17 October 2007

Ladybug pupation color change

Posted in nature at 1:43 pm by Tricia

Last week on my second time out (collecting for Z-boy’s class), I collected a ladybug pupa that was much paler than the others and didn’t have many spots. I wondered if this meant it was going to be a yellow beetle without spots (these multi-colored asian lady beetles have a wide color range), or if this meant it was a young pupa. I took another look at it later that evening, and it was orange and spotted. Was I imagining things? Had it really been yellow and spotless earlier? So imagine my excitement this morning when I noticed that the largest of my larvae was started to pupate, and it was in fact pale yellow without any spots. I kept my camera close at hand today, and documented the color change over four to five hours. Cool, huh? Now if I could just find out why they do those push-ups… (click on image for larger view)

rotated pupation montage



  1. Jay Zvonik said,

    Greetings and Salutations,

    The pics (and fine pics they are) of the ladybug pupa , are immensely helpful . Having a bit of an aphid problem on my cucumbers. Been moving ladybugs to the cucumbers . And have some larva moving around.
    Weren’t quite sure what the next stage would look like.

    Much Thanks,
    Best Regards,

  2. Tricia said,

    Did you also see the previous post? That one shows larva, pupa, and adult!

    Anyway, glad to be of help! And I hope your ladybug pupae eat up those aphids. I saw some on our milkweed yesterday, there was a veritable aphid feast available for their dining pleasure.

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