction to iv antibiotics (anaphylactic, the real deal), and noticed that I felt like crap when taking my meds. Seriously, if my hubby buys caplets of our generic ibuprofen instead of tablets I’ll have aching hands and feet. Sigh. Where did all of this come from?
    Potatoes make me sleepy, and the corn-based glucose tolerance test really made me feel like I was going to fall asleep in my chair. Recently my son’s doc told us that his pancreas is not producing amylase, so we’ve both been taking some enzyme supplements with our meals, which makes a huge difference for both of us. Starch was knocking us out!
    Both my son and I are dermographic, where once in a while you’ll be able to use your fingernail to scratch our skin and the line where you scratched will turn red. This seems to happen after we’ve gotten into something we are allergic to – like when the cat scratches me.
    I feel like such a wreck because so many foods cause such intense pain – and so many inert med ingredients make me feel like crap – and starch (complex carbs) just drain all energy from me and make it so I can’t keep my eyes open. But maybe having such a molybdenum deficiency has made me develop allegies to aldehydes, sulfites, and sulfur bearing foods. And who knows, maybe after a lifetime of being pummelled by starch (complex carbs) maybe my body has an allergic reaction to those as well. Sigh.
    Why do we crave the things that cause so much pain?? When I tried to get help for the unbeleivably intense GI pain 15 years ago, the docs told me it was likely in my head. I’ve given up on getting professional help, and will have to learn to write down what foods, ingredients cause me pain. I was crushed when having my gallbladder out did not fix the problem. And recently I got a brief history from my adoption file and was angry to find out that my bio-grandad on my bio-mother’s side had been suffering for intense gi pain for years and that it was dismissed by docs as grief over his brother’s passing. My bio-mother showed allergies to sulpha drugs and wheat germ. I have got to figure this crap out to prevent my son from going through the same thing, and to vindicate myself and my bio-grandfather!
    P.s. Once I was given iv morphine and it literally induced that same horrible intense gi pain, but in waves. That was the worst pain I have ever felt. That had to be a 9.5 – where 10 would literally have made me pass out. Funny, the nurse was looking at $me writhing in the bed and saying “well, I can’t give you more morphine, and your doctor has left the building!” Man, I should have asked my hubby to find a wheelchair and push me down to the ER. Much googling later, the only phrase I could find that came close to describing that horrid pain was ‘morphine-induced billiary colic’. All of this stuff must be related – or at least only break down to 2 or 3 separate problems at most!
    I’m so glad there are so many people who understand what that pain feels like and that it is real!

    • Tricia said,

      Hey Bridget, sorry you have to join the “Unholy Guacamole” club :^(. One question for you – have you ever been tested for or read about hypoglycemia? I have a good friend who is very severely hypoglycemic, and when she eats simple sugars or starches, it can make her pass out. She avoids certain fruits (bananas and grapes), potatoes, rice, flour, anything made with sugar, etc etc. So when you said that starches drain all your energy, it made me think of her.

      And fwiw, avocado allergy is associated with latex allergy – I wonder if your hospital experience might be related to latex exposure? I have a friend who learned she was allergic to latex when she reacted during a c-section. Ugh! (Turns out she is also allergic to avocado – I forget if she knew that beforehand or learned afterwards.) But what you went through sounds horrid – I can’t believe they wouldn’t find another doctor to treat you immediately.

  141. sun said,

    I have a different avocado allergy. My stomach is ok until 4-6hours later when I eat avocado. Then I will have the most excruciating stomach pains which will last for at least another 4-6 hours.

    Does anybody like me that have stomach ache several hours later?

    • Tricia said,

      Hi Sun – if I’m remembering correctly (from decades ago!), my reaction used to be more delayed. Maybe not 4 to 6 hours, but perhaps as much as 2 hours.

  142. Mike said,

    4-6 hours later, lasting about 4-6 hours sounds about right. Severere stomach pains only, no nausea or anything else. I had two incidents about 10 years ago, and that was more than enough. I don’t remember what caused the first incident–probably fajitas–but I knew it was the guac. A few months later I ordered a burrito with little bits of avocado in it. Realized it when I took the first bit, but decided there really wasn’t that much in it. Wrong! It runs in the family. My mom has it (didn’t know that until after I found out I had it), and my daughter has it as severely as I do. Closest I can relate the level of pain was when I had kidney stones that got stuck as they were passing. Not quite that bad–that took morphine for relief–but almost. And after several hours the avocado pain went away. Since the second bout, I have assiduously avoided eating anything that has even the tiniest bit of avocado in or on it. But I can pick them up and cut them up them with no problem. The only other thing I am allergic to is walnuts–cause bumps on my tongue. Actually, they cause half a dozen or so taste buds to swell up and become super-sensitive for about 12 hours. All three of my daughters developed the same allergy when they became adults. I used to think it was because I ate too many walnuts from the trees in our yard before they had dried, but my kids have never had them, so it’s genetic. I’m not allergic to latex.

  143. Petra said,

    Amazing! I grew up in a tropical country, and always ate avocados. As a matter of fact, I loved them. Ate them with just about anything, even just between two slices of bread. After moving to the US I did not have them for a while. A few years back I tried some ( in the form of guacamole), and even while eating I started to feel really nauseated. I thought it was just probably something in the way they made the guac – I had never eaten that before. But yesterday at dinner time we served avocados, I just had two small bites, and that nauseating feeling came back. I just pushed the rest aside, but before I could finished my meal I had to take off running!! Needless to say, everything came back up. (A good dinner wasted!) No stomach pains, just nausea. But, just as I remembered, I loved the taste of it. I have the same reaction to mushrooms, but that I willingly accepted, because I never liked mushrooms. When I was a child bananas also caused me stomach pains, but I have no problems with them now. I just never thought that you could develop an allergic reaction to something, after having grown up. Especially to something you enjoyed. I guess I always think of growing out of allergies, not developing new ones. I am also allergic to shrimp and other shell seafood – but I have learned to live with that.

    • Tricia said,

      Hi Petra! My allergist told me that an allergy is a “memory response” that only comes after repeated exposure. That’s why you can develop an allergy as an adult. I can’t remember if this is just for food allergies, or also applies to things like pollens. Then again, I developed an allergy to a medicine last year, and I know a cancer survivor who developed an allergy to the contrast dyes used in CT scans, so I guess it’s not just food allergies…

  144. Bronwyn said,

    My 7 month old son had quite a severe reaction to a mixture of banana and avocado (after reading this I feel stupid mixing the two together, but it was a suggested recipe on his Farex box and he had had no reaction to either individually although only had a small amount of banana). His face went red immediately followed by vomiting and then he went pale and floppy. He continued to get hives and redness over his whole body whilst at the hospital. I now have adrenaline which I must carry around and manually inject as he cannot have an epipen until he is 10kg. It has been very scary. An allergist confirmed, via a skin prick test, he has allergies to banana, dairy, egg and milder reactions on a skin prick test to wheat, nut and soy… what is left for the poor little fella?? I feel uneasy every time I introduce a new solid and after reading this I am worried about reactions to things like tomato, mango etc. Potato seems to be fine although he has had a blocked nose for a few weeks – not sure if this is related.

    It is so stressful. My husband and myself have no food allergies but there is some history of eczema, asthma and hayfever in our families.

    • Tricia said,

      Wow, Bronwyn, that is indeed scary! If it’s any comfort, there was some recent news that skin prick tests aren’t the most reliable for food allergies. Of course with a baby, you can’t really do much else – but perhaps when he is older, you’ll be able to re-introduce all those foods and he’ll be fine with them. Poor guy – and poor mama! I’m sure it is indeed very stressful for you.

    • Carlie said,

      I have just been studiously reading these comments after googling for avocado and banana allergies that my 7 month old is experiencing. He has always had milk reflux (breastfed bub), but it is only now after starting him on solids that I am connecting the refluz to the vomiting reaction he gets from bananas and avocados – Sadly these were his first foods. Best first foods most websites will tell you, well I disagree!

      He also recently has been unsettled at night and lifting his legs in the air, classic signs of stomach pain. And just this weekend has had this weird little cough which is like he has something stuck at the back of his throat. I am now thinking perhaps he has the ïtchy throat”reaction, and his little cough is the only way of telling me what is happening. Now I just have to figure out what is causing that.

      I have figured out that the banana I have been having on my cereal every day since he was born is probably what was causing the milk reflux too, since now since eliminating them the reflux has reduced. I’m still figuring out what other foods are causing the reaction. Bananas and avocados are off our list, as well as sweet potato – but looking at the Immunocap site that might have just been replicating the allergic response to the banana/avocado and not be the cause itself.

      He also had quite a nasty vomit just last weekend after I ate a tiny slice of kiwi fruit. I’m adding that to the NO list as well.

      I haven’t taken bub to have any allergy tests yet, but I think I will since he starts daycare next week and there is every chance that they use latex gloves to change nappies.

      Very scary stuff with the little ones. I was hoping to find out if this is the kind of allergy you can grow out of, but some of the above posts don’t sound too promising.

  145. […] severe stomach pain, and other details that shouldn’t be discussed in a food blog. People with this same allergy are allergic to other foods like bananas, melons, mango, chestnuts, and kiwis.  Guess what?  I […]

  146. CC said,

    I was hospitalized overnight in the ICU after eating walnuts. When I went for skin prick allergy testing, I tested at the top of the charts for walnuts and avocados. I have never eaten and don’t plan on eating avocados ever!! I also got severe hives on my arm when I dug out the seeds of the inside of a pumpkin for halloween. My doctor mentioned there was new research going on suggesting that allergies might actually be reactions to a fungus.

  147. Michelle F said,

    I have had the strangest reaction to avacados and was looking to see if anyone else has had this too! The first time I noticed it it took a few days to really appear and lasts for days! My lips get little white bumps that are sometimes itchy and then my hands (mostly tops of my fingers) get tiny itchy bumps. The itching lasts for days evenup tp a week. The first time it happened, like I said, it took a few days for the hand itching to appear. I never really had guacamole before just a few years ago. My husband loves the stuff and introduced me to it when we were dating. I liked the taste. Then developed this weird reaction. I took me awhile to make the connection, I was in denial. the weird thing is tha while I was Testing this theory out a fried of ours had a birthday party and made this wonderful avacado salad. I ate a ton of it and did not get the reaction t all. Then I tried to make it and sure enough the itchy stuff appeared a few days later. I stayed away from the stuff for a couple years after that then tested it again on some restaurant guac and sure enough the reaction took less than day to start and was even more itchy then I had remembered. It’s horrible! I don’t think I have had any stomach issues however with it. Just the terribly itchy bumps on my lips, mouth and all over my hands. I never thought I was allergic to latex, but maybe I am. I haven’t been tested on anything yet. I have also had some itchness around my eyes quite often that I am trying to figure out as well. I never thought it could be fruit or something. I like bananas, melons, kiwi and all kinds of fruit. I will have to look into this more. I have not had any stomach issues I can think of which seems strange compared to what it sounds likemost people experience. My husband recently found out her had a shrip allergy after getting hives one day when he had shrimp but never had an issue before that. One of my children is intolerant to bananas and one is intolerant to cod fish however.

    Anyway, have you evey heard of skin issue associated with avacado allergy before? Any other info or comments would also be appreciated. I am wondering what else I may be allergic to.

    MF in Maryland

  148. Ni said,

    I’m so happy I found this really informative thread on avocado allergies! I recently seem to have developed an allergy to avocado. I didn’t eat avocado much before, but I made a recipe that I loved last month – I had absolutely no problems then, though. Then last weekend, I made the same recipe, and continued to eat the leftovers on the next day as well. This time, I started getting really itchy on my face and neck, and developed a red flush around my eyes and cheeks. The second day of eating avocado, the itching got so bad I couldn’t sleep. However, I figured it was the normal “winter itch” that sometimes develops with dry skin. And since I didn’t get any abdominal cramps, there was no reason to think it was something I ate! Note that I’ve never had the “winter itch” before, but I lathered the vaseline on, and it seemed to be getting better – I could sleep the next night, at least! Not well, because I kept waking up every once in a while when it became itchy…

    Then yesterday night, my roommates made this dessert that had avocado in it. I had it, went to bed, and I actually woke up in the middle of the night coz of my facial itch. Today morning, it was still itching like crazy, and the area around my eyes and cheeks were really red, and my throat too. I had a bit of diarrhea in the morning, but no cramps at all. I could only last an hour at work, then went to the hospital emergency. By that time, I’d developed hives and a red rash in the hollow of my throat. I’ve been prescribed hydrocortizone cream and pills… they seem to be working, and the redness and itch has died down, thank god. But I have to say that the itching had started to die down by the afternoon, even before I had the meds. I still don’t have any stomach cramps, unlike most of the people who have commented here – I’m grateful, coz they seem very painful!

    I’ve never had any food allergy before, and I just had a banana before I discovered that those were in the same allergy food group as avocados… I hope I don’t develop any further allergies!

  149. TheHMC said,

    No way. Like a few others have said- glad to see I’m not crazy!

    Hi, I’m here to join the “I eat avacado and then feel like an alien’s going to burst through my gut” Club. Sorry to see so many people that go through the same horrible pain that I do. Several years ago I discovered the connection between avacados and the horrible stomach pains I would get. It took some time before I did, but I experimented a couple of times and was sure that the avacados just didn’t like me. So for years now I’ve avoided them, much to my dismay(I love them). The other day I mentioned to my husband how I really wanted some guacamole and, despite knowing that they destroy my soul every time I eat them, he bought some avacados. Tonight he made his guac and genuinely was disappointed that I wouldn’t be sharing it with him. I said “you know I can’t eat that!” And he said “but you said you wanted some!” To which I replied “yeah, I said I WANTED some, not that I intended to actually EAT some.” However, I let my temptation get the best of me and less than ONE teaspoon full and 6 hours later I’m still in pain. Sometimes I have the same problem with eggs and have generally avoided them for years, but will have some every once in awhile. I occasionally have mild reactions to band-aids(rashes where it was stuck to my skin) but not gloves so far(and I had several jobs that required gloves or finger cots and have also had 5 kids and spent my fair share around gloved docs and nurses-never a reaction). Never really been a fan of mango so I’ll just continue to not eat them lol.

    This has convinced me to see an allergist though, and I’m almost glad that I had tonights episode or I wouldn’t have found this and read about how the reactions tend to get worse. Tonight I had severe shortness of breath and if each time it can get worse, well…that scares me. This was the first time I had a respiratory reaction. So…if nothing else I now have more info and know I should see a doc and know I need to be THAT much more careful in the future.

    One thing I’ve found that works (over several instances of these stomach cramps )is laying on your stomach. For example, my pains tonight were centered mostly on the left side so I laid on my left side and twisted so that there was some pressure on my abdomen. In the past it’s been the right side, entire abdomen..whatever. but pressure has seemed to help. Right now I’m on my left side and the cramps are worse again.

    Thanks for this post! It is sooo appreciated!

    • Anna said,

      Hi, I know this was posted years ago now but just in case it helps….I had to pay about $500 Aus to get my allergy test. Which proved my belief that I was allergic to avocados, but also confirmed my suspicion to baby spinach and eggplant…something about containing protien P10….I actually thought it was eggs but it was just I was having baby spinach at the same time. I can actually eat eggs just fine, but avoided them for over 7 years! The agony certainly puts you off anything that might bring it on!

      Good luck..

    • Hi… I find a heating pad or old fashioned hot water bottle can help a bit… Lee

  150. Karen S said,

    I occasionally ate and enjoyed avocados from childhood until my mid 20s. One day I sliced an avocado, poured some italian salad dressing over it and enjoyed a delicious snack. Within about a half hour my stomach began to burn. The burn steadily grew stronger.

    In an effort to relief the burn, I drank some baking soda in water. Didn’t work. I sent my boyfriend off to the store for antacid. Taking this didn’t work either. And my stomach burning continued to grow worse. In desperation I forced myself to vomit. I had relief for about 10 minutes. Then the burn returned. It was so horrible all I could do was roll around on the bed in pain. For hours and hours! Something like 12 hours of suffering before the discomfort finally abated.

    The way I can best describe this pain is like having a red hot coal in my stomach. Sitting there just doing a slow burn for hours and hours.

    This was the first time I had ever felt like this after eating anything. Assuming it was the avocado, I was hesitant to eat it again. But I did sample a small amount of guacamole a few months afterwards and again I got deathly ill. That was enough evidence for me that I could no longer safely eat avocados.

    Some years later I inadvertently ingested what amounted to about a tiny dab of avocado and I was more deathly ill than the past two incidents. The stomach pain was almost unbearable.

    For decades now I have been very careful to never, ever ingest even a mote of avocado.

    The amazing part about reading Jonski’s allergic reaction experiences is that I too had a bad experience with shrimp after a life time of eating and enjoying shrimp with no problems. I have always loved those sweet, little bay shrimp that go on salads and make delicious shrimp cocktails. But one meal at a restaurant when I was in my 30’s contained bay shrimp. By the time the meal was over and we were paying the tab, my stomach started that slow burn. By the time we got home, I was in agony. In the same fashion as with avocado.

    The best I could come up with regarding the sudden shrimp allergic reaction was that the bay shrimp I used to eat as a youngster was caught off the coast of California and Oregon. By the time I was grown, the bay shrimp had been fished out on the western coast and shrimp was now coming from foreign seas. Perhaps not even being the same species I had grown up eating and this caused my body to have a sudden immune system response. I swore off shrimp for a long time. Although recently the bay shrimp population has rebounded off the west coast and I bought some this past summer and enjoyed them on a salad immensely without getting ill.

    I never thought I had a problem with latex. But I recently bought some sport tape to wrap up a weak ankle. Within an hour of wrapping my foot, I could feel a burning sensation on the top of my foot. I removed the tape to find that my skin was red and blistering! I believe the adhesive of this sport tape had latex in it. As far as I know putting on latex gloves or being touched by latex gloves doesn’t bother me. Band-aids don’t bother me either.

    The vagaries of these reactions to things and foods are often quite puzzling. My mother could not eat bananas or honey without suffering from a bad belly ache. But she never had any problem eating avocados. I have never had a problem with bananas or honey. But developed the avocado problem in my mid 20’s.

    I have noticed in the last few years that I was starting to have a slight reaction to mangos. Is the mango tree in the rubber tree family? I am assuming the avocado tree is in the rubber tree family. And of course we know latex comes from the rubber tree. We certainly know that shrimp aren’t related to rubber trees, but my theory is that for some of us who’ve had problems with shrimp some times and not others is because it is species specific. Stick with eating the species of shrimp you grew up eating and you’ll be ok, I think.

    • Tricia said,

      Hi Karen!

      My allergist told me that shrimp reactions can be hard to pinpoint. A person might be reacting to the shrimp proteins, or to a substance used in processing them, or to a contaminant in their habitat. Someone once told me (years ago, during idle conversation about food reactions) that he knew someone who could eat freshly caught shrimp but not ones purchased in a grocery store, not even so-called “fresh” shrimp. I have no idea if that’s true, but it seems in line with what my allergist said!

      Regarding the sports tape: I once bought a store-brand of bandaids that bragged about being latex free, and they made my skin red and irritated! Not as bad as what you described, but I do think that the adhesives differ across companies and can irritate the skin even if it’s not a latex issue. I’ve encountered latex gloves since then without any problem.

      Concerning the cross-reactivity with tropical fruits: avocado and rubber trees are *not* in the same Family. Neither are mangoes. They’re not even in the same Order! (the Linnean rank above Family) However, they have similar protein structures, that’s why those allergies commonly co-occur. Quoting the immunocap site: “Some Latex allergens cross-react with plant-derived food allergens, and this has been termed the “Latex-fruit syndrome”.” Mango is one of those fruits, but it’s 1 of 21 items in the low prevalence list (avocado, chestnut, and banana are the only 3 on the high prevalence list, and there are 8 items in the moderate prevalence list. This comes from http://www.latexallergylinks.org/GreerLabs.html ). And, just to muddy the waters even further, I’ve been told that people with latex allergies often go on to develop the related fruit allergies, but it’s not so clear if the opposite happens (people with the tropical fruit allergies go on to develop latex allergies).

      Allergies are so complicated. Based on some of the reading I’ve done, a good allergist will know what allergies are likely to co-occur, and will sometimes test for the whole cluster just to determine the extent of the problems.

  151. Penny said,

    Amazing – I just ate half an avocado for the first time in a year or so, just to see if I still got horrible stomach pains. One hr later, and yes, the alien was trying to burst out of my stomach. I’d always thought it was in my head, but now I know it isn’t. Thanks for all the great info!

    My query – does anyone else get the same thing with brazil nuts? I get exactly the same terrible stomach pains and am wondering if they are related. I haven’t seen it mentioned in this post though.

    Raw greens and lettuce can also cause the awful stomachache. I thought it was just a sign of getting older (not that I am ancient) and my digestive system getting weaker or something. Now I don’t know what to think.

  152. Christie said,

    I LOVE AVOCADOS. Recently, I purchased a bag of 5 at Costco. They were in perfect condition, so I decided to eat them pretty quickly. I’d never had any reaction to avocados before, but after I had 1 whole avocado the first day and 2 whole avocados the second day, I started getting sores on the outer corners of my lips. I refused to believe it was the precious avocados causing this reaction, so I ate another whole avocado on the third day. My mouth sores got worse, so now I think I’ll use the last avocado for a hair mask. I’m hoping it’s just the large amount of avocado that caused me problems because I definitely still want to eat them in the future!

    • Tricia said,

      Hey Christie, hope it works out for you! A contact/skin allergy might not develop into gastro symptoms, but of course it would be even better if you don’t have a contact allergy!

  153. carolyn said,

    wow, you posted this entry four years ago and people are still finding it. the web is amazing, isn’t it?!

    so i found your site because i googled “avocado hurts my stomach”. through the years, mine happens off and on, though. happened today, just ate 3 pieces of avacado. throat not itchy but boy does my stomach hurt.

    any idea of why it can happen sometimes and not others? i’ve had more than 3 bites in the past and nothing happens. reading that it can get worse over time makes me want to never try again.

  154. Spoon said,

    I’ve had this site bookmarked for over a year.

    What inspires me to write now is that I almost had an attack this week after a new non-informed co-worker bought lunch and we shared a sandwich. Went a little crazy when a piece of avocado popped out of my half of the sandwich. I knew what was coming and was in a frenzy to try anything to avoid those “I would feel better if I was dead” abdominal pains.

    Couldn’t make myself throw up. Another co-worker suggested calling my doctor who gave a simple fix – take one Benedryl and one Zyrtec. That kept me from hours of pain. I repeated the Benedryl every 4-6 hours for a day and took another Zyrtec after 24 hrs. Just had a wee bit of stomach bloating for a bit but NONE of the pain.

    My initial attacks started back in the mid-70’s eating guacamole one night and being stretched out on a chair and ottoman in a ladies restroom for over an hour
    on a night out with the girls. I had eaten avocado previously but don’t remember any reactions, since I didn’t eat them growing up in Michigan – don’t think my mom ever bought them so no exposure until began living in the Southwest.

    Avoided attacks for years by avoidance of avocado, though eating small amounts in sushi have never seemed to bother in the last couple of years. Go figure?! Won’t try that again after last scare.

    A year ago March was my prior violent attack after ingesting a little (again at work) in some Mexican food that I had eaten the day before with no problem and then eating a wrap without inspecting the insides. Within 2 hrs I was in the throes of anguish. By evening the pain was terrible and into the night it continued throwing up once for some reason. By morning the pain was basically gone, but I was still feeling rocky and stayed off work for a day.

    Arrived at the banana connection, too, after having a little discomfort a few years ago and just decided to stay away from them. Did eat a few dried banana chips with no problem in the last year.

    My allergy to scallops is throat-closing. My mom had asked a waitress one time to be sure a seafood chowder did not have any scallops before she ordered it with the comment that she was deathly allergic to them. I had never ever eaten one until 10 years ago when a new item on Carrabba’s menu peaked my interest. Knew it had scallops in it but decided to try it to see if I was allergic, too. It was an immediate reaction. All I remember is my throat feeling slightly itchy and starting to close up.

    Allergy to tape/latex? after my last hip replacement showed rash where tape had been placed. There is something like new skin you can put on first to provide a protective layer if you have to affix tape for some reason.

    Thanks for being here for us to learn.

  155. Trish said,

    This has been a very interesting read. I too have abdominal cramps from eating avocado, but I never knew it was an allergy until I began googling this morning – after having guacamole last night and subsequently rolling around like I was dying (I was possibly hamming it up a bit admittedly). It usually only happens if i eat very ripe avocado. Although I cannot find anything to connect shrimp/prawn allergies to avocado, I also react to tiger prawns (the ones that are kind of coiled up). I come out in hives.
    Now the interesting thing with the avocado – it is widely recognised as a latex allergy. You have a much greater chance of experiencing it if you had surgery or were catheterised (especially urinary/gastro) as a child, or if you have spinabifida. I had repeated catheterisation for a kidney infection when I was 5, and a sister born before me who died had spinabifida).

  156. Megan said,

    So I am trying to figure out if I am allergic to Avocado and it sounds like I am (which I was assuming I was considering my reaction right after). I am also 6 months pregnant…I’ve never had any type of reaction until just a day ago (May 17, 2010 evening) But this is my 2nd pregnancy and i ate avocados last pregnancy nothing happened. So I am not sure if it’s a pregnancy or if my baby is or if we both are. My reaction was immediately itchy on the inside of my ears, uncontrollable sneezing, upset stomach, and ended with puking everything inside my tummy until it was all out. I assumed right away I was allergic but every other site never said any of my symptoms until I found this one with everyone’s experiences. I’ve also had another experience with an food allergy…Hostess Donuts (earlier this current preg) Broke out in hives accross my face and hot flashes. I never had any reactions to those all my life…until this pregnancy. Thought it was weird. Thought I’d post my experience maybe there is someone who knows a thing or two…and YES I am going to talk to my Doctor. It’s only been a day. Found this website first. And I’m not that concerned because I’m okay and my baby is still kicking away. Just figured I need to stay away from those foods for now. Give me ur input would love to hear some advice or other stories. 😀

  157. darjr said,

    I cannot thank you enough. I had a stomach ache that was killing me. I’d eaten avocados… or something… I took alergy pills and it is dissipating!


  158. Keigas said,

    Hi from Oz,
    the humble avo sure has got something up it’s sleeve. I’ve eaten it almost daily for the last 30 odd years & only 6 months ago it started punching me in the guts. Thought for awhile the culprit was those brown areas just under the skin & removing them worked ok but then I had one, clean as, except I remember that it had a 2ml layer of extra dark flesh just under the skin, which may have been an indication that it had been picked green, refrigerated & later ripened in some novel way by the merchant ; back to severe pain, bile, nausea, & the technicolour yawn. I just make like a gunslinger now, if I’am unable to avoid avo,the silver bullet is my finger down the throat, keep on doing that to bring it up, the pain & nausea wash off rapidly. Drink water to avoid dehydration

  159. jane said,

    did anyone mention sulfites as I was tested for sulfite allergy & I know avocadoes & shrimp were both on the list to avoid as foods that have sulfites. Unfortunately, I can’t drink wine anymore either

    • Tricia said,

      Jane, the brief search I did just now suggests that sulfites are added to shrimp and shellfish (probably for preservation?) and “avocado dip” – but do not naturally occur in them. I interpret the “avocado dip” listings to mean commercial preparations of guacamole (like the tubs you could get at a grocery store), and that a cut up fresh avocado would not have sulfites. But I’m guessing.

      With the shrimp, a long time ago I had a conversation with someone who had a friend who could eat fresh caught shrimp but not processed shrimp. Based on what I just read, I wonder if that person was allergic to the added sulfites? I don’t think it explains the reactions I had to shrimp back when i was still eating it, because I don’t react to any other sulfites.

  160. kelli said,

    Is there any link between avocados and raspberries? I know I’m allergic to avocados, but I’ve never had any problem with raspberries until today! Same stomach cramps and everything.

    • Tricia said,

      Kelli, I found one web page (at a non-medical site) that mentioned both avocados and raspberries in the context of salicylate allergies, but then many others did not list avocados as a source of natural salicylates – raspberries are always listed as a salicylate source.

      Then I re-read the immunocap information page, and it doesn’t say anything about well-known cross-reactivity between avocados and raspberries. So my guess (and it’s really only a guess) is that if you did develop an allergy to raspberries, it’s unrelated to your avocado allergy.

  161. Spoon said,

    I love raspberries and certainly hope there is no connection.
    I will be sure to check it out the next time I come up on some.
    Did you eat fresh – frozen – or mixed in something?

  162. kelli said,

    fresh raspberries….lots of them lol. I love them 😦

  163. Delia said,

    Here is my interesting history of being allergic to Avocados. My family being Cuban live almost daily on avocados when I was growing up. The first time I ever ate A Bite of avocado was when I was 6 yrs old. My mother had some friends over and thier children and of course we were left at the table to finish eating. I never liked anything green, but there it was on my plate one piece for me to eat and my mother telling me that I could not leave the table until I ate it (I was also a veeeeery sloooooow eater). So, I ate it, the ONE piece. Within a few minutes all the other kids and my brother were laughing at me because I now had a bottom lip the size of a large lemon wedge and could not talk. My mother came to see what was going on and of course my family went into CODE BLUE and I was rushed to the emergency room. You all know the process, benadryl shot and observing me to see that the swelling went down. A couple of weeks later my mother barely touched my lips with a piece of the avocado and it swelled (the doctor instructed her to do so). So I have never eaten it again. Many years later as a teenager I was cutting it up to dinner, like I had done many times, and my hands broke out in hives. So, no more touching it on the inside. Several years after that all I did was touch the outside and then touched my cheek and it swelled. Then someone put one in a paper bag, all I did was touch the top edge of the bag and both my face and hand swelled up. So, now no one could eat avocado and touch me and everything that the avocado touched had to be washed and wiped clean. Some years after that while rehearsing in a carport of a band members country home in Puerto Rico, by the next day my chin and right cheek were double thier size. come to find out we had rehearsed underneath an avocado tree full of avocados. So, now I cannot live too close to an avocado tree at all. In fact when they are in bloom my ears, mouth, and throat get itchy and red. I live in South Florida. Talk about some alergy, Hum!

  164. AH HA! So maybe I AM allergic to avocados after all.

    I have known for a long time that if I eat sushi with avocado or guacamole, I am in for severe stomach pain for several hours.

    Of course, I LOVE guacamole and every few years I decide that MAYBE I can tolerate it, so I eat some and become very sorry I did.

    What’s interesting is that sometimes I get a milder form of stomach pain and itchy lips from banannas. I’ve always chalked it up to eating banannas that aren’t ripe enough.

    Last summer I had a laser proceedure to erase broken capilaries that descended from my nose (for purely cosmetic reasons). As soon as the doctor’s latex gloved hand touched my nose, I started sneezing uncontrollably and my eyes watered. The reaction was so severe, I decided not to do the second round of treatment, even with latex free gloves.

    I am thinking maybe I do have the latex-fruit allergy, although I had two c-sections with no special latex-free acomodations and no issues.

    Thanks for your blog post and comments. Today I decided to try and see if I could tolerate guacamole, and here I am googling “stomach pain avocado.” I took two benadryl and think I am feeling a little better, but the pain is still intense.

    Guess I’ll be googling an allergist in my town.

  165. Clara said,

    I’m sad to say I am allergic to avocados as well 😦 This is awful, because I DO love them! It’s weird because I never started showing symptoms until recently. I used to eat them and not feel a thing! Then, a month ago I had avocado on my sandwich and had the worst stomach pain in the world. And last night, my mom made seviche with avocado and OMG I had the most horrible upper stomach pains EVER! IT does feel like you ate glass. It lasts for 5 hrs and makes me sleepy 😦

    By the way…avocados are extremely toxic to animals..esp. dogs. So, everyone please be careful not to let your animals get any!!

  166. Alli said,

    I also have an avocodo allergy. I figured it out a few years ago when I ate them on sandwiches frequently then ended up with severe stomach pains for hours. I recently noticed some of my hand lotions contain avocado oil along with battling an odd contact allergy (that I blamed on antibacterial soap). I was curious if anyone has heard of this allergy being connected to contact allergy if the avocado oil is rubbed into the skin (via lotion)?

  167. Solene said,

    I get the gastro-intestinal symptoms like most of the comments above… Severe tummy pain; No other allergic reactions. But I also get hemorrhoids for a couple of days afterwards… Anyone else??
    The only other food allergy I have is egg whites & I deal with that by thoroughly cooking my eggs… until they’re dead dry!

    • Tricia said,

      Ummm – not me. Does a “not me” on a question about hemorrhoids count as TMI? :^o

      I find it strange that thoroughly cooking eggs would mitigate an egg white allergy. I guess that completely destroys the offending protein?

    • Lynn said,

      I also developed an egg allergy that I forgot to mention. You are not alone

    • Anna banana said,

      Yes Solene I get those too, definitely from nuts but probably from other foods since I still get them occasionally and have mostly cut out nuts. Also get intensely itchy eyes, feels like sand in them, but is probably hives in eyelids, itchy inner ears and constantly tearing eyes. Oh yeah and chronic sinusits and ear ache. Not sure what foods cause what symptom but has gotten much worse in the past few years. I was eating a lot of baby spinach, bananas, avocodos and mushrooms. Have tried to cut out soy completely which helps some and have lost a few pounds!. Now will start on the fruit and veggies. There is a kiwi sitting on my desk which I am afraid to eat after reading this blog but I suppose it’s one way to find out if I’m allergic. After eating an avocado and getting itchy eyes yesterday I googled and found this site. Thanks!

    • Solene said,

      Things got really bad for me last winter and after many tests & labs, I came across a wonderful doc & nutritionist at BIDMC’s Celiac Center. I’m on the FODMAP diet today & functional again… Just in case some of you out there might be concerned, with anything from common nausea, GERD symptoms to anal itching, burning etc…

  168. maria said,

    I am allergic to avocados my reactions over the years have gotten worse from accidental exposure, I don’t eat anything on a a plate if there are avocados on it. What is weird is that like the author I too have shrimp allergies I can eat other shellfish, I just can’t eat shrimp. Seeing as it is not a cross reaction isn’t it weird that both of us have the same allergy. Also I am not allerrgic to banana or mangoes. If you are still responding I would love to know if you have developed any of the other allergies.

    • Tricia said,

      Hi Maria! I am still responding on occasion. I have not developed other food allergies, although there have been two occasions while traveling that my gastro system started down that path. Once I had eaten a canned tropical fruit salad from a hotel’s lame breakfast bar – my allergist said it might be mango, but I’ve since eaten mangoes and bananas in various forms and it’s neither of those. Maybe papaya? Maybe sheer coincidence?

      And this is probably completely unrelated: I’ve developed an allergy to naproxen (more commonly known by the brand name Aleve). I thought my avocado reaction had been severe, the naproxen was MUCH worse! (including mild hives, total itchiness, and some shortness of breath). I took benedryl as a rescue med for that, which I only knew to do because of discussions with the allergist about avocado reactions.

  169. Sophie said,

    I’ve only just this morning realised i’ve got an allergy to avocados. So have been combing the web for information.

    I tend to always have avocado with tomato and red onion and had previously noticed a mild itchy throat when i had them altogether but didn’t really pay it much attention.
    This morning I finally put two and two together. I was having avocado with baby tomatoes and red onion on toast. Was fine for the first few bites and then suddenly the itching sensation flared up. It suddenly occured to me that it was the avocado. Waited five minutes and the sensation went away, took another bite and it flared up again. Had the waiter remove the avocado and had the rest of the meal and I was fine. So it’s clearly the avocado.

    I’m used to dealing with allergies as I have a severe allergy to peanuts, which gets worse each time. However I also used to suffer from anaphlaxis to egg white, but that one has now completely gone away with desensitization.

    I do wonder if I’m more allergic to some varieties of avocado over others, as just a month ago I was in France and had avocado on a burger and was completely fine. So will have to try a process of elimination. fingers crossed it just stays as itchy throat and doesn’t develop into nausea and full blown anaphylaxis. That would completely suck as i love guacamole!

  170. Laura said,

    Thank you!!!! Everyone looks at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I’m alllergic to avocados. I get violently sick. Now, I can tell them I’m not the only one and it’s a real thing.

  171. Lynn said,

    I feel like I just found the answer I have been looking for for 14 years! All these gastro-pain avocado experiences with guac and sushi are like mine. When pregnant, the shrimp allergy came on but has gone away (I think). 1 year ago plastics started affecting me. Just 3 months ago I have started reacting to almonds.

  172. Janelle said,

    I cannot believe how many others have the same reaction to avocados as I do! They make me vomit like crazy, the first time it happened I had no idea why I was being sick as I was on holiday, but they next time I ate avocado and I felt that horrible way I knew what it was, now I stare clear of them…I too feel funny after eating sushi with avocado in it. The only other food I have a reaction to is eggs they give me diarrhoea. Though sometimes I can get an itchy throat after eating raw fruit and vegetates.

    It really does help knowing I am not the only one who gets sick after eating avocados, makes me feel like less of a dork telling when I tell people that I am allergic

  173. Anna said,

    Thank you to everyone for your comments, just amazing!
    After years of suffering from any avocado intake with intense stomach ache
    I am again searching the internet for information. So many similar stories and
    other related food intolerances. I forgot to mention in a previous comment
    that elastoplast and other bandaids cause me to have red itchy bumps on my skin if left for more than half an hour or so and I am pretty sure that my avocado allergy started just after I started taping my ankle with it quite often.
    Only just realising now so many incidents all strangely related. Back when I was 15 I used a nutrimetics avocado mask or something at a friends and my entire face was red and sore for days. Then pineapple gave me terrible pain, didn’t realise for years though. Until after I had a pina-colada!
    Now I can’t eat egg without being in agony for 5-7 hours either, unless in a cake. What are we all to do? I don’t know, but I am going to now keep a food diary it is so bad. I am adding so many (healthy) foods to my suspect list it is ridiculous, and ate cooked corn last night only to have another terrible pain, nausea and frustration. Note to self :avoid avocado, egg, banana, pineapple, cashews, almonds, walnuts, squash, zucchini, cucumber?, garlic? shellfish? corn/maize? oh definately melon, brussell sprouts, passionfruit and peas.
    Good luck, all!
    I just realised I have been suffering with this for over 18 years and still unable to avoid the pain now and then!

    • Anna said,

      Note to other readers….I was mistaken about the egg thing!!!! It was actually baby spinach that I was eating at the same time!
      I can eat eggs fine, the uncooked baby spinach is a killer though.

  174. Claire said,

    Anyone have a similar problem with honey? I have the avocado thing, pain for hours, and honey on toast gives almost the same result. Stomach pain, have to lie down, takes a few hours to go away.

  175. Kristin said,

    This link talks about avocado and SHRIMP

    Avocado-sensitised patients with Latex allergy were typically middle-aged women, professionally exposed to Latex, who also exhibited frequent associated sensitisations to Chestnut, Banana, and other fruits. IgE antibodies against Avocado were demonstrated in 11 of the patients. The study reported that despite its lower protein content, SAv seems to be more allergenic than HAv, both in vivo and in vitro (40).
    Food hypersensitivity is less frequent among adult patients than in childhood. In a study of 7,698 patients visiting an outpatient clinic, 120 reported consistent clinical symptoms after consumption of 1 or more foods: Shrimp (n=48), Squid (n=33), Kiwi (n=14), Papaya (n=14), Avocado (n=13) and Banana (n=12) were the most frequent causes of food hypersensitivity (62).

    • Tricia said,

      Thanks Kristin. I recently noticed a half-eaten shrimp in an egg roll I had been eating. No symptoms arose, so I guess I’m not allergic to them any more. I’ll probably continue to avoid them, though, just in case!

  176. Nancy said,

    Just to throw a wrench into the discussion…I too struggle with severe stomach cramping from avocado. The catch is that I get the same pains (almost worse) from terriyaki sauce and certain soy sauces. This REALLY sucks because I can’t eat meat and certain sushis at Japanese restaurants and I am going to Japan next year!

    If I ever find a remedy, I will post it here

  177. Yves said,

    I have the awful stomach cramps version of avocado allergy. I’m fine with bananas, kiwis, shrimp, mushrooms, etc. I have the hives form of allergy to coconut milk and coconut butter (but luckily not coconut oil, which is hidden in lots of stuff). Anybody else have problems with both avocados and coconut?

    We live in an area where kids practically give away avocados at streetside stands, and people think I’m crazy for not eating them. I’m sort of glad to hear there’s an actually allergy, though I was hoping it was just a stomach thing that I could take something like “lactaid for avocados” for and be able to eat guac.

  178. Jen said,

    I am allergic to avocados too, but unlike any other post I read, they make me ITCHY. Immediately after eating avocado (even the tiniest bit, like a smear on a plate) I get a burning stomach-ache that will last all day. Then within 48 hours I itch from head to toe, starting on my inner thighs, with no real visible rash. Makes me feel crazy. Anyone else itch all over??

    • Tricia said,

      Jen, I don’t remember getting itchy from avocados, but I definitely had all over itchiness when I reacted to naproxen! Does yours respond to an antihistamine?

  179. JA said,

    I also cannot eat avocados or bananas. I get horribly painful stomach aches and there is nothing I can do to stop them. The banana developed when I was around 16 years old and then the avocado not until my early 20’s. I’m not sure if this is an allergy or just being intolerant to them. Nothing happens just by touching them I actually have to eat them. Does anyone know if this sounds like an allergy or just being intolerant?

    • Tricia said,

      My allergy symptoms only occur when I eat the avocados – I’ve never had a reaction from touching them. Then again, I’ve only touched them a few times since my diagnosis (eg buying at grocery store). The only way to know for sure is to be tested- an allergy will show a histamine response, an intolerance won’t. (I think …)

  180. Angelina said,

    Hey everybody!! OMG! I had no idea there were others out
    there!! LOL.. Well, they say if you have allergies young, you
    outgrow them. My mother was that way, but my grandmother grew into
    her allergies. As it seems to be with me. I LOVE, LOVE, avocados,
    shrimp and mushrooms. Guess what? Yup! They cause a pain on the
    lower esophagus/upper stomach like someone has stuck their huge
    hand in my esophagus and is slowly turning it. It is excruciating!
    And on top of that, Latex and cigarette smoke allergies. I too come
    from the medical field and used latex gloves all the time, and
    eventually began getting tiny deep blisters. Finally narrowed it
    down to the latex. I am currently 38 and have been experiencing the
    avocado/shrimp/mushroom allergy since maybe age 30? But get this,
    most of the time it does not occur. But when it does, almost from
    taking the first bite, I am unable to eat anymore. So it is a
    fickle allergy as well! UGH! Why God has thou allowed my avocado to
    forsake me?!?

  181. helliums said,

    Maybe you can find the answer on this blog http://medicalarticlez.blogspot.com/
    hopefully useful

  182. Fogcityite said,

    Tricia, I could have written your post! (Except the shrimp references.) I have also had a lifelong aversion to avocado, and told people I was allergic to it so I wouldn’t have to deal with it (although in California, where I live, telling people I live an avocado-free lifestyle is greeted with the same pity and dismay normally reserved for orphans.)

    Now I’m in my mid-40’s. A couple of years ago I was given a serving (vegan) chocolate mousse at a large party. One bite, and my throat started to itch. “What is in this?” I asked. The answer: chocolate, agave, and AVOCADO! Now what sane person puts avocado in chocolate mousse?

    Anyway, my tongue swelled slightly, and the itchiness continued and spread throughout my mouth and to my lips. A friend was ready to take me to the emergency room, but that turned out to be unnecessary. I didn’t have the vomiting so many of you have described, but I learned that evening that my lifelong aversion was actually the allergy I’d been ‘pretending’ to have. My body knew, even if I didn’t. I’ve never had problems with bananas, latex, mangoes or other tropical fruits, however. Hopefully that won’t change.

  183. Kat said,

    I am over 40 years old and just today realized that I have allergies to various foods!!! All these years I thought I was alone since my friends have never cut out the avocado and have been able to order salads at restaurants!!

    Throughout the years, I have discovered reactions to the following foods: Iceberg lettuce, almonds, kiwis, bananas, avocados and pineapple. I get an intense stomach ache as well – it truly is like I’ve swallowed shards of glass. Some of these foods also makes the roof of my mouth itch as well (kiwis and bananas).

    I had always thought I just had a hard time digesting these foods for some reason, not that I was actually allergic to them. My guess was that I was intolerant to potassium rich foods like bananas and almonds, but then again, I could eat potatoes without any problems.

    Your article and some other research on the Internet has helped me understand that I truly have allergies and not necessarily digestion problems. Thanks for sharing!

    • Anna said,

      Such a similar story, it is so painful! I can’t eat fruit salad, and have now
      just found out what I thought may have been mushrooms is probably baby spinach..I can eat cooked spinach just fine…it seems every year
      another yummy healthy food is added to my list of 6 hour torture…
      Potatoes and carrots ok so far….

  184. Vortuno said,

    Hmm, avocado allergy..i just know

  185. Lori said,

    You can add one more name to the list of people who are allergic to avacado…and I also thought I was alone until I read this column.

    What the heck is happening that we are developing these allergies!?!

    Vancouver, BC

  186. J said,

    Me too. I have been since high school but I always thought it was realted to the onions and avacados mixed in guac. I have always gotten a tummy ache from eating raw onions. I ate 2 small bites of only avac. tonight and got the same intense stomach ache and nausea! What a bummer!

  187. Anna said,

    Hi, I was tested for avocado allergy years ago which was negative. I know that this must be incorrect due to my intense pain within 30mins of ingesting it, which lasts for up to 6 hours. Since I was 21 my pain from healthy raw food has stepped up to include bananas, avocado, cashews, pineapple, melon, watermelon, and now I think raw baby spinach (after the most intense stomach pain from a thai beef salad). I also get intense pain from uncooked egg, eg. pancakes not quite cooked through. I seem to be ok with banana cake and quiche so it seems that anything raw that is on my list is the real issue. This is really frustrating and at times very debilitating, I have spent my last ten years on holidays in agony from eating out, as I am just not sure what is hurting me, and the tests I have all come back negative to an allergy. My Aunt recently had raw food testing with many allergies to the foods I think are on my hit list. When I have googled my pain foods, I have come up with oral allergy syndrome. Which is very interesting. It must be real, so many of the foods are listed in particular, like those under rag weed. All I know is that it is not fair to be in such intense pain from eating green healthy food, and fruits. Especially considering that I would actually prefer to be a vegetarian but would have possibly nothing left to eat!

  188. PatriciaT said,

    One of the huge allergies I have is to sulfites. I get stomach cramps and diarrhea. It can be sprayed on produce to preserve it. You have to talk to store managers to find out their policy on this. Trader Joe’s is really a good place to shop. They mark what has sulfites.

    Pay special attention to annatto. It is the yellowing agent in foods like some cheeses and some corn products. I have even seen it in ice cream. I suffer from cramps and diarrhea with annatto.

    Using a brush to scrub your mushrooms and other foods plus removing the stem where sulfites can collect will help with that allergy.

    If you have a sulfite allergy, you will learn that you cannot have anything with vinegar, dried foods, molasses, many potato products, and bottled lemon and lime juices. Look up all of the things that can affect you.

    I thought I had IBS for the last 16 years. As soon as I removed foods with sulfites, I was perfectly okay. It was like an amazing miracle!

  189. Jo said,

    Since having a c section I have found I can no longer eat avocado,bananas, and almonds, I still crave for these but if I eat them I get a serious indigestion feeling and vomit. I have spoken to a few people who have had a reaction in their diet since an operation.

    • Tricia said,

      Jo, I have a friend who learned she was allergic to latex during/after a c-section. Yikes! I forget whether or not she is also allergic to avocado. But I wonder if the exposure to latex during the surgery is what triggers it?

  190. Kendra said,

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one with multiple food allergies. I’m allergic to all natural and artificial sulfites, everything in the ocean, freshwater fish, coconut and avocado. It’s really hard for me to eat anything or anywhere without me checking out a label or grilling a restaurant on how they prepare their foods. If I am in a store, restaurant or area where there is either fresh seafood or seafood being cooked, I have to leave immediately. Sulfites are everywhere! I carry an epipen or two with me at all times. The smallest amount of any of these items will cause a severe allergic reaction.

  191. Tiff said,

    I just recently figured out that I am most likely (at least anecdotally) allergic to avocados after eating them for most of my life with no problems (I’m 40 now). Tonight, for the third time in as many years, I got terrible GI symptoms after eating guacamole with dinner. I don’t have any problems with latex or any of the associated foods. The only other thing that I am allergic to (that I know of!) is ibuprofen. Not sure if there is a link or not. When I have a reaction to ibuprofen it’s more of the anaphylactic kind–i.e. throat swelling up, etc. Both times it was scary but thankfully not severe enough to have to go to the ER. As far as the reaction to avocados, I have found that Gas-X works great to relieve the associated nausea, bloating, pressure, cramping, and gassy feeling. I never thought of it as an “allergy” until tonight though, so I never tried Benadryl to help with the attacks. I should’ve thought of the Benadryl myself because I have been taking it since I was 4 and you could only get it with a prescription (the patent was still in effect so you couldn’t get it OTC back then). I woke up the morning after Halloween with severe hives all over my face, lips and eyes (my eyes were actually swollen shut). My parents (with the doctor’s input) blamed it on sugar as that was the first year they had taken me trick-or-treating and let me eat some of the candy, but it was never definitively determined what caused the reaction. All I know is that SOMETHING caused the reaction and it wasn’t avocados OR ibuprofen. The medical profession still has a lot to discover when it comes to allergies.

    • Tricia said,

      Welcome to the “club”, Tiff. Sorry you can no longer eat something you enjoyed.

      And on the unrelated non-avocado front, I discovered a few years ago now that I was allergic to naproxen. that incident was also of the anaphylactic kind. Scary indeed! I am not supposed to take ibuprofen any more, or aspirin for that matter.

  192. Laura said,

    Does anyone else have people look at you and treat you like you’re weird when you say, “I’m allergic to avacados” It’s like people don’t believe me. My husband is very protective but I think people think we’re over doing it, but it has gotten worse each time I’ve accidentally eaten a tiny bit, to the point I really needed emergency care last time, but couldn’t get to it, I just rode it out. I’ve given up sushi because of fear of cross-contanmination.

    Also, I’m suspicious of my last surgery a few years ago. I got violently sick in recovery. The doctor was great and could only come up with what he thought was another allergy, but now I’m wondering if it was the latex.

    Well, those are my thoughts. Have a great day, all.

    • Fogcityite said,

      I was hospitalized for surgery this past October, and during the pre admit intake I told them I was allergic to avocado. I said something like “not that I’m likely to encounter it here.” The nurse responded that avocado oil appears in unlikely places, including lotions and lubricants used in medicine, so it was a good thing I had told them.

      I noticed that the co-allergen list at the top of this post mentions potatoes. I find that interesting because they are not botanically in the same family as avocados. They are, however, nightshades, to which I have an auto-immune response: if I eat nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, tomatillos, ground cherries, peppers (and, for you smokers, tobacco)) I develop arthritic symptoms in my hands.

  193. amy said,

    As a child I was allergic to avocadoes, they would make my throat itch real bad, most fruits did along with any raw vegetables. As I got older the allergic reactions subsided and I was able to eat all fruits and vegetables. But one day I ate an avocadoe and it made me sick to my stomach, I thought maybe it was a bad avocado so I didn’t think much of it. I ate another one from the same batch I had gotten and got sick again, I avoided them for a year or so after that. Lately I have had guacamole on different things and I have been fine. Is it possible that maybe I’m allergic to only certain kinds of avocados?

  194. Jennifer said,

    Its interesting reading all (or many) of these posts, since I thought I was the only screwy person who couldnt eat avocado. Im hesitant to call it an allergy, since I havent been tested, but I get all the same painful stomach cramps- just like glass – and shell fish tends to make me feel the same way. I wanted to start a cleanse that included lots of raw fruits and veggies but it includes lots of avocados. So not sure what to substitute instead. Everytime I think the reaction to avocados is just in my head I get sick. No Im even more concerned after reading these posts that if I try to just deal with the pain, but eat it anyway, I could be making my tolerance for it worse. Thanks for the blog, because Ive always felt a little weird for avoiding this very popular fruit in California.

  195. Peter said,

    I am highly allergic to avocados and cantaloupe, and mildly allergic to bananas, watermelon, tomatoes, and some other fruits. My mouth and throat and ear passages will itch intensely after eating any of these.

    I also have extreme hay fever and I recall many days as a child growing up in Chicago when I literally could not see and I could not stop sneezing. I would lie on the couch with a cold wash rag on my eyes, hoping for relief, which sometimes took an hour or more.

    I moved to California at the age of 20 and the hay fever stopped instantly, but the fruit allergies remain to this day. I am now 57 years old and straight avocado is by far the most irritating. My mouth itches intensely for about 20 minutes after eating it. Needless to say, I stay away from avocado when ever possible!

  196. Misfit Marx said,

    You guys are ridiculous Avocado’s come from nature how are they gonna make you sick? It sounds like in a lot of your cases that the avocado is trying to detoxify you guys that’s why it’s making you go to the bathroom and in some cases puke. I can’t explain the itchy body parts but is it possible that maybe when ou guys eat eat the avocado it’s not fully ripe or maybe the reason you guys are itching because most of them have been genetically modified. Perhaps you you guys should try eating organic avocado’s.

    • Tricia said,

      Arsenic comes from nature, too, but that fact doesn’t make it less toxic. I suppose you think allergies are a conspiracy inflicted on us by the makers of artificial antihistamines? The histamine response in the body is faked? Anaphylaxis is all in our heads? Whatever. No sense educating yourself, and better pray/hope you never develop any allergies!

    • Fogcityite said,

      Misfit: Many people suffer from food allergies, often life-threatening. Common ones include tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, strawberries, and chocolate. The allergy to avocado is less common, but by no means rare, and those who are allergic to it have an increased risk of being allergic to related things including latex and mangoes. There are many theories about why certain people have certain food allergies, but the one thing agreed upon by science and medicine is that food allergies are very real and can be fatal.

  197. Heather said,

    I have also have intense stomach pain for several hours after eating avocados. But also from shrimp, cantaloupe, capers, eggs eaten alone, sometimes mayo, and if I eat strawberries and pineapple together. I have always wondered why. Glad there are others out there who share my pain, ha ha 😉

  198. Harsha said,

    OK, so I grew allergic to mushrooms few years back and stopped eating them completely. Usually I’ll have intense stomach pain that will last for 5-6 hours. I was fine with guacamole all these years and today all of a sudden I got the same kind pain that I get with mushrooms when I ate guacamole! I don’t eat seafood, so I don’t know how I would react to shrimps. Surprisingly I could not find any useful material online connecting mushroom and avocado allergies.
    Indian home remedy of consuming buttermilk, ginger and lemon juice mixed in a blender is the best medicine I’ve found so far. Usually the pain will go away for 30-45 minutes after drinking this mix but nevertheless comes back after a while. I just drink some more of this medicine and eat nothing else in between. Works for me.

    • Tricia said,

      Thanks for the suggestion, Harsha. Maybe that remedy will help some others deal with the digestive misery symptoms, too.

  199. Michelle said,

    Wow, I spent a night in the hospital with extreme stomach pain I had been having the pain for a week so i finaly went in the did tests while doing test they did find I had some bleading cysts and they said that they can be painful but just take some pain meds and they will most probably go away.
    so its been about a month now and today I decided to have avodado again I hadnt had it in about a month. Guess what! extreme stomach pain like im going to throw up. I can’t beleive this, so I googled and came across this forum and I am just flabbergasted that I might be alergic to avacodos.
    I will not eat them for a bit and see if i feel better.
    Im glad i looked into it.

    • Tricia said,

      I’m sorry you’re in pain – I have a friend who went through ruptured cysts and it sounds pretty awful.

      If it’s been a month, you could be experiencing another ruptured egg cyst – but you probably realized that! If you think you might have an avocado allergy, try eating in mid-cycle and see what happens. Or see an allergist! you could also try taking a benedryl to see if that has any effect – antihistamine should dampen an allergic reaction but probably would not affect cysts. Good luck getting relief and answers!

  200. Just a thought said,

    I didn’t read through all the comments, so forgive me if this has been mentioned. But things like avocados, bananas and mushrooms are quite high in histamine. Histadelia is when people have extremely high levels of histamines and their body cant control it with a enough diamine oxidase, which is the enzyme we should produce to help balance our histamine levels. Along with many other things. Unfortunately there is a lot of contradicting information on the web about what should be avoided. I think because different foods effect people differently and you may be able to tolerate things that someone else cannot.

    For me eating foods high in histamine cause all sorts of issues. From a flushing face to intense stomach pain and vomiting to fits of uncontroled anger. Painful periods are also a big one. I’ve also always had terrible seasonal allergies and horrible reactions to bug bites. It also can cause depression and anxiety.

    The diet is a lot of trail and error but it’s worth trying if you think it might fit some of your symptoms. Joan Mathews Larson has some good info about it and a quiz to see if you might fit the symptoms. Just search her and abnormal brain histamine.

    • Just a thought said,

      *Sorry that’s trial and error.

  201. Jaci said,

    Well…I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only weird one out there with odd allergies! For me, it started when I was a child – I was born with eczema and have had it my whole life (I’m 33). I’ve also always had pretty bad hayfever and allergies to cats. About 6 years ago, I developed oral allergies to peaches, nectarines, cherries and apples. This comes in the form of an itchy, tight throat and mouth.

    After my second child was born, I began having severe stomach cramps and I figured out that it was after I ate eggs. At the same time, I noticed that I could have eggs baked into things like pancakes, muffins, cakes, breads, etc. Interestingly, I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy and ate 2 eggs every morning to have the protein I needed to balance the carbs at breakfast, I actually thought that maybe I had OD’d on eggs!

    Early during my third pregnancy, I tried eggs again and could eat them, no problem. And again, I had gestational diabetes so I was eating 2+ eggs per day for about 3-4 months straight. When I was about one month post-partum, I noticed the cramping pain was back again after eating eggs. So I just avoid them except for baked into things.

    Today at dinner, I made a delicious guacamole with some beautiful and perfectly ripe avocados and now I’m sitting here with the exact same stomach cramps that I get with eggs!!!

    One thing I thought of is that they both have omega 3 fatty acids in them…maybe that is a link? I have no idea! But I’m very disappointed! I LOVE avocados! Love them!

    One other note, I do not get these stomach cramps immediately. They come on 1-2 hours after eating which I’ve always thought a bit bizarre!

    Oh…and one more thing, I’m wondering if drinking some carbonated beverage might help? I sipped on some coke once after getting an egg stomach ache and I think it may have made the ache go away somewhat quicker. Anyone else experience that?

    • Jatinder said,

      egg whites and avocado, enough is enough, I am done, wont get closer even. cramps ans bloating, question is what is the CURE, or at least immediate remedy.

      • Tricia said,

        I didn’t know about this the final time I reacted to avocado, but I was able to stop a reaction to a medication by taking fast-acting benedryl (antihistamine). This is probably to late to help you, though, and I’m sorry about that!

  202. Kuvam Sama said,

    I suppose I’m gonna need to look up a couple more things but this was a pretty good strting point.

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  204. Aaron byfield said,

    Why when i eat advocados i pass alot of gas?

  205. Kris said,

    I have allergies to both eggs and avocado and I love them both. It’s a real drag. I would love to get up and have boiled eggs (I like the yoke on toast with pepper) or go to a restaurant and have guacamole but I know that the pain I will suffer afterwards will be excruciating and will last for hours.
    I make myself feel better by remembering that ice cream and bacon never make me sick!!!!!!

  206. angela said,

    I had the same allergy problems and I start taking raw honey and it’s amazing how it works. Read about it and try yourself.

    • Tricia said,

      I’m glad you found something that works for you! I’ve heard claims about local honey and seasonal/pollen allergies. Not sure i understand the physiology of how honey would block a histamine response to foods, though. Without seeing some research, I personally wouldn’t be willing to risk anaphylaxis on it (esp since I don’t like avocado that much).

  207. kim said,

    I too get terrible stomach pains from eating avocado. However, only from the black, Haas avocado. The larger green ones do not cause any problems. I also get the same stomach pains from eating cantaloup or any other “webbed” skinned melon. I don’t have any problem with honeydew or smooth skinned melons. I was told that webbed skinned melons and black avocados hold more mold. Healthy mold but if you have a mold allergy this is why you’re allergic. Give the green avocados a try and see if you have the same reaction.

  208. Carleen Garby said,

    I too have a problem with avocado and shrimp as many on this site posted. And I know I have mold allergies so I attribute these reactions to mold. They cause colitis with me. All dried fruits and many nuts cause the same reactions.

  209. First it was mushrooms for me and then avocados. Same type of reaction: sever intestinal pain lasting about 8 hours followed by a sensitive intestine for about the new twelve. Throat itch occurs with avocado for me. I avoid both completely in order to avoid the pain and loss of time. People say, “I feel so sorry for you! Avocado’s are so good!” I tell them it is perfectly fine with me not to eat them! I would rather not experience that pain ever again if it is avoidable.

  210. Tambree said,

    I love avocado! Well, used to. I never experienced three itchy throat, but every time I have tried avocado in the last 5 years, I end up with excruciating pain and nausea, just as many have started as well. However, instead of mushrooms, these symptoms persist whenever I eat avocado and CASHEWS. Not almonds, or peanuts. Cashews. Even more recently, an hour ago, actually, I ate cooked tilapia, which have now produced the same feelings. Does this all just go back to an allergy to these foods? I try take Zantac and Pepcid, but I’ve never tried Benedryl. Does anyone experience these symptoms with these specific foods? I’m at a loss and rather frustrated at feeling scared to eat food anymore. Any tips then, other than getting tested for food allergies? Thanks for this blog. It made me realize I’m not crazy!!

    • Tricia said,

      Tambree, allergies can sometimes occur in clusters, but they are ultimately very individual. My only tip is to get tested if fear is affecting your dining. Good luck figuring it out!

  211. Mike Arnett said,

    I discovered about 15 years ago that I was allergic to avocados–really severe abdominal pain that readers of this blog are quite familiar with. I’ve only made the mistake of eating something with avocado in it once since. A few years later, my daughter came down with the allergy. She recounted lying on the kitchen floor in the fetal position, writhing in agony. I told her that if/when she had a baby, to let me know how labor pains compared. Well, she had her first child a week ago, and yesterday, she told me: comparable. No, thank you very much.

  212. Syraj Hamza said,

    i too join the 1% club. Have shrimp allergy as well as avocado
    Take care
    Just coming out a dreadful evening after having avocado shake

    • Tricia said,

      That’s an awful feeling, isn’t it? At least you can avoid repeats in the future, now that you know!

  213. Michelle said,

    Like so many others, I discovered my avocado allergy in my 20s, after getting what I thought was the worst food poisoning in the history of the world way too many times. I kept thinking, “Who is this unlucky?” because I kept getting incredibly sick after eating at all my favorite restaurants. I developed the stomach ache from bananas, but not the diarrhea/vomiting combo I get with avocados. My mother and daughter are also both allergic to avocados and bananas, and I have always suspected that I have a latex allergy, but have never been tested.

    I had one bite of a chestnut torte dessert this weekend and hated it. This was at a super fancy French restaurant where everything was delicious, and I was surprised the dessert would be so terrible. But my boyfriend loved it and could not understand how I could hate it so much. It tasted like a musty old basement, or like the smell of mothballs, times a million. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had a chestnut before, but now I’m thinking maybe that is an allergy too, as I had some intense stomach pains by the time we got home.

    Anyway — my main question is, has anyone found any cures or relief? I LOVE avocados and really miss them. I used to be a vegetarian, but I am also completely dairy intolerant, and it is difficult to be a vegetarian without avocados or any dairy products, so I went back to small amounts of humanely raised meat. But what I want is a SOLUTION. I want avocados back. I have a naturopathic chiropractor who did a kinesiology treatment that helped. After the treatment, I had to avoid avocados for 26 hours, and then was instructed to try a small amount. I did, with no reaction whatsoever. I slowly added them back into my diet and had about two blissful weeks of eating avocado again, only to have the allergy come back. Short of having this treatment twice a month, I am not aware of any other permanent solution but would really like one…

    • Tricia said,

      I’m sorry Michelle, but I don’t know of any cures. My relief is to avoid them, but obviously that’s not what you want! Maybe desensitizing shots like they do for pollen allergies and etc? I don’t know if those are used for food allergies, though.

    • Annika said,

      I have always loved avocados, but a few years back I started getting intense stomach pain and diarrhea about one hour after eating avocado. It passes after about 1-2 hours. I don’t get it from Sushi, luckily. Last holiday I went to Peru, call it “home of the avocado”, and to my surprise, I had no trouble at all with eating avocados there (thank God I tried :D). I even had Palta Reigna, which is essentially half an avocado with stuff in it – no problems at all! In Germany they have only been selling Haas avocados (black) for some years now, but in Peru I ate the “normal” green ones. I will try finding them in Germany now.

  214. Amy M Hight said,

    I have the same weird combination too. I used to love shrimp and then when I turned 18 had two very painful experiences linked to eating food with shrimp so just to be safe I elliminated all shellfish from my diet.

    I also have had a bad reaction to kiwis and just ate an avocado and my throat felt like something is stuck in it. I took a Clariton and it seems to ease it bit. There hasn’t been any other reactions in the last 20 minutes. This is very troubling to me though because I loved them, but I guess I will have to give them up.

  215. Christa said,

    I developed an allergic reaction to avocados (extreme itching of the throat and the itching spreading through my upper chest, my neck, and my shoulders, lasting for about 15 minutes) when I was about 18 or 19, but then I went to the cheesecake factory, and, forgetting about my allergy, ate some avocado rolls (which are cooked/fried)…no reaction! .the allergy has gotten worse through the last 12 years and now i am allergic to dates, cherry tomatoes, cantaloupe, and watermelon at times it seems. However, I’ve noticed if I fry my avocado, then there is no reaction. I have also had avocado oil and there is no reaction. The other day I tried some bacon wrapped dates, which have to be in the toaster oven till the bacon is done cooking, and I had no reaction. So there’s something about the science in those foods that is changed when cooked that then agrees with my system…hope this helps someone, and if anyone has answers for me about the food science, that would be cool! I enjoy my avocado fried, then add a little coconut oil and “RealSalt” to it, and its a yummy snack!

    • Tricia said,

      That’s interesting, Christa. Perhaps the frying changes the allergen in the avocado enough so that your body doesn’t recognize it as an offender and thus doesn’t fire up the histamine response? Stay healthy and safe!

  216. V. E. Orlop said,

    I also am allergic to both shrimp & avacados
    But I can still eat lobster with no issues. Do they have any idea why these two allergies can go hand in hand?

  217. Mike Arnett said,

    My GI doc said my intolerance of avocado is not an allergy, per se. It is an inability for my gut to process it properly. My daughter inherited the problem and has started trying to overcome it by eating little bits of it. That seems to be going well, though I don’t know how much she is able to eat now. It’s not like she’s had a minor reaction to avocado, either. The first time it hit her, she wound up on the floor of her kitchen in the fetal position, I asked her to tell me, if and when she had kids, which was worse, her reaction to avocado reaction or childbirth. Her response: equal! I don’t care for it very much, so I just don’t eat it at all. I don’t know if the symptoms you are getting from shrimp are from a similar situation or if the shrimp is a true allergy and the avocado is an intolerance to it. It’s interesting lobster doesn’t bother you but shrimp does.

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